Weird/Funny dreams

This isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare

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I was having a dream. No actually this time it was more like a maladaptive daydreaming. Maladaptive means I don’t have a girlfriend. In that daydream, there was a naval battle like those in the 2010s Facebook game Mighty Pirates. The ship was manned by a sea creature with a strong resemblance to Sid from Ice Age. The ship was less dense than water and was standing upside down in water. The sea we would normally see when looking down on board a ship was replaced with where the air starts and it worked the same way. The crew was lunching cannonballs at the other ship but cannonballs were made out of air bubbles coated with a durable material. The explosion in the cannons also created air bubbles which made the front part of the ship go down a bit until the air dripped down from gaps. There were metal weights connected to the ships deck which the crew sometimes took to quickly jump to the crow’s nest (the crew had no problem standing upside down). There were photosynthetic jellyfish that were also upside down around. This species had a part that stores air above its body (close to the surface) but not above the its arms. It didn’t blow water downwards every once in a while to remain in the same altitude but instead upwards. There were also birds that dived to hunt these jelly fish. Standing upside down allowed the jellyfish to quickly get down to escape from the birds.