Types of civilizations

Every biome your species is given should have its own unique type of civilization. These are just examples.

Rainforest biomes should have buildings high in the trees.
Desert biomes should have large, stone architecture. (like pyramids)
Swamp biomes should have muddy, murky huts or buildings.

Underwater biomes…


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Although I do believe different biomes should have different kinds of civilization,
I don’t thinks that’s the end of it.

The enviroment itself should shape some kind of randomly generated buildings that are made in tune with the challenges.

For example in an area that gets lots of rain should use resources that don’t erode easily and have roofs that drain off water. While in a area with little or no rain buildings should use longer lasting materials and be build without excess features to save on material.

But it should not be completely concrete, as some types of architecture may not resemble what kind of biome they’re working in.