Utopian Scenarios

Whilst dystopians are very interesting, I find utopies more intriguing.

I’ve been writing two stories, both contrasting ideals between dystopians and utopians, both of which have to do with you-know-who.

Thats right, aliens.

In the dystopian one is about the extermination of the human species. Humanity is deprived of clean water, ecosystems are wiped out, oceans are drained, forests are being burned down, and humans are used as slaves by the alien oppresors known as the Floam (Flome, whatever)

The utopian one is about the next stage of humanities evolution. An immense and powerful intergalactic military orginzation come to Earth in order to unite them under a common government. War, poverty, world hunger, rape, murder, and death is no longer within humanities grasp. Humanity now looks up to the stars, with immortallity in their reach.

I wonder if someone can create their own dystopia with a cruel dictatorship, aliens are used a lot when humanity is likely to destroy itself.

There have been many before the idea of aliens came around.

But what about an alien utopia?

Utopias are likely impossible to achieve, nevermind maintain.
They are likely to just tear themselves apart, or get torn apart by others.

Good point.

There would be things like uprisings, and resistance movements in the streets. Maybe the whole idea of the utopian alien government for Earth could be some sort of facade?

They would have to brainwash enough morons to stay in power like use propaganda and basically turn it into a liberal paradise and thats not a good thing

To some, they’d think it was a good thing. It’s not a simple good vs evil. Each side, human or alien, will have different idelogies.

Yes like the communist and the liberals and the patriots and the facists etc.

Well, I don’t think the aliens would be any of those.

They would likely have some type of hiarchy, along with a collective goal of integrating their technology and government into Earth (or any other planet with sentients of interest).

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No the humans

They wouldnt be any of them either. With the new alien government ruling over them, they would view at is the next stage of humanities evolutionary progress. They would see them as beneficial to the human race, helping them reach the stars.

Others, however, will not see eye to eye with these beings. They would begin resistance movements, eventually leading to an uprise.

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Well if it happened i would join the patriots who want freedom and liberty
And maybe make my own ideology that promises freedom and liberty

They wouldnt become patriots, though. They would have some other name, or no name to go by.

You could call them that, but as a collective government trying to resist the new government wouldnt have a name (considering it would be a secret rebellion, because why would you want the aliens to know exactly what the name is and everything about it?).

Well i have thought of a tactic they could do
1: they use guerilla tactics
2: they start smaller rebellions in differnet areas and overwhelm the aliens
3: spread propaganda in the less guarded areas and recruit more troops

In this universe, the aliens control a vast amount of the galaxy, with both allied,enslaved, and uplfited worlds in their control. It is an inter / multi species government based on controlling different parts of the galaxy, centered in a soon-to-be multigalactic empire.

One way they could win is unite with all the rebel groups and possibly win
And be an intergalactic rebellion

But one band of rebels stationed on one solitary planet can’t fight against an empire that control a multigalactic/intergalactic empire (multigalactic meaning the imperial ditribution across multiple galaxies).

I mean rebel groups from multiple galaxies

But how would they contact eachother? They wouldnt be able to speak the same language, that would take an insane amount of time, enough time for the empire to get everything back into order.

Well the intergalactic empire would obviously have a translator to talk to the species they conquered