Unhandled exception while editing cell + minor issues

Loving the game so far. So this happened:
I was editing the cell, moving a hexagon part I think, and it just crashed. Crash report here: Crash logs - Pastebin.com
Minor stuff:

  • I tried following the guide at Crash Reports since it was on the topic text before I edited it, but was not able to find the specified file. Probably because it doesn’t exist? The link shouldn’t show up here then.
  • I had to search through a bunch of stuff before I found this website, it would be great to add some clarification to the “Cannot send this kind of crash report” text box (and the websites, and the launcher, like a “report a bug” link) so people come here faster. Aside from adding “Unhandled Exception” to the auto-reportable crashes.
  • I have the folders “Revolutionary-games”, “Thrive”, “Thrive Launcher” and “Thrive-Launcher” in AppData/Roaming. Probably from older versions? Leaving it here anyway.
    That’s it. Thank you for your amazing game, and hope to keep playing!
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Thanks for the report. This is in fact a new crash, which I’ve just now opened an issue for:

Looking at the crash log (which has all the required information, so you don’t need to provide any other files) it looks like you managed to trigger starting another organelle move while you hadn’t finished the previous one. Do you recall how did you manage that? Did you use the editor move hotkey or were you somehow able to open the organelle modify menu while moving another organelle?

That’s correct. Only native code crashes create crash dump. Unhandled exception crashes like you had contain all the info already in the normal game logs.

Well originally the launcher was supposed to be updated much faster to support reporting these also automatically, but it’s been on the back burner. Mainly because: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-89496/Rider-debugger-gets-stuck-at-Initializing-debugger-when-trying-to-debug-a-specific-project (if anyone has a jetbrains account, feel free to upvote that issue to help me out).


Sorry, but I don’t remember exactly. It all happened so fast…
What I remember is that I modified a chemoreceptor I had just placed down. I don’t remember what I did after, could have been OK, could have been Cancel, could have even clicked outside of the window. After that I remember placing something else down - and crash.
I’ll test it now since I have an autosave just before the editing.

I didn’t expect this to be this fast…
It could be my mouse though, it seems to send two LMB clicks sometimes when I only press once.
I definitely didn’t use any hotkeys though, mouse only.
Do you know of any program capable of registering keypresses on Windows? I remember something already integrated, but can’t be completely sure.

Ooooookayy so it happened yet again.
I’m starting to think this is mostly my mouse sending two clicks very quickly instead of one when placing a component. I’ll try to only move/place now.
Maybe this can be tested with an autoclicker.

Another crash. Seems to confirm this.
I recorded the input using Windows PSR. Here is the resulting Zip file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Near the end it says it recorded a double click, just before the crash.
I checked this guide to do it: How to use Problem Steps Recorder - Microsoft 365 Apps | Microsoft Learn
This seems to be a fairly niche problem… Sorry for the trouble.

Sorry again, it’s in portuguese. And the screenshots are gone. I should have checked.

Please note that you can edit your posts instead of making new ones. We have a rule against double posting on these forums (which you blew past with a quintuple post), so please read the rules (link available in the main site menu).

That sounds very plausible. We’ve had problems before where some buttons stay enabled for a short while after being clicked and if the user clicks them again fast enough they cause a crash. I added this note on that issue I opened before and renamed it based on this new info.

Oh. I apologize.
Thank you for your leniency, I will read the FAQ in full. I’m not used to posting in forums, and completely missed the welcome banner.
In the meantime I noticed that there is indeed a “Report a bug” button on the pause menu.
I will keep trying to find bugs, and I hope your debugging will be easy.