Weird/Funny dreams

Two nights ago, I dreamed that a kind of dare show was starring Tom Cruise and another celebrity that I didn’t know. The challenge presented to them was to get naked and be thrown an entire bucket of slush, which both of them accepted. After the challenge had been done, the host dared Tom Cruise to kiss a female spectator other than his wife, which he accepted without hesitation. Among the spectators, his wife emerged in full anger and slapped him so hard that he fell off the stage, hitting his head on a protruding metal tube, which killed him instantly. His wife was arrested and everyone left the building. Ten years later, the place was still abandoned and his skeleton was left to rot until a group of teenagers came in as they had heard of what happened there. Somehow, all of that was a movie dedicated to introduce the next chapter in the Dark Pictures Anthology where the host had become mad and went on a full rampage by making several other dare shows where he enjoyed watching people die. Eventually, he became a murderer who would kidnap his victims and dared them to perform criminal practices, else they would die. I eventually became a contestant and after torturing me, he escorted me outside his dungeon and dared me to take his car for fetching something that I don’t remember. I started the car as he was going back inside until I hit the klaxon, which attracted his attention and angered him. He took his pistol, so I lowered my head not to get shot, and I charged him full speed, crushing him to death against the facade of his dungeon. The airbag left me unconscious while the eternal horn was crying the death of its master.

I had a dream where Slugpups grew in pods, and Artificer from Rain World neglected hers and they dried out and died, and she ate the pod and it tasted like marshmallows.
I made a fanfic based on it.

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I was an orphan kid in a pirate ship. The ship was’t aerodynamic, it was made from different rooms swimming in the water that are connected to each other.

The crew was on a balkony, making a shooting competition. Someone missed a shot and I made fun of his shooting skills. He started shooting at me. I crawled on the floor, making my way out of there, hiding behind tables and I held a chair behind my head with one of my hands in case a bullet goes in that direction. I reached the end of the room, there was no wall, I suspend my body in the air, holding the floor, only my fingers being possible targets. I move sideways untill I hit the corridor/bridge, climbed it and ran away.

Some time later, all of that is forgotten. The ship starts moving away from the island. The transparent waters turn dark blue when the distance to the island increases.

There is a problem. In the minimap, I see that a storm is coming, and the sea turns black. They discuss what to do and decide to return to the island.

I run on the ship towards the side that is closer to the island. Some of the pirates are leaving with boats and some of them are in the water. I walk over a wooden platform. I can’t jump too close to the island because it might be too shallow and I might break my legs. I can’t see how deep the water is because it is pitch black. The pirates tell me to jump and they show me the safe distance, but I am unable.

Since the ship is very large, the parts of the ship that are now inside the storm are collecting vibrations from the waves or the winds and these vibrations propagate through the ship, making the wooden platform vibrate. Sometimes the vibrations constructively interfere like a rogue wave for solid objects and make the platform go up and down by 10 meters. When it goes down, some of my body gets submerged in the water and when it goes up, I feel like my blood is leaving my arms. Everything seems so small up there, all I can do is try to hold the platform so that I won’t get thrown into the air. The pirates tell me to get below the platform and stop grabbing it when I enter the water. I do that and it works. I start running towards the shore, as there is also a tsunami coming.

Sleep paralysis

I lost a battle and I was running away with a low hp. I sent my soldiers to a random location on the map, didn’t pay attention to where it was. They used fast travel and teleported 40 meters above the sea. I noticed the additional hp drop and noticed my mistake. Fast travel wasn’t taking into account the vertical distance when the ground was underwater.

I came to a close distance. The elevation between me and the sea changed like stairs, the steps were 4 meters tall. I asked them if there was a way for me to get down there without losing hp. They said there wasn’t.

The top part of the steps extended beyond the bottom parts of the steps, but managed to grab the sand and slide down while maintaining contact like water sticking to the cup when you try to pour it.

I started watching a video about philosophers quotes. And by watch I mean the images appeared in the air and I was in the process of forgetting that I was in a beach. The last speaker was zizek, peterson looked jealous. The video was edited and zizeks eyes were replaced with an anime girls eyes.

The speech must have been enlightening, because I felt like I woke up. I was still on the beach, but the stairs behind me were replaced with a wall and there was a door in the middle. I entered the door. I was in a house. It slowly loaded.

This is not the normal introduction when one wakes up. But I genuenly believed I got up from my bed and was now walking in the house. It was dark and I couldn’t see much, so it was normal for my mind to fill the gaps with dream stuff.

But which house was it? I imagined every house I had been in my life and tried to remember which house I might have started to sleep in. As I moved in the house, I started to believe in one answer.

I started to think about alien eyes, and an alien eye appeared in front of me. It was like an eye floater, except way bigger, but that didn’t stopped me from thinking that this is something one can see when awake. I moved through it, it was now behind me, and I kept walking.

