Unofficial Thrive Forum Game Competition 2

tho, it isn’t very usefull for unicellular organisms living in hydrothermal vents

Yes, light perception wouldn’t be useful in darkness.

i did plant in the begining to test u, but u see that u correct
i in study to B.A in life science and that right now my metirial that i need to be test soon.

but i do think the my next true mutant its to to do an membrane breaker toxin to breake other and pinosytosise them (drink them), will make amy life more ez to do (simelar to the venom spore cloue)

You automaticly gain wall breakers when you get a endoplasmatic reticulum. So you can go with that

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soo i will go with that

This is the stuff i want to be attempted again. Round 3 i had gotten two 3´s so no evolution happened for either of them

also quote within a quote

there should be forum game where you make so many quotes within quotes that text is not distinquishable from the backround

Yeah that be nice to have

chemoroceptor is basically smell, equal amount of senses acquired

Yes, but the modifier (like +2 to xxxxx)

-1 to fralegends first species

I might be able to make something (species images), no guarantees though. Would likely be at least after multicellularity (?).

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This is what happens when you are sleep deprived and remembers you have a text to submit in 30 min that you didn’t start yet

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you mean for university?

Yes (one Post filler)

@Pac_Mine btw i hope that this game competition won’t cause you to get kicked from the university because you didn’t make tasks unless this game competition is task given to you by the university

It won’t happen, I normally am a really good student. The problem is a professor booked a class yesterday one hour before the class would start, like he said in one hour we will have class (this is against the rules but we can’t do anything about it). I couldn’t go to class in such short notice just received the information of this assignment near the end deadline because our system isn’t good


No worries, Summer is just around the corner
Also, are any of our “dice” loaded, or are the chances even?

Loaded? Why would they be loaded?

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