Weird/Funny dreams

are you sure that was a dream and that you aren’t secretly an eldritch horror beyond even your imagination and comprehension that took the form of a human to save your mind from insanity??

yesterday i woke up and there was a pile of sugar in my room and i looked at it in confusion and it started floating, obviously i tried to control it and it worked so i tried to make it become various shapes before finally telling my parents about my newly found telekinesis but they denied it so i tried to lift a five pound weight with my mind and it didn’t work… and then i woke up and went to school


Two nights ago, I dreamed that a kind of dare show was starring Tom Cruise and another celebrity that I didn’t know. The challenge presented to them was to get naked and be thrown an entire bucket of slush, which both of them accepted. After the challenge had been done, the host dared Tom Cruise to kiss a female spectator other than his wife, which he accepted without hesitation. Among the spectators, his wife emerged in full anger and slapped him so hard that he fell off the stage, hitting his head on a protruding metal tube, which killed him instantly. His wife was arrested and everyone left the building. Ten years later, the place was still abandoned and his skeleton was left to rot until a group of teenagers came in as they had heard of what happened there. Somehow, all of that was a movie dedicated to introduce the next chapter in the Dark Pictures Anthology where the host had become mad and went on a full rampage by making several other dare shows where he enjoyed watching people die. Eventually, he became a murderer who would kidnap his victims and dared them to perform criminal practices, else they would die. I eventually became a contestant and after torturing me, he escorted me outside his dungeon and dared me to take his car for fetching something that I don’t remember. I started the car as he was going back inside until I hit the klaxon, which attracted his attention and angered him. He took his pistol, so I lowered my head not to get shot, and I charged him full speed, crushing him to death against the facade of his dungeon. The airbag left me unconscious while the eternal horn was crying the death of its master.

I had a dream where Slugpups grew in pods, and Artificer from Rain World neglected hers and they dried out and died, and she ate the pod and it tasted like marshmallows.
I made a fanfic based on it.