Video game idea thread

Well, there’s Fictorum, a game where you play as a massively overpowered wizard and fight of entire armies, with fully destructible buildings (and I mean that you can actually take down a couple supporting pillars to have a tower collapse on some enemies, not just the “some smoke comes out and the building sinks to the ground”-mechanic that some games have)
The only issue is that it requires a pretty beefy PC, since if you blow too many things up your game will start to lag and/or crash (and that most enemies aren’t strong, just plentiful)

Guess this counts as necro, I am imagining a parallel universe that takes place during feudal times and in this world magic exists but only in the form of cannons that are powered by magic crystals. Japan is invading Korea to increase the number of crystal mines it has. You can play as Korea or Japan. The game will be split into 3 phases; phase 1 in the initial invasion, the Japanese troop transports have to land on the beaches and the troops need to destroy the magic artillery cannon at the top of the fortress. Phase 2 only happens if Japan wins, if Korea win the sides switch, the map will be huge and will have 3 Korean fortresses that the Japanese army has to capture. The Japanese will have moving siege cannons that will blast the doors open or open a way in through the wall. The Koreans have to play on the offensive to destroy the cannons before they get in range of the first fortress, the fortresses are aligned in a way that the Japanese destroy them one at a time. If the Koreans win Phase 1 starts over as Korea has retaken it’s land and Japan has regroup and land again. If the Japanese win Phase 2 then Phase 3 begins and the Japanese have to capture the Korean capital which has been heavily fortified. This map with also be huge and half of it will be the city as the first step for the Japanese is to get their siege towers to the walls and/or blow open the gate since the walls are ruined to resist magic. If the Japanese get in then there will be fighting in the streets and the Japanese have to reach the palace to win. If the Koreans win then Phase 2 starts again BUT Japan is the ones defend the fortresses and the Koreans have the siege cannons.

That… sounds oddly specific

There are a solid 3 games I have in mind that I have put ALOT of thought into. This is one of them.

I have an idea its a survival game but instead of using all survival cliches it’s actually a gmg (galactic multiplayer game) where you go from the stone age to the space age and the map is earth and here is how it will fit on your pc its sight the more you can see the more it will generate land around you and eventually you could go and find exoplanets

So you’re essentially suggesting a combination of Caveman2Cosmos and EVE Online?

Wasnt there a mobile game or something like that called “Forge of Empires” ?

No because caveman2cosmos is a mod of civ 4 and eve online doesnt focus on planets.
Mine spans millions of years and it gives frredom to the players to add stuff to the game
And it focus on player freedom where the players can add things to the game as long as the dev approve

Ya know what else that sounds like?


I’m just gonna put another game concept out there, this was inspired by Thrive (its concept at least). You are an alien microbe that arrives on a meteorite 65 million years ago and enter a hibernation period until humanity finds the meteorites core which is made of uranium or gold or something that would give humanity incentive to harvest it. They open it releasing you, you float away and land in a forest where you begin to eat and grow. Unlike most games with this premise you are not just some glob of biomass eating everything, you get to choose your form and evolve the way you want. Also unlike most games, your goal is not to consume the planet, but to either exterminate humanity or force them to flee Earth for a new planet. As the game progresses and you eat more humans, which are your primary food source as animals will provide you nearly nothing (incentive to play the game the way you’re supposed to), you will begin to grow larger and larger, from a small creature sneaking around picking humans off hiking or sneaking into homes in the country side and eating the residents, to a massive, skyscraper sized city destroying nightmare fighting the military while killing as many humans as possible.

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being a glob of biomass sounds good to me

Sounds like tasty planet or feed and grow fish and there are already games like that

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Yes but those are all cheap browser games, this is an actual good, high-quality games with a larger open world with 3D environments.

So is mine and its the size of the fricking planet!!!

Tasty planet have the turtles of time,how isn’t that big?

It uses panspermia i like it

And spore as well

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I was wondering how to make humans your only food source but I think I figured it out. The big block was “what about when you are single called?”. Now I came up with when the scientists open the meteor core you enter their blood stream and eat their cells and gradually grow until you burst out of them (xenomorph start pretty much).

What a 2 month pause that was. This idea isn’t as unique as many of my other ideas. I was thinking of a mil sim game like arma, squad, post scriptum, and others. The thing about this game is that it is set in the future with a clone slave uprising. There would be two teams, the imperial forces who would have a limited number of troops but have more advanced weapons and vehicles, and the clones who would have limitless numbers but are just worse in every way to the imperial army. The game goes as a survival objective where the imperials have to hold out for a certain period of time before the clones call off the attack. I was thinking of the map for this being about the size of a large city (New York City) with the game having 200, 300, or higher players on each team. The building should be destructible and both sides should be able to build structures, barricades, bunkers, implacements, repair stations, cloning vats (clones only, front line spawn point), vehicle assemblies. The vehicle assemblies work by both teams collecting metal from wrecks and the city and repurposing it for new vehicles immediately, this scrap is also used for repairs. Every couple minutes both teams supplied by their commands which just means a bunch of vehicles arrive at their main bases, once vehicles are destroyed they are gone until the resupply. If a team keeps their vehicles alive they will have a serious advantage.

Ok I guess this is pretty unique still.

What a quiet pause that was :cry:.
Come now let’s get more game ideas here.
Also, triple post.

I came up with this concept years ago but forgot about it, now I remember it against. There would be a group of people camping in the woods (sounds generic but hang up). They have to collect food and water which are located north and south from the main camp. In the woods there would be another player who is playing as a monster. The monster player would only be able to attack players outside the main camp. Players would be able to set up traps, but they have no way to kill the monster. They will also have flair guns and a limited number of flairs, the flairs would create a blur for the monster’s vision (primal carnage mechanic if curious). The monster would also be able to set up traps and hide in bushes and trees. If the monster captures a player and gets them off the path or if the monster finds a player traveling by themselves and he catches them the player dies. The players need to survive until the day comes and the monster goes to sleep where the next round starts on another map (forest, scrubland, tundra). After the survivors survive three days they win because they made it to civilization. Maybe there will be different monsters and humans as rewards for winning.