Unofficial Thrive Forum Game Competition 2

Was unaware there was a designated ‘game region’ aside from the planet itself.

Gonna be going from scratch again with both of my new species.

New Species 1: Boltbreaker

Vote 1: ER
Vote 2: Golgi Bodies
Vote 3: VGT
Vote 4: Electricity Generation
Vote 5: Kinetofimbria
Vote 6: Sail Membrane
Vote 7: Metal Sail Membrane


Vote: Low Pressure Resistance

New Species 2: Darkbreath

Vote 1: Chemoreceptor Disguise
Vote 2: Cilia
Vote 3: Vacuoles
Vote 4: Lysosomes
Vote 5: Phagocytosis
Vote 6: VGT
Vote 7: Chemoreceptors

Modifier: +1 Boltbreaker

If my species does ‘reappear’ would I control it? Or is it effectively perma-extinct in this region?

My votes:
Vgt-fix erythrocruonin again
Bonum: I will wait with him 'till round 20. He already did a good job by surviving with CR rank for 9 rounds now. I should let him rest for some time.
Modifier: +2 to sci

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free succ vote yay

Main - shared nervous system (like the vassle)
bonus vote - Oral tentacles
VGT - digestive pouch on each zoid in the shared digestive tracks

+2 to evo

Mutation resistance- ya know to reduce the damage caused by low rolls


Vote: the “seeds” are capable of going into a tun (the thing tardigrades do to survive extreme conditions) until they find acceeptable light levels

VGT: reversion of metabolism slowing


Vote: Chemoreceptor stripes along it’s lenght for better finding of food

VGT: fat for food storage

Thermastalensis (from Thermastalis):

Vote: nervous system

VGT: hemocyanin sacs near the muscles to oxygenate them.

Modifier: +1 to trilumis

First therma is excint, I don’t think that you can branch off from it.

@Pac_Mine Since bonum is out of game for now, am I considered a 1 species player now? And am I able to evolve bonum or are it’s endospores non-evolveable? Also, platinum should dissapear from surface.

I’m not branching from it

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They can reappear as a NPC. You can branch off it if this happens.

Are you choosing to lose your last 1d6+1 mutations?

If you choose to continue playing this species your votes until turn 20 will be as a one species player. The spores are non evolveable unless a game event let’s you to do it (as everybody gets an extra roll), if there’s an event that gives a modifier, they will be sotred for when the species return.


You can skip if you want, but I suggest going to the surface, trying to complete a quest, go multicellular and try to turn into a fish, frog, any animal you like.

I noticed a small discrepancy in round 15, Achristos is still listed as living on the Bottom of the Sea when my round says I wiped them all out in that area

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Yeah I want to do that

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Well GG everyone that’s my run lol

I might join again in the future though

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Also, why is bonum considered excint regionally? It’s spores are still here.

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You lost your last three mutations (I just rolled the dice)

GG, feel free to join with a new species/branch off an existing species.

They are a special case haha. THeir spores will continue there, don’t worry.
My line of thought is: scientists find evidence Bonumarbor existed in the region between 100-90 and between 50-40 million years back so they think the creature wasn’t in the region for this time and migrated back.

Ok then change my mutations to regain them

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Wait, so you know when sentient species will emerge?

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No, it was just an example

I plan to stay at the bottom of the ocean the whole game

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@Pac_Mine I will change my Trilumis mutations into:


Vote: Thinner body to consume less energy

VGT: reversion of metabolism slowing

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@Pac_Mine where round 16?

I don’t think I will be able to do the round soon… I really need to keep studying for two days. I may do it tomorrow, if not I will do thursday

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