What if Homosexuality was the norm?

I came across this interesting short film called “Love Is All You Need.” It’s set in a world where homosexuality is normal while heterosexuality is condemned. The mc girl, born to a lesbian couple, finds herself falling for a boy she sees at her uncle’s wedding. You can guess what goes from here. Honestly, this is how I sometimes feel our world to be nowadays - that any sexuality other than straight is allowed. This vid just goes to show that heterophobia is just as bad as homophobia, transphobia, etc. Love is love, and racism is racism. It’d be interesting to be able to make such a society in the Society stage. Wouldn’t this be something?

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Ever heard of alternative reproductive strategies? Xenology.info has plenty. They could make some crazy weird setups. As a matter of fact one of my favorite activities is making alternative socitiy and biology designs that are less condusive of hate. Yeah I’m weird.

Though, in a human-like society, wouldn’t that be ironic or not very successful in terms of population growth?
If everyone must be homosexual in very strict terms, then no one can reproduce for natural reproduction since women wouldn’t be allowed to bear children for homosexual couples.
Yet, if they were allowed, it would be allowing heterosexuality. Isn’t that ironic?

That’s not what I meant. The species could reproduce both ways. The society itself has to be heterophobic.

Locked as the OP missed the point of the metaphor. Heterophobia may be just as personally toxic, but the point of the video was to show the weight of systematic bigotry in a way that was more relatable to the target audience.
There is no legally- or culturally- sanctioned mass discrimination against heterosexuality. Trying to debate this will only dig your hole deeper.
But against gay and trans people? The list is long and the specifics vary per region. I shall post one of the more morbid examples: the trans panic defense. Look it up if you need more clarification.

There is a time and place to discuss alternative reproductive strategies and its effects on sexual discrimination. It is not, however, an entry-level discussion; its requisites are a good understanding of the sociology of gender and sexuality, and the biology of sex.

Note: there is no need for punishment. Just move on with your lives and when the occasion comes, discuss these things with more tact.