Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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I wonder if earth has life?
We will only know when NASA sends a probe there

Weird topic for discussing Solar system things
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one , the others are: europa, mars, and… :joy:earth.

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Including Mars, though it likely harbors fossilized microbes and other creatures.

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and sub-surface life

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I think NASA and ESA currently are on it.

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It will take a while to get there, though.

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Yeah, the mission is planned for 2018.

Edit: I meant 2028.

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*checks watch *

Thats now!!!

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ok, we have been getting of topic so i’m making a new thread. Weird topic for discussing Solar system things

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Im not sure if thats gonna help the off topic thing, if thats the case.

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eh… just hope it helps

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I edited my post. I meant 2028.