Weird/Funny dreams

Okay here’s a weird dream

I was in a secret US base in Antarctica, but it wasn’t Antarctica, it was more like Patagonia, but ANYWAY, me and one other person were serving cognitive tests for the government, and we tried to escape through a door in a corridor that by putting numbers on a display takes you to a specific location, but government agents could still open the door

Then I ended up in a theater, and it was kind of like a drawing class and the best one got a prize.
Mine was chosen the best (It was a horrible pixel art from a computer with google maps open) , but for some crazy reason someone else won the prize


I wonder why…
Are you sure that the person who told you that you had the best was the judge?

Well, I remember it was announced that I had won (Funnily enough, it was my drama teacher who announced this) but then his sister said something and the prize went to her

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Sounds like they were bribed.

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I had this dream over a month ago, but I wrote it in a draft, so the description is accurate:

I was standing on a sidewalk, facing away from the street, at night, sewing. A random guy approached me. He came very close, pointed at my needle and asked me something around “mogę pożyczyć?” [in eng.: “can I borrow?”]. I was weirded out by his request but handed him the needle. He then stuck it in my arm as if he was doing a blood draw. I recoiled in pain, removed the needle and started running away, thinking stuff like “wtf!?! it’s not even the right type of needle!”. Then, after a short while of completely incomprehensible nonsense, I woke up.

The following is a fragment of a dream that happened more recently. This dream was very long, like six/seven normal-sized interconnected dreams one after another. I call these “normal dream sized” fragments “segments”, and I’m about to present the “segment” which I call “The House”, as well as “introduction” to a very abstract “segment”, “The City”. (btw this is an example of one of my chaotic dreams that @Trappist-1e was curious about)

So, everything is seen from perspective of a 3-5 years old child. Its gender wasn’t clear throughout the dream (it was like changing from girl to boy, ect. every few seconds), so I’m going to refer to it as ‘it’, ‘the child’ and ‘the protagonist’. The plot was that the child’s oldest brother got possessed by some entity, that wanted to kill the child and its family (there was also something that the child had some spiritual powers). The possessed brother was then attempting to kill the protagonist at multiple occasions. He did stuff like pushing it from an open window, attempting a stabbing, ect. At some point, two other siblings of the child got possessed (let’s call them ‘the twins’ from now on). The entity that possessed them also was trying to kill the protagonist and its family, thus was in a competition with the previous entity. I remember a scene where the child escaped a murder attempt arranged by the twins. The child then sat down in the corridor (voices of the twins discussing how they should eliminate the child could be heard), then, the oldest brother (he was like 12-13 y.o. btw) walked past the protagonist. He turned around and was about to attack the child but then all of the sudden was like “hey, come with me”. He went up stairs (to the fourth floor), the child followed him. They went into a bathroom, the protagonist went closer to the bathtub while the brother stayed by the door. The child then approached the window and that was when the brother attacked. He tried to push it through the window (which was closed). I remember seeing it from the childs POV. It was pushing against the window and was like “if you push me from this height I’m gonna die” (there was this entire thing that if it fell from the third floor, it would be fine but a fall from the fourth one would be fatal). The child managed the attack the brother and then escaped the bathroom (it also locked him in there). The protagonist then run down the stairs and escaped the house. Later its grandmother took it to her house (cause essentially its family was killed). From this point the child definitely became a girl. Later, at the grandmas house there was a scene which was the reason why I wrote this entire thing. The little girl somehow peed on the wall, then there was a moment which had literal voice narration (in Polish) “Babcia przycięła swoje krótkie włosy, wybrała the najprostrze i starła nimi mocz.” (eng.: “Grandma cut her short hair, chose the straightest ones and used them to wipe the piss off”). And then there was a motive that the grandmas hair soaked in her granddaughters urine was magical in nature and was passed on through generations as a relic. I- This is by far one of the most schizo-nonsensical moments from any of my dreams. Even in the dream I was like “wth… w- why didn’t she just used a tissue or something?”.

Ok, I’ll end it here as later it was “The City” “segment”, which is way to abstract for me to even try to understand it.

