Which stage are you most excited for

Out of curiosity, I want to know which stage people want the most.
This may have been asked somewhere before, but I can’t find it on this forum. (If it has, please link).

  • Microbial
  • Multicellular
  • Aware
  • Awakening
  • Society
  • Industrial
  • Space
  • Ascension

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If you have a story why one particular stage is your most hyped, please say below.


Tbh if thrive would ever be finished I’d always skip the animal and cell stages. They’re cool and all but alien medieval gameplay is why I’m really here.


Im just looking forward to a completed game.

i’d skip cell stage maybe multi-cellular.

I want to create, so Ascension it is.

And yeah i’d skip cell stage too

or do you want to destroy? :smiling_imp:

I am excited for Multicellular, i always wanted that bridge between Cell and Creature stages in Spore, that it never had.

yes, and it was rely just alien fish stage. i wish they did’t kick you out of the sea.

EA sucked from the very beginning

So… EA bad CDPR good?

I’ve always been the most excited for the stages multicellular-awakening. I feel like they’re the most unique stages; microbes and 4x games have been done before, thrive just does it with an alien planet. Something like the aware stage has never been done well before.

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im exited for all of them but the ascension stage sounds awsome


you’re a literal god in the ascension stage, it’s awesome, but being the animal lover that i am, I’m waiting for the aware stage and late multicellular.


As a wise man once said, “one game at a time.”

In my opinion, ascension stage isn’t exactly the one i am most hyped for, since there are already a really large amount of sandbox/god games that exist already. I am pretty excited to see what direction the multicellular stage goes.

yea but this would be the first free one i found

im the most excited for aware stage because like a lot of people the creature stage was the best part of spore and the aware stage is the equivalent of that

theres just a lot you can do with the aware stage so thats why im hyped most about that stage

the second stage im most hyped for is probably the space stage

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I’m really not sure. What I can say is:

~33% ascension stage
~33% aware
~33% microbial
i’m really unsure

For me they get the essence of the game, being a god, or being a complex multicellular creature, or playing in the complex journey of a microbe species through years and patches in the middle of the ocean.

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You perfectly described why I find spore’s cell, creature, and space stage more appealing than the rest of their stages

It just feels more… well… evolutionary? I don’t know the exact word.

well the only stages i liked in spore were te tribal, civ, and creature stage

the cell ctage was ok, but its replayability was bad

the space stage was too long and boring, and it made you do almost everything on your own, from colonising to to trading to war, not only that, your allies could invade eachother, and you have to choose which one to help, thats the biggest problem with the stage

it feels more like you are actually advancing, is that what you wanted to say?