Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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Why does everyone hate my idea

i like Venus and Enceladus

enceladus and venus are interesting (fun fact venus is the only planet in out solar system named after a woman)

Makes sense since Venus is deemed as Earths sister planet, minus the fact that Venus is actually a hellhole made of boiling iron and lava.

very much like Earth in deed

But more earthlike gravity and look at mars if you walk on the surface without a space suit you would be dieing of 15 different things

The same goes for venus tho

Of course because the are both not able to support human life off the bat

That is, if you only count major planets. Asteroids tend to have female names, like Ceres and Vesta.

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let colonize saturn, it rains diamonds there :slight_smile:

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Thats what i ment

But I like my skin intact.

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don’t worry, if we have technology to get to saturn, probably we’ll ahve technology to make iron umbrellas

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Alright, lets do this:

Venus: Stinking hot, high pressure, acid rain, hot enough to bake a cake on the surface, can only colonize the skies as to not melt, space suits must be big and bulky as to not melt, did i mention that it was hot?

Mars: ‘Slightly’ lower gravity, ground-based colonies, low pressure, basically wear a thin suit with oxygen to survive, compared to other planets its really tame, ice caps for water.

If you were teleported to mars as you are right now, you would slowly and peacefully suffocate. If you were teleported to venus as you are right now you would ignite, burn, dissolve, get crushed by the pressure, and would die a horrible and painful death. So, where would you like to create a space colony?


There are different ways to create colonies you make sky colonies on venus and ground colonies on mars and you wait while each terraforms

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Uranus :smiley:
edit: sorry for the bad joke

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Works for me :smirk:

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what about a submarine colonie in Neptune?
edit: don’t do it, gaseous planets are a bad idea for colonize

If we don’t want the novelty of a hind joke, Jupiter would probably be what you’d be wanting on Uranus with easier logistics.

I reckon it would be worth it