Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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i looked it up its titan

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Thats Titan, but it has lakes composed of liquid methane.

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I meant methane and what happened to my message it disappeared

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Roboromb you are correct, opinions colour scientific research with bias, and so give unfair conclusions as people dont look for facts that support their thesis, but rather their preconceived notions. Surprisingly I did not look that up

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Thank you, and impressive.

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But what is a scientist has an opinion which is correct but they shun him for being a :belgium:ot

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Ever heard of the scientific method?

A scientist with a diploma and PHD doesent go β€œI have an opinion on biology!”

He would go β€œI have formed a hypothetical theory on biology.”

or just β€˜hypothesis’

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carbon life… i’d be hard

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bACk To cOloNiZINg GuYS

How about solving the martian big problem with the astronauts just wearing a lead belt?

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boots would be beder

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i imagine that is as hard as walking through mud.

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Suits with artificial magnetic fields that protect the wearer from solar flares

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why not a radiation suit

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God, it is painful to read parts of this thread … and I am talking to you here, @Rednascar11. Your suggestions seem to consist mostly of wishful thinking and ignoring valid counter arguments from other people. Honestly, I am impressed by the patience you have with him, kudos to you.

To answer the question at hand, Mars is the best we have got. We still won’t be able to start terraforming it during our life time, for there are simply too many obstacles, which are insurmountable for us (for now), mainly it’s lack of sufficient magnetic field and atmosphere.
Venus has a few pros, but all in all, it just isn’t worth it, the tremendous efforts needed to construct proper bases in the upper atmosphere would by far outweigh what little use we could hope to get out of them.
But before any of that, I would predict that our first efforts in colonizing our solar system will probably mining stations on asteroids and the like. It would be a good stepping stone and the mineral resources to be gained could be a nice incentive to develop proper technologies for efficiently transporting large quantities of cargo though the solar system.

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that is why we want a self-sustained colony

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Ultimately yes. But as I said, this will be neccessary as our first steps, since it will be inevitable to do this during our first real colonisation attempts. Also, at our current level of technology (and the foreseeable future) we will probably never have a dependable, self-sustainable colony on Venus, as it would be nearly impossible to secure a steady supply of mineral resources on the planet itself.

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But you dont need to build colonies those are optional you just do the terraforming process and when its done then you colonize it

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what i think the goal is for us to spread our species

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Maybe but what if there are no more stars around, scientist do say that a stars light take millions of years to get to us, so what if all stars are to far away for us to get to them

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What does that have to do with the topic? Weren’t we taking about the solar system for now? And of course, galactic colonialisation will forever stay a dream, should we prove unable to discover FTL travel.