Surely, I couldn’t trust my eyes, but touch would be real, wouldn’t it? So I moved to a dead end, and imagined that the corridor extended beyond that. I moved to the wall, expecting it to push back against my hands, but that didn’t happened and I started going through the wall. I lost my balance and in order to not fall, I started running, on a corridor with no end in sight.

I woke up again. This time, the room felt more real. I opened my eyes. I was in my bed, and there was a demon that moved on the cealing, but it also looked like an eye floater. I closed my eyes and hoped that it being lucid would make sleep paralysis a less terrifying experience.

I focused on my fingertips. I could move them, that must have been a good sign. I waited for some more, and slowly, it started feeling more real and the events that happened prior felt less real. I opened my eyes again. The demon was gone. I say I opened them again, but I don’t know if it was the first time or the second.

Technology game

I was controlling a plane, but it was hard to fly. When I pressed forwards, it usually just fell to the ground. But if I let it fall for some time and let it gain speed, it was able to start going forwards when I pressed forwards. I then had a brilliant idea. I was going to add a car to it.

I changed my patch from the tower to the road. In the editor, I put a car in front of the plane and connected them with two ropes. The plan was that the car would pull the plane forward and when the plane starts flying, it carries the car behind it. Don’t ask me why the plane can’t accelerate by itself. Anyway, I started the next generation.

But when the car/plane was speeding up, the plane’s wings hit another car on the road and there was an explosion. The investors weren’t happy about this, they retracted my startup money and my design went extinct.

I had lost the contest, but who said I had to be me? I exited my body and posessed the body of the contest winner. I then decided to read her memories so that I wouldn’t be acting out of the ordinary.

I had a flashback. I was walking to school. There was yellow grass all over the place. The grass was taller than me, but I was still able to see the school, because the camera in the third person view was placed above my body. I entered the school, random stuff happens, I wake up.

Living metal

A meteor hits near my house, and there is an alien survivor. It is a sessile organism that phytomines the soil and builds a chain link fence. It was such an unnatural shape that I though this was a biologic factory of an alien civilisation. If that was its life purpose, there wouldn’t be any problems with me collecting and selling the produce.

I climbed it to prune it, but it started shaking. I figured it wanted to get rid of me. Luckily, I had my shotgun with me. I aimed at the wires that are close to the ground, in the hopes that it would sever the connection between the neurons in the roots and muscles in the wire, if those were the places they were located. The movement slowed down, but another result was that the fence now wasn’t able to support my weight. It bended and sent me down.


I came to a hotel in a town with no central government, people supervised each other. There was a routine check up, everyone had to sign a document so that we would know how many people left and arrived.

A room called me on zoom. They told me to get signatures from a different room and they gave directions.

I opened the door and it was a clasroom. I put the paper to a table and everyone started signing.

There was only one pen. Half of the ink was used, but only a third of the students had signed. The teacher had a solution. She brought a compressed gas cylinder.

It worked both ways. She used it to reduce the pressure in the room. This reaulted in the ink expanding, all the writings became larger and thicker. Now the students would be able to write using less ink.

Everyone except me had signed and there was still some ink left, but now there was very little space left on the paper. I had to come up with a solution.

I opened the door and increased the pressure in the room. The writings suddenly shrank. I was able to write my name but I still couldn’t sign. I closed the door and started releasing the gas in the cylinder to increase the pressure above the normal. It wasn’t working, the door was a one way valve that kept opening and releasing the air to the outside. So I had to keep it closed. There was now just enough space to sign the paper. I kept the door closed with one hand and signed with the other.

The break time begin. The teacher left the class and the students started playing poker. I felt like I would join them if I was less asocial.

I had this dream recently, of when I was on vacation. My dream’s style was similar to a Chinese TV show, and it was basically Kim-Jong-Il singing in some sort of mix of Chinese and Korean, only knowing that I didn’t understand the language(I do understand Chinese in real life). A bunch of horsemen rode by a cliff. Then an alarm sounded off in real life, and like a movie transition, the dream flashed to an actual alarm sounding off, only that it was in the dream. Moments later I woke up in real life to realize an alarm was in fact sounding off.

In a dream this morning, it was set with a smiling disease spreading around, influenced by the Smile Tapes(video not linked since it’s analog horror). I walked behind a Trader Joe’s store and found a red button. I forgot what the red button did exactly, but it had something to do with grades. Then the last time I went behind the store, there was this worker sitting down holding a bag of chocolate, only with a drawing of a chimpanzee on the cover. I asked what it was, and he said “es un verduras”(I didn’t remember that last word well so it might not be accurate). For some reason despite the obviousness that he was Spanish-speaking, I spoke Chinese to him and said “好吧”. Then the dream ended as there was a cutscene that told that goats were teaching me how to make chocolate. I woke up confused on why my dream went from a worker to a goat.

