Unofficial Thrive Forum Game Competition 2

Maxil: main-vgt, hgt-signaling agents
Pedes:main-chloroplast, hgt-signaling agent
Modifier: -2 to sci

Kinetofimbria to reduce energy cost from movement

also how am i a primary producer?

I thought I voted sorry, I wasn’t able to get on much yesterday

What’s this about extra gt votes?

(I’ll vote when the above question is answered)

what happened to my species description?

I am sad.
even with high, i still lost? dont need some senser to feed.
they are some way to feed from stuff without any sensory, like the lest genom bactiroa.
its just feel unfair.

even so, i think i can do someelse, afte i got my anwer

can Ciliate become multicellular?

Yes, you will become a consumer. Not necessaraly a predator per say(kill other consumers) maybe just a herbivore

Thermoplasts. Use high temperatures to generate energy

You will get two main votes (one for this round and one for the last one) but only one GT vote (no extra gt votes for not voting last round.

I don’t know. It was there some days ago. I added a new one.

You pratically are. Per definition you are a colony (multiple individuals connected). To be a multicellular you need to differenciate this cells to be a “true multicellullar”.

So what do I have to do?

Nothing. You can specialize your cells now

High results doesn’r equate to surviving.

Yes, at first you survived without senses but the environment got harsher and harsher with less food. Swimming/being carried at random isn’t a good way to find food and your competition surpassed you.
You could have taken more basic/essential organelles like vacuoles before specializing in things like endospores and biding agents.
But basically your species died because it needs food all the time (lack of vacuole) and can’t find food on its own (lack of chemorreceptors), there was an event killing population of everyone without a way to get food reliably and your species was critically endangered (CR) since round 6.
The idea of endospores that hatch when it finds food was good, but even there I was merciful as they need chemorreceptors or something similar to know when to become active (Article about bacterias sensing: Bacteria use proteins to make sense of their environments).

I hope this clarify why your species died, but don’t be sad. This is a game about getting extincted and coming back again so the most fit survives, like real life. Your species may be the one to go down now, but in the next rounds other players may branch off of you :slight_smile:

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I got that, I was questioning why I got extra green votes in the first place? That was never explained to me

And hw do I do that ?

Edit: @Pac_Mine why are the name of the species colored? What does that mean

Example: I want to develop a tentacle (?) can’t think of something better. Basically play the game as normal but now you have a wider option range of mutations.
The color is to represent the species color

Whatev I’ll just do votes

Thunderjaw: Cilia, low pressure resistance

VGT: Sail-like membrane that is separate from cilia

(Do I have Grey pigment or no?)

Rocky: Binding Agents, Signaling Agents

Vgt: cilia

Revenger: A way to hide from chemoreceptors, lysosomes

VGT: Either of main votes if they failed, or phagocytosis (can I do ‘if they failed?)

Modifier: +2 Doomlightning (sorry I couldn’t do this last round)

I don’t think so. I don’t remember you choosing this mutation.

I think this would be too op. So choose between having more chances for a mutation (like fralegend mitochondria last round) or to go for a new mutation

I didn’t do it as a vote, but am unsure if I got it round 8 because of my 6

I’ll just do VGT phagocytosis

You didn’t get it. As a rule of thumb consider a result of 4-7 gets you one mutation and 8+ give you two.

In the species description of the round: it doesn’t give you automatically a pigment. You need a mutation specially for that.
So you need a separate vote just for it. If you want you can have a greysh color for now, but it won’t affect the game in any meaningful way except “roleplay”.

Okay, I just wasn’t sure if I had gotten it or not

after alot of thinking, i will go some crazy stuff to combat stuff:

a branch from Ciliate - I will go with The symbiotic theory of multicell and I will get some buff for 2 to continue extinct species and no one will stop me!: sry for Teasing)

Vote: symbiotic connect with Aurum (like lichen)
GT: specialized reproduction cells (make me multicell)

I will take one spe

and +2 to Revenger


Vote: 2 phase mitosis (when the cell splits, it splits into an adult cell and a spore cell, then the spore splits into 2 adults, making it so that each time they reproduce they create 3 new individuals instead of just 2)

VGT: binding agents


Vote: bouyancy bladder

VGT: specialized reproduction cells (external fertilization)