Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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Thats a good point, but in this case, mars still has more oxygen then Venus. In a Venusian atmosphere, oxygen is so rare it cannot even be detected as a trace element. So the comparison is true.

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Plus, Venus is essentially a giant boiling pot of liquid death.

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Nothing personal to anyone here, but can we please add a rule to at least skim a thread before responding? This thread in particular is in a constant loop of discussion, followed by a β€œwe don’t know. Let the scientists figure it out.”-conclusion, after which someone brings something up that’s been said earlier, which jump-starts discussion starts again.


I’d rather have this discussion going on than having nothing else except #forum-games going on in latest topics.

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Well the thing is that we aren’t getting anywhere. We’ve had the same conclusion multiple times already.

Wait no nevermind I just read through around 3/4 of the thread, and there has been almost no proper discussion at all, most of it is off-topic and/or, simply put, useless.

So discuss away everyone.

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So vEnUS Is mUch BEttEr thAn Mars becAUsE GraViTY wHiCH i DidNt sAy BefORe fOR sUre