I had a dream, it kind of felt like a Wes Anderson movie, basically during the Roosevelt presidency, four teenagers were trapped in a major room in the White House, with chairs on top of them, and a wick lit towards them, nobody knows why that happened, but the interesting thing is that one of the teenagers was a European who went through a similar situation, where a chair was on top of him years ago, and Rooselvelt had caused this, so out of remorse he created a chair foot that prevented this from happening. , and if it happened it wouldn’t hurt. After Roosevelt and the officials got them out, Roosevelt became remorseful again and allowed the teenagers to run for president. Three of them became presidents (I had googled it in the dream)

Then there’s a timeskip, where I was apparently in some kind of government bunker, with other teenagers training so they and me could also run for president.

I had a dream that was so good that I didn’t want to wake up. It literally took me a whole hour this morning to recover from the dream.

Anyways, it was set in this summer camp, and I kind of forgot a chunk of what happened. Then people were wrestling by facing each other and pushing each other back and forth and what happened I think was that I won against someone, even though I was the youngest member of the camp. Then, a counselor was about to initiate a wrestle with me when they stopped, until this emo e-girl -looking girl volunteered, smiled a bit and then I won.
Afterwards, we went to some kind of stadium or amusement park and it was night. After a swirl of events I forgot, I told some 15 year old girl that I was gonna penetrate “your surface mind, deep mind, and unconscious mind”. She burst into annoyance and anger, but I won in the end. I said sorry later, but she just stared off into the sky annoyed.

A year later in the plotline, I somehow found her maybe on Quora or whatever, and somehow got into a car that they were in. There was maybe 3-4 random people including 1 elderly man and lady. We were going to some weird place and there was this long line. Then it was like this odd speech-giving roman gladiator looking arena. I asked a few questions and said sorry again. She only reacted a little, but it was somewhat concluding.

Then another blur of events unfolded in front of my eyes, and I gained some sort of semi-lucidity, somewhat realizing I was in a dream, along with realizing the fact I was realizing I was in a dream. This sort of triggered a chain of weird events that distinguishes this dream that would ultimately lead to my awakening. I probably then opened my eyes for a split second before closing them(or it may have been in the dream), and the dream began to fog, yet still on the path to recovery. However momentarily afterwards, I saw my Dad near my bed, and then he told me he had to leave, but somehow his lack of presence caused the dream to malform and damaged the dream recovery process. There was then a white background with black text floating around. I woke up.

Anyone have any idea why this dream was so addictive? I have a theory but it’s a little bit sus so I shouldn’t say it. The dream was good enough that I even wanted to create a version of the characters so I could live it out further.

Because its a summer camp. And there is a girl.

Summers are the best season. Make your dream true, you only live once, and you won’t have a lot of summers to make memories.

Sounds a bit sus if you know what I’m talking about. But it makes sense : I’ve had many dreams involving the other gender and I would wake up thinking about the dream for a while.

I dreamed about Gregory from FNAF: Security Breach being hunted by Scavengers from Rain World, and Yoshis were involved in some way. I’m not sure how.

today i had a dream where my dad was playing thrive and he was designing an egg with 2 feathers on the outside to slow its fall and 2 on the inside to work as flight feathers once the creature hatched, and the game looked nothing like thrive but it had a warning about gravity being able to kill the egg from the height it’s programmed to be layed and it stayed even after gravity was turned off, there was also a ring of creatures that had skin so black it looked like a texture error(like the kind of black you see in a room that’s completely closed and has 0 light souces) in the sky around the planet. also i think the window said darwinian edition as opposed to everything gets the same mutations all at once version so there was probably supposed to be genetic diversity in it


Last night i had a dream about eyes in spore being an afterthought and a “baby editor”, as well as the baby editor being removed.
Obviously, none of that stuff is real.
I also dreamed about a woman who called herself “the last black unicorn”, shortly before i woke up.
Also also, i had a dream in terraria where-
Actually never mind i shouldn’t say anything about that.

I had a really weird dream that was about an old man at a dinner table talking about how he wanted them to complete thrive, but thrive in the dream was literally an soup

While he waited there was a kind of gameplay from a future deltarune chapter, basically when Kris went to sleep they appeared in a place full of clouds (their subconscious) and was no longer Kris, during dreams they was Kossi(who looked like the unused human from undertale), and in the subconscious there were several “flashbacks” showing interactions between Toriel and Asgore, and at specific moments the scenario changed completely, Kossi was now in a small spiral of small stairs at night, and when going up the stairs, a glitched Heavy from tf2 appeared, with a screen showing several headlines about domestic violence.

Then the dream cuts back to the old man (detail that he looked like the old man from the “guess i will die” meme) and he is very happy that they completed thrive (the soup looked like engine oil) but the The girl who was making the soup said she still needed to add salt and the old man got angry.

Is that something violent or A-rated?

Well now i cannot remember, can i?
I would assume that would be the case, given what i said.

Last night, I dreamt that Sakura was kissing Naruto.

You should seek to purify yourself from such impure dreams, Sakura x Naruto is unacceptable.

Is shipping even allowed here? (I mean fictional characters of course)

pretty sure it is since fictional people are, by definition, not real.

What do you mean by “shipping”? You mean Amazon Prime shipping? HAHA

Seriously though, what did you mean by that?