Wassup! I am New in this server Where do i get started?

I haven following Thrive since 2020 but it was 2021 where i got really interessed and started to follow it a lot! Anyway i gonna introduze myself! i’m a fan of giant monsters like Godzilla, King Kong and etc! but Gamera is my favorite Kaiju and i love sci-fi! Also i love cartoons (not the childish ones but more like the old ones of slapstick) with my favorite being belgium Woodpecker! Spore is my favorite game for many reasons but after i got dissappointed how Spore was supposed to be even afted i played this game for the first time in 2013 bc of that i found Thrive in late 2010s and started to love it.

Anyway how do i get started in the forum? i would like if you guys could help me… Thanks!


Welcome to our little forum!

Technically I’d say you’ve already started with the forum with what you just started, so I think you’re getting along with that at least.
At the moment we have some very basic rules such as no double post (you can edit the last one) and of course see the general information of the forum. Other than that, you are free to talk… this is a forum

found it:

Welcome! For getting started there is this post that has information for new users:

I didn’t know Gamera had internet connection btw

Ok Thank You! I haven read everything.

Thanks You! :heart:


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Welcome to the forum!
Please do not Double-Post

if you double post, hhyyrylainen WILL find you.


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