Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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That’s not how things work. Just because a some things we didn’t know were possible turned out to be, that doesn’t mean all things are

Also yeah, WARP travel technically means an object with mass will reach a speed of >c, just not from the viewpoint of the object itself (the idea is that it “bends” space in front of it which means it can traverse that area much quicker)

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What about colonizing Europa
when the sun turns into a red giant can we live there?
that ended quickly no conclusion just one post by Omicron

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Ok this has gone to off topic and we have already came to a conclusion that mars is the greastest and most wonderful candidate for colonization so we no longer need this topic

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dont call @hhyyrylainen we need to talk about Europa

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But i didnt say we need to close it and most of you have said that mars is the candidate for colonization and europa might have life and if we go there we would screw the planet with climate change.

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it has no atmosphere we have no power there

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Somehow somehow we are going to screw up the planet and now someone will now call me an idiot for saying something that doesnt go with “science”

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Garbage in the ocean foregin bacteria (competition) us hunting them some dumb dumb who drops the nuclear reactor in the ocean

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wait when did u change ur mind on climate change

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i dont agree with man made climate change but manmade climate change is “true” so i will shut my trap because im a science denying belguim

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so u believe it or not?

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If i say what i want to say everyone will somehow see this post and then proceed to say how im an idiot and how i dont understand science like everything i say on a scientific topic because im always wrong on science

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Science doesn’t take in feelings if ur ancestors left u with a crap world science is gonna tell u the whole deal u gonna cry u gonna want it to stop but science will not stop until u know it all!

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Hm, could it be that someone is sulking? Nah, must be my imagination.
But if it’s any consolation, not completely agreeing with mankind being completely and 100% responsible for climate change is actually a valid opinion. Our data is inconclusive on this matter.

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I’m just gonna stop posting cause I will be corrected on how my science is wrong and maybe just stop giving a :poop: about anything scientific on this forum

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how do u explain this then it was an ice age and the temperature rises right at the industrial revolution how do we know it was a little one and not a canceled one?

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You drew the black line

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no i copied from google

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Have you ever heard of the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum? During this time in earth’s history, the middle temperature was 8 K higher than today. That is much higher than even the most pessimistic predictions for our climate change, that atleast I have head of yet (which mostly don’t exceed +6 K). It also happened during a relatively short timespan (around about 20.000 years … basically nothing in geoogical terms). All of this without our influence. So, if you ask me, if we contribute something to the global warming: Of course we do, carbondioxide is a known greenhouse gas after all. The only matter to discuss is how much of it is natural and how much is manmade, because obviously the planet is more than capable of drastically changing it’s climate all by itself … and although this climate change coinciding with the industrial revolution is an important indicator, that we should not simply forget, causality and correlation are not interchangable.