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the first part would make a great script for an earthbound inspired psychological horror rpg, but the gramdpa part… WHAT THE BELGIUM

I need more of this

edit: so remember when i said the first part would make a good earthbound inspired rpg etc? So that thought kept tormenting me and so I decided to make a concept art of a fictional game based on this early part of Nie’s dream. I’ll post here when I’m done


try reading it again while falling asleep.


It was like a crowded library, sealed from the outside world, no entering, no exiting. I was a detective on the crime scene, but the crime hadn’t happened yet. If the crime wasn’t prevented, everyone present had the risk of meeting their ends one by one.

I was asking questions. Everyone had read some books, but they didn’t remember. Someone remembered the beginning of it, someone else, upon hearing that, remembered the events a little bit after that, and so on. After reciting some of the plot, we were able to determine the book in question. I took the book, it was as if hand written, and inserted it to a machine. The machine started summarising the book (this dream takes place in a world with the printing press and image recognition but not standardised fonts). Someone said he didn’t agree with the book, he remembered it differently, and suddenly he collapsed. This is like cinema sins, except remembering something that doesn’t make sense is punished. We quickly lifted him, his body temperature was 24 degrees celcius, we covered him in blankets and drinked him hot tea. Not solving the case woud lead his body temperature to fall further.

I started the procedure of asking questions again. This time it lead to a film. I removed the dvd from the covering and inserted it to the machine. The rest of the dream is watching the film and if I had waken up later, I might have forgot the part about the library. It is about a guy who robs a bank for 200 dollars (this is the note i took after waking up, i don’t remember what it means: give loan to himself another country 200 dollar broke) and swimms in fountains for some reason.


I had a dream where Sans Undertale and Karkat Vantas were arguing about what kind of relationships they should have or something, and then Karkat whispered “lord english” into Sans’s nonexistent ears and he laughed, saying that naming yourself after a font is one thing, but naming yourself after a language is something completely different!
Then Sans asked if Karkat was a monster. He said no, he’s a troll.
Then Sans asked if trolls dissapear after death like monsters do.
Karkat said no.
(thats all i remember of the dream, sorry)

Today I had a dream in which I was playing Roblox. It was pretty accurate.

Sometimes i have a dream where i am just sleeping.
That’s all. Just sleeping. Definitely nothing else going on in the dream.
Last night i had a dream where there were two brothers, one who destroys and one who creates, and together they combined to create 0 from Kirby’s Dream Land 3.
Not making that up, i literally had a dream about twin brothers combining to create freaking 0 from Kirby!
Dreams make no freaking sense!
Also i had a dream where Rose thought she was pregnant, but really Jade was.
And i had a dream where all the homestuck characters were fighting, and a neanderthalenis fossil impregnated a human (dreams are weird okay?)
I had a dream where there was a rooftop, and a bunch of girls, and there was a restaurant selling spicy swords called “Blueberry Specials”.
I don’t wanna elaborate any further than that, sorry.
I keep having nightmares where my charger is bent into impossible shapes.!
But also…
Last night, i had a dream where i was playing a Homestuck fangame called “Detritus” and i was playing the demo specifically.
Here’s a summary.
Detritus: Chapter I
A Homestuck Fangame by Slaparoo
In the year 205X, Earth C has been devastated by a meteor impact. The last bastion of sentient life on Earth C, the Detritus, has just evacuated. You are now John Egbert, when the power goes out. You want to make sure that your wife, Rose Lalonde, is okay. You search throughout the Detritus and find the engine rooms. You head down and east, and ultimately find her, but there is also a portal in the shape of an eye. Slimes start coming from out of the portal. John kills the slimes and stops the portal.from transporting more. You then hug Rose.
Hammer (John’s main weapon)
Foundation (revives God-Tiered characters who died, as any death in this game would be a Heroic or Just one)
True Foundation (revives non-God-Tiered characters who died)
Elixir (heals 20% of HP)
Defibrillator (heals 50% of HP)
Jumper Cables (full heal? Purpose unknown)

Okay this is going to be crazy

I was in the United States, in a place that looked like a subway station, and someone was discussing how the US mails that had coffee were killing the normal ones.

