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The mosses are extinct.
Sorry i shouldve made that clearer

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So some actual scientific speculative evolution? Nice. Though one issue, the flat tooth should have had their eyes move slightly on the flat tooth. Predators have eyes facing forwards generally herbivores eyes should be moved back a bit And they need to be able to defend themselves from predators,m so they likely have changed color or have some other adaptation. Especially if they have had time to develop more flat teeth.

this may help you guys,

Watch that and you will notice glaring issues with your own fauna.

Also, i think there are some major issues with your land dwellars, its unlikely they keep the dorsal fin it at least should be less pronounced Also why did their bottom fins just disappear? Those legs are higher up on the side of the fish, which gives the impression they didn’t evolve from the bottom fins (which is, hopefully, what you intended). They should be new structures or a bump at the bottom, not the mid-section, i think its more likely they have two legs, and they are positioned one in front of the other, at the bottom of the body. Quadrepedalism is so common in vertabrates because the first vertebrates were fish and earth fish tend to have the four fins at the sides, That is why insects are not quadrupedal for example. And why legs are on the side of quadropedds usually, it actually takes ALOT of time for bones to change the way it did for your land animals, and its better anyway to have them at the bottom for a 3 section body plan like you have,
(more about evolution of body plans)

Also., how did the vulture fish evolve sideways skin membranes so fast? That doesn’t make much sense either. That is what is called a “frankenstein animal” because its just a mix between a manta ray and an eal and a bird with no consideration as to how that body plan could evolve in the first place. There should be another species in between. The vulture fish, and the kortenicus should be related, they have mouths that are completely different from their predecessors, especially how did the vulture fish develop a beak from that? How does that make sense, it doesnt.

Heh, i like the idea and most of it is awesome, those are just the issues i noticed, good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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body plan can change like with insects and wings they didnt change any limbs but just ripped a part of their exoskeleton(metaphorically)

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They evolved from gills, actually

At least, thats one hypothesis.

By the way, i love PBS eons.

Please watch the videos i linked

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ur site says that there are two theories my and yours
i did one

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Ayy, your video mentions the gills aswell, either way, i think i made my point :stuck_out_tongue: . Avoid Frankenstein fauna.

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gepanzertes Tier:

hammer ray:

boop fish:

sharapis bullarium


tvrda perka with hard skin:

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Is the murcicus still alive?

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yeah. the muricus is still alive

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Are there roots underground

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in the sea, yes.

on the land however. no.