Tvtropes pages we made that need editing

I made a couple of tvtropes pages, and would like you guys to help me with them.
Be sure to research these games as well.
Remember, the best way to research is by playing the game or watching others play the game in let’s plays!
Be sure to host any pages you make there here, too!
Or primary sources such as devlogs.



Beyond Home: (this is a mod, but i still made it, so…)

Feel free to document any changes here, if you so choose!

What about tvtropes pages for things on the community? Like forum games and stories?

I don’t know enough about forum games to create any.
sorry, you’d have to create them yourself.
Again, feel free to list them here.

Elysian Eclipse:

Edit: i put tropes in the page.
UPDATE: added memes to the YMMV section of Thrive’s TVTropes page.

Solar Smash:

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