Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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If the earth really is round how come I cant see the back of my own head?

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if you look over the top of a orange, can you see your-self?

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Makes me think about these videos… .

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just to clarify, i was joking.
though those videos are pretty funny

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The Earth is actually a donut.
This can be proven by watching an episode of The Sampsons where Big Chungus takes a bite out of that delicious Krabby Patty.

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As tantalising as this conversation is, we should probably get back on topic

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Alright everyone, enough decreasing everyones brain cells!

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So, some people said Mars is the best one, some other Venus, some other The Moon and some other asteroids and such rocky things we can dig into to collect resources. The answer to this topic is now obvious : there’s no real answer; every answer can be good as long as it is justified. Nonetheless, I think it would be more dangerous to colonize and dig into some asteroids rather than planets, whatever. Mars apparently has less resources than Venus, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad planet to colonize. Think about it, Mars could be the center of intellect meaning that it would be the center of education, art, science, research and other such things. Venus, however, might be more based on exploitation.

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seriously, what about exo-planets?

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The title of the thread is specifically about planets within the Solar system. If you want to make a page on colonising exoplanets, thats fine, but I don’t think it would be worth anything. At this point in time, we don’t know many physical properties of exoplanets. Trying to figure out which one would be best to colonise would be trying to figure out the face of someone you’ve never seen before. Theres also the fact that there are millions of diverse habitable planets out there in the Milky Way, so why not pick one of them?

With what @blackjacksike said, I think that pretty much sums up the thread for now. There have been too many arguments about which planet has the best atmospheric compositions.

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and another reason, why colonise them? icy rocks hurling through space dont really hold any benefits

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ok, lets stick to our Solar system. i say we just colonize space directly. we can use the moon to get resources and for housing. then with our forward base built, we can make orbiting rotating space stations. add engines, turn them into ships, rinse and repeat.

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Or, just make spaceships.

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Because of the imminent overpopulation that’s about to happen if we don’t anything about it. Colonizing other planets would allows us to decrease the amount of people on Earth, thus reducing the amount of pollution and waste.

By the way, there’s other things we must do to save humanity (and please, don’t tell me the classic sentence β€œAh, it’s an utopia, it won’t happen” and blablabla and such big bunch of baloney) :

  1. Unifying pacifically humankind into only one nation speaking one language, thus increasing progress and evolution of humans. In the process, dictature and extreme political wings (communism AKA extreme left wing & fascism AKA extreme right wing) must be disposed of. Also, the whole world must remain as democratic as possible (as democratic as northern countries such as Canada, Sweden, Norway and such [excluding France and USA]). Both of these objectives are entirely optional, but are much more preferable.
  2. Decontaminate and terraform the Earth, meaning we have to restore the environment and maintain it in good conditions. If we don’t, we won’t be able to colonize other planets and survive, because the Earth will kill us (I can even see it coming towards us since came every storm happening in the American continent).
  3. Then, we can finally colonize other planets and we will THRIVE ! HAIL THRIVE !

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I meant exoplanets. exoplanets suck. they’re cold and irritating and they get everywhere

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They can also be panthallasic planets, worlds composed entirely of water. They’re the most irritating, dealing with all those friggin leviathans.

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Hahahaha, you mean Thrive’s game engine ?

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It can also mean Biologicahs unrealistically large creatures.

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A pi chart isnt a good representation since the whole chart is the whole atmosphere, so if a planet with a thin atmospher still has 50% oxygen it would still look like it has more then earth via this diagram. Its more useful to have the percentages/volumes actually listed. Especially since mars does not have a very thick atmosphere, and venus has an extremely thick one and earth has a medium one. So the comparison isnt accurate.