Anyway, I got into a regular US mail, and apparently I wanted to send someone a gift, but for some reason the wrapping paper was comically big, and I let the old lady who was there taking care of it.

Now is when things get weird

I leave there and see that the sky is red, post apocalyptic, and in some ruins, three people are talking.

Thomas Shelby
Mickey Mouse
And a guy with cancer

I don’t remember the entire dialogue but Mickey was mad at Shelby for some reason and Shelby was acting like I think he would act

I only remember the last dialogues

Mickey looks at the rain that just started with bitterness

Thomas looks at the rain of Mickey’s tears

Thomas Shelby nods and walks away. Thomas never forgot the day he met a mouse, and a mutant.

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I had a dream where matpat was phone guy but also my taxi driver and he was keep assuring me nothing was wrong with the place we were going to but the place was an abandoned warehouse and there were Minecraft mobs

I had a dream that there was this mysterious new backrooms-like scp travelling around, and acccording to the news, a man is trapped in the dimension for “6 years alone by himself”, and that (around the lines of)“He lost sanity from all this loneliness”.There was a cutscene in my dream where a baby was playing with some sort of toy, and then their mother said something around the lines of"we know not to choose that one", implying that the baby would get sent alone to the dimension upon touching the toy, which is the scp.
Then somehow, I ended up in this dimension, met this man, who behaved like a sane man, implying he recovered from the insanity. Then I asked “What is the most intelligent being you have met here?”, which I could not totally remember(all I can recall somehow is a sapient rat and a translucent lizard), but then I hopped into a tesla(front passenger seat), and there were weird-looking pigs that he claimed were"unable to reach you", and they were launching all these weird rectangle-sideways-projectiles in an awkward angle, yet none of them reached me and kept staying about half a foot away. Then I somehow wound up in a elevator, with this man and others, and I woke up. Then however, it was too early in the morning, and so I went back to sleep, and dreamt that there was a backrooms-like maze with regular yellow-painted walls(not like backrooms level 0), these lights and a lamp and desk. Somehow, my brain dreamt that Oprah Winfrey was the manipulative antagonist(the type that pretends to be a protagonist) of the dream, which occured likely while I was transitioning from dreamworld to real life

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I had a dream where i was playing unturned, but the zombies were hiding in crawl spaces and closets, and i was in an adventure map. Before that, i was playing vrchat as jade harley, and we were trying to find the corpse of dave strider, who had fallen through the roof. Nice flowey said he could bring him back using robotics, and jade got super depressed.

I was in a forest in a starry night. There was a slight breeze. The bushes were similar to the bushes on earth. I wanted to check which planet I was in. I exited 1st person view and a list of planets appeared. There were pictures of planets in square boxes and descriptions below them. Two lines connected two dots in the galaxy to two boxes. The planet I was in was the earths evil twin in alfa centauri. I clicked the box of sol. It was an alternate solar system, there were about 50 planets. They had greco roman names, there was a gas giant with purple stripes that had the name Prioxender[1]. I was close to waking up at that point and lucid dreaming, so I decided that I should use my subconscious mind as a random name generator, read as many planet names as possible and try to remember them when I wake up. I started with the mercuroids. There were 7 planets in this category. The first one was named Mercury, the second one Thea, the third one Ethea, and then I woke up. And I couldn’t go back to the same dream.

  1. a titan in greek mythology whose name means “the first ox domesticator” or “primary ox trainer”. I am kidding I made that up ↩︎

Once, likely about a month ago, I had a random dream, realized I was dreaming I believe, and then simply chose to wake up, and woke up in real life.

Matrix confirmed

This is the coolest dream that i ever heard of.

A couple weeks ago I had a dream where I had a new limb, a tentacle with a sharp bony protrusion at the tip, under my right arm. The thing that makes this dream really weird is that I could feel the limb, as in I had the proprioception and sense of touch in that tentacle. I could move it like, a normal limb, but more freely (because there were no joints restricting movement). In the dream I was in a forest, hitting a tree with the sharp part of the tentacle and digging around in the dirt with it. Then some sort of swat team came and I ran away, but I don’t remember much interesting after that. I can still imagine the senses of that tentacle, it’s really weird.

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