What makes a species capable of entering the Awakening Stage?

so dolphins evolved mpd. cool

Dolphins dont have 2 brains, they are just capable of making each of their lobe sleep indipendently than the other, and it has been recordes that if you cut the tissue that makes human lobes communicate that the brain still works and displays signs of there being 2 people too.

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That is Aware stage. Awakening is a sub stage of Aware stage when your species is on the verge of becoming sapient and entering the tribal stage, but isn’t there quite yet

Ah okay, I was confused because of the similar names

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Reading the wiki will tell you when the stages switch to each other. Here’s the relevant page: Awakening Stage - Thrive Developer Wiki and what counts as the stage transition is:

The Awakening Stage begins when the player’s species achieves sapience.

Sorry, dolphins have two consciousnesses, not two brains, each lobe has separate memories and personalities and dolphins have learned to recognize which one it is by recognizing their body language and speech patterns.

And I told you it isn’t unique to dolphins.

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but they are the most popular example so it is pretty easy to forget

sounds like a larger, or should i say smaller skill issue