Uplifting Forum Game Reboot

same as the old one but i don’t want anyone to teach humans things that are currently too advanced for them. also any one from the old one can stay their species but you need to start over.

What is this? Can new players join?

of course!
ill join.
name: evestids
area: Sicily in Italy
Description: Sentient humanoid Fox-like creatures
Action: watch hoomins from afar

Name: Pentalids.
Area: Antarctica Canadian arctic.
Description: Most like Eawths “starfish”, but terrestrial.

Name: stick
Area: northern Iowa
Description: a species of sentient sticks that vibrate to communicate with each other and interact with the environment

you have to give your votes.

Action: create a tradition of filling one member of my species per year with gunpowder

@Pentaphon when will you give your vote?

Action: Observe what’s going on?


roll 5
the Hooomans have small tribes of 10-15 Hoomans. they also seem to like meat and fruit.


roll 2
the exploding sticks hurt Hooomans making them not trust you.


roll 6
the Hooomans have small tribes of 10-15 Hooomans. they also seem to like meat and fruit.
you also learn the basics of their language.

@TeaKing @Magic8Ball04 @Pentaphon

action: try to teach hoooooooooooomans agriculture

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Action: Teach hoomans how to build igloos.

Action: smell good for the hoomans

Next turn please.
i wanna continue playing the game.


roll 1
the Hoooooooooooooooomans fail because agriculture is currently beyond them.


roll 2
you think that Hoooooooooooooooooooooooomans like the smell of dung so you create a perfume that makes the Hoooooooooooooooooooooooomans hate you even more.


roll 6
you teach the Hooooooooooooooooooomans how to make simple igloos which causes their population to expand.

@Magic8Ball04 @TeaKing @Pentaphon

action: make them like us by giving them food

that wont work because they are to simple to understand that.

but agriculture is simple, seeds fall from plants, after some days the seeds grow to become some small plants, then they grow up and start making their own seeds, and then repeat.

Action: kill 3 hoomans

Edit: +about 30 “o”s

actually, their name is hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomans
edit: added additional oooos

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