What is Protoplasm?

I open fossils in freebuild and find it.

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In the real world, the protoplasm is the entirety of the innards of a cell, including both the cytoplasm and the internal organelles.
That probably wasn’t helpful, though, now was it?

What I mean is that this protoplasm is different from the cytoplasm in the game, and it seems to be specifically provided by AI species. Look at its large storage.

Protoplasm is a tiny little secret the AI has. It is basically a buffed version of cytoplasm that AI species can use to better compete against the player and make small bacteria more viable to appear in the game.

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I think this might be an interesting thing to put on the Thrive Iceberg. I had no idea that this was a thing that existed in-game!


No, cytoplasm IS the entirety of the innards of the cell, including both the cytosol and the internal organelles.

protoplasm is the cytoplasm plus the nucleus and other organelles

It definitely doesn’t count as the nucleus.

i meant that is what protoplasm is defined as according to google

i didnt know ai had access to cheats

Always has been. The AI also doesn’t care about any MP values or silly limits like that.

This part can be implemented as a mod?

It wouldn’t be a big mod. The protoplasm organelle is just defined in the JSON data to be hidden from the player so that the player can’t place it. So all that would be needed was to make it visible like the placeable organelles.

Doesnt that mean the AI could theoretically get 10+ organelles in just one evolution?

Something i noticed is that i can never get bigger then other cells early game. If i place a lot of Cytoplasm in one cycle the Ai seems to place more organelles and things aswell.

If I remember right, the mutation code is written so that each subsequent added organelle is more and more unlikely. I haven’t done the math but the chance to get 10 organelles is likely possible but only like one in a million chance or so.

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somebody playing thrive in the far future:
alright, gonna just place this protien…
exits editor
one species is already ascended


If a player gains the ability to continue playing after the extinction of their species and transfer to other species, what should be done with this AI specific structure?

they keep it but can’t make more since otherwise the organism might become not viable once they become it or they get a buffed cytoplasm

It just exists. In fact you can play with a cell that has protoplasm if you use the fossilization feature and then open that species in freebuild from the museum page. We actually had to fix the game from crashing in this case as the protoplasm organelle was not setup with all the stuff it needed to appear in the editor.