Video game idea thread

well…i had an idea for a game that is, technically, a reverse X-COM game…
the game would start with your ship aproaching planet earth, then, you would have to choose which continent you would land on, every continent would have a “awareness factor” that you should take into account (lower, middle and higher), you start with few units that you can upgrade later in the game, and you would begin to study and to test the terrain with those units to achieve your goal: to conquer the earth (infiltrating nations with agents, moles, colaborators, etc…).
your bosses will send you troops according to your performance (for example: if you have done very badly, they will send you units of low quality, and if you are doing very well, they will send you high quality units).

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Not really a game, but a joke weapon idea. Basically you have a regular revolver, but you don’t shoot at the enemy, in fact, you shoot at the ground to waste ammo, and the empty bullets that bounce off the floor can be picked up and thrown for an insta-kill.


would be a fun game concept all fire fights would be dependant on your throwing aim and the fact that shooting at the ground makes you look away from the enemy causes you to not be sure whether they are throwing or not in this game rapid fire or shotgun like weapons wouldn’t really be powerful

you sir have just made a good game concept

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I’m imagining a game with a fully destructible environment which would allow to making trenches, destroying cover. You could be walking through a town for a flanking maneuver one game and the next the main battle is taking place there and nothing is left but a large series of craters and made a tiny bit a debris. This would make it so the longer the battle goes on the more scarred and deformed the land becomes over time.

Its called worms asdadsadasdsadadad

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Worms inspired this yes but we’re talkin a full 3D map with hundreds of players.

Happy birth @TheXenomorphian

@Steve, it’s called openspades…you can create trenches, fortress and destroying cover…

A pixelated 2D side scroller. The only change is that the characters are people you know. Me and my friends are actually currently making this. It’s fun because you can spend time on individual people and their attacks vary on their habits, tendencies, and overall personality. Also animating pixel art is really fun, enough said.

Death Road to Canada has a create your characters option, and you can meet them in-game as people you know. It’s also pixelated, maybe it can be a nice source of inspiration?

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How about an xcom styled tactics and the whole idea of alien invasion but the would be 5 stages
1 stage : preparation stage just a reaserch stage
2 stage : the initial invasion ,enemy units : scout drones light infantry
3 stage : enemy units : medium infantry ligjt land vehicles
4 stage : uenemy units : heavy infantry medium land vehicles and water vehicles
5 stage : end of invasion ,enemy units : heavy vehicles

Every stage would include new enemies and new enemies means new reaserch …
To difrentieate it from xcom :
New squad system : every landing vehicle has 3 squad slots and squads have 3 peaple
Squads will be categoriset into diffrent styles
And there would be vehicles

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How would a game based on quantum physics work?

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I’ve come up with a game that takes place in a not so distant future. It would feature a lot of currently theoretical technology like eco-suits, plasma weapons, laser weapons, and ion beam weapons as well as rail guns. It would feature a squad based system but each unit would be it’s own unit (you just control them as a squad). If both an enemy and ally squad enter the same building then using of unit power it would calculate the death toll over time. Energy weapons are destructive and due to that the building’s health will decline as long as it’s contested until it eventually collapses. Each type of weapon has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Laser weapons are long range instant hit weapons but has a long cool down period. Plasma weapons fire fast but are projectiles and can be blocked by armor. Rail guns are slow firing instant hit kinetic weapons that are used for anti armor or anti cover fire (fires through all materials). Infantry equipped with exo-suits have increased run speed and jump height (can jump to rooftops and over obstacles. Various types of vehicles have a grenade cluster launcher. Cluster launchers are broad turrets that have 12-16 impact grenades that are fired within a 2 second period for extremely devastating anti-infantry fire. If a vehicle with a cluster launcher is not destroyed quickly it can turn the tide of a battle easily. If two squads (12 soldiers a squad) meet in an open field with no cover than the soldiers will fire at each other without searching for cover. With no cover than a battle between infantry can last seconds with almost all infantry dying. This is due to the fast(ish) fire rate, high accuracy and all weapons one hitting. Both sides will have a limited number of troops, calling in squads uses troops. If you have 1200 troops available then you have 100 squads available.

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You play as a spirit in an unknown ecosystem. Massive predators and armored herbivores dominate the land. You have the unique ability to possess these animals to achieve your own ends.

Rules/ How the game would work

  • If your host dies you die
  • A cooldown on switching your host would prevent you from rapidly escaping when about to die
  • Uh, that’s kind of it

Idk it just sounds fun to play/design.


A mixture of Doodle God and Spore. The universe is bleak and divided. You merge elements to make new ones. As the game progresses, you need to apply these elements to the plane of reality. You also need use these elements to evolve you and your civilization. You will have to merge chemicals, lifeforms, technology, and so much more. They’re not all required to beat the game, but you can unlock all of them to earn the achievement and the 100%.

I was actually hoping you guys could help with that???