Welcome to mission Evo [speculative evolution]

Tvrda perka
(keep in mind there are no plants or any food on land currently.)

Sharapis bullarium

alright guys, its getting a bit late. im thinking of maybe pixel arting 1 or 2 more creatures before heading to bed. feel free to add more creatures though. i wont mind doing them later.

tell me when there are and did it get lungs

it got lungs, but currently on land. there is only desert for miles and miles across.

edit: never mind. i think i get what youโ€™re doing
so just a fish with lungs that can push itself onto land. sorry i jumped to conclusions

The Species Meso Yad has evolved from Tvrda Perka and it has become carnivorous and got new sharp teeth it uses to kill Tvrda Perka ( we need some action in the river)

size: 1m
diet: carnivorous
biome: thick river
new mutation: carnivore

Keuisius named after the person who found it keuisi V wreight,it is a new species of potenicus that have adapted to fresh water and have a distinguseable color of black from their salty relatives,it have a spiky tail that is very sharp and solid but can molted to be soft for it to plant it eggs in a host that have been stabbed making it a parasite
(I will only mention the new stuff)
Biome:fresh water
New mutation:fresh water tolerance,black skin with yellow dots and a tail that can be a weapon and a reproductive organ
Koretenicus evolved from potenicus is a filter feeder,it has devolved its teeth and replace it with filter feeding string things like whale,it has also evolved a jaw for reasons that benefit it
Biome:sea,shallow sea
New mutation:filter feeding,devolved teeth,filter feeding strings,jaw

This looks pretty fun.

Care if I join? To note, iโ€™ll have to play when I get back from school, so just bare with me on this.

i think iโ€™ll join too

the vulture fish is a subspecies of the scavenger fish if has evolved a beak like mouth (like a vultures) which helps it eat fish corpseโ€™s and fish, and it has evolved wing like arms for gliding (like the flying fish) when it senses prey it jumps out of the fins that it uses to glides towards itโ€™s prey.

size: 41 inches
diet: tvrda perka and desd tvrda perka
mutations: wing like fins, beak, and it grew 2 inches

as stated before. there is no need to ask to play. you can just join in whenever.

also. please refrain from using actual images of a creature as its picture. unless its being used as a reference i can draw from. the evolution tree will look all messed up with pixel arted creatures and then just a high res picture of a fish.


meso yad:

couldnt do much with this, but i gave it a long bottom tooth, kind of like that picture


sorry if the tail didnt come out right.


vulture fish

Current evolution tree:

if any of you know how to pixel art. and want to design a creature, go ahead. just make sure you use imgur to post the image of it so other creature designers can download it then edit it

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Its Tvrda not Tverda

Oh shoot. Ill fix it when i get home

A pack of Northern snake heads have developed from their ancestors. Evolving stronger muscles, they have adapted to a routine of cathermality, meaning they are active both day and night.

Diet: Omnivorous
Size: 43 Inches
New Mutations: Stronger muscular stature, adaption to cathermality

Is this good?

Deep dweller ecolved from koretenicus is the first known species to humanity that can actually live in deep water,it has also apperently devolved the light sensors as there is no use for it.it size has also increase it has also increased it size
Diet:bacteria and other small creatures
Biome:deep sea
Size::60 cm
New mutation:deep sea adapted,devolved light sensors,size change
Deep scavenger evolved from scavenger eel,it has also went into the deep as there are potential food now,like the deep demweller it has devolve the light sensors,but replace it with electrolocation,it has also evolve a jaw to chew food better and no longer need to spit acid out
Biome:deep sea
New mutation:deep sea adaption,devolved light sensor,electrolocation,jaw,devolved ability to spit acid

just wanted to bring up this small error

your species lacks a name, and its ancestor is extinct. . .
other then that. it is perfectly fine.

Do you mind if we just make this creature split off of the tvrda or flat tooth heads? this is just for the evolution tree thing.

Here are the deep dwellers, deep scavenger and the unamed species.:

Deep dweller.

deep scavenger

Unamed feeshie

current updated evolution tree:

EVENT: The dawn of terrestrial creatures

primitive land flora begin to propogate in the land (mainly moss like plants) in other words. a new food source. . .

Korenski is a new species evolved from keuisius,though it can eat plants and animals,it is not fully considered an omivore as it diet depends on it host,if it egg is planted in a plant its a herbivore but if the host is an animal,its a carnivore,two korenski that have different diet can still mate.
Diet:meat or plants
New mutations:the ability to eat meat or plants
@Deathpacitoast are these cartilage or bony?

cartilage. they arent bony.

also, since the change is internal i wont make a new sprite until a physical change appears.

Make The Tvrda Perka and Meso Yad become 6 legged terrestrial animals.

alexuris evolved from korenski,it seems to have evolved a bony bonesmaking itโ€™s bone stronger but less flexible,and it now has a lung which help itโ€™s breathe air out of water but it is not completely terrestrial as it can only stay in wet places like mosses,it has evolved eggs that will only hatch if itโ€™s surrounding is moist enough and finally,it has evolved a jaw like snakes helping it swallow giant creatures without pain.
biome:fresh water and moist land(mud,swamp,mossโ€ฆ)
New mutations:lungs,bony bones,snake like jaws