What is the space stage combat going to be like?

i was wondering about the space stage when a question came to my mind how is the combat going to work is it going to be like star wars empire at war’s space combat with ships essentially being platforms for turrets and other hardpoints to be placed on for example in star wars eaw ships had systems like engines and shield generators and when destroyed not only was the system disabled but chunks of the ship came flying off also will ground combat still be a thing on other planets because if so then i hope it is like supreme commanders with giant units walking around stomping and crushing smaller ones and all the other details.

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I would like the idea of macro-scale space battles, although space dogfights would be cool to play…

I had the idea of a few military vessels from each side coming towards eachother, with smaller fighters protecting each freight. Then, it would descend into a short lived or even a long space battle. It might be similar to the battles taking place in Star Wars Episode III, or the later episodes.

@QuantumCrab’s proposal to space battles is plausible, maybe even battles taking place on the ground. Again, referring to Stars Wars style, the battles on the ground would be similar to Episode I’s Naboo battle. Both sides preparing to attack, and making their way towards eachother.

A cool idea to think about, and hopefully in the final version of the game.

your idea is essentially empire at wars space battles which is what i suggested the battles in that game were star wars battles you even had the option to set your camera in cinematic mode where it will look at the battle from various angles based on the movies

Does no one actually want to have realistic space battles? With small spacecraft firing projectiles with railguns towards enemies 100s of kilometres away destroying them with a single hit.


That sounds epic

that actually sounds better

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Make the game faster, please

Yes, but it also means that your species has to rely on scanners to actually know where the enemy is, because being close enough to see the enemy will get either side obliterated rather quickly.

So something similar to radar, and what if the enemy has scanner-jamming equipment?

Infrared cameras would be excellent for detecting spaceships as they most likely have to generate heat in order to move. So to hide from the scanners they would have to be careful about radiating heat.

Ah, but can heat travel through the vacuum of space? :nerd_face:

I can’t tell if you are joking or not…

So I’ll quote wikipedia: " Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light --" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared
Because infrared is electromagnetic radiation it can travel through space like visible light.

I also finally found this page again: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/spacewarintro.php

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I actually didn’t know that, but i’ll pretend I was joking so I don’t look foolish

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I shall resurrect this Thread with a question after you control space can you orbitally bombard a planet?

Also could space combat be like Stellaris

You should look at the Planetary Invasions thread. Has discussions of bombardment on it.

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