Why schools should no longer be used

  1. Intelligence cannot be obtained by someone else and you have to obtain it yourself (Source: Quora)

  2. Many of the info that they give you is unreliable and if not even outdated, looking at you history class, or never go into more detail with the things they say

  3. Tons of school shootings even though they say it’s safer environment for kids to learn, yeah try explaining that to a kid who has experienced a school shooting before

  4. Stranger danger, why are the parents trusting their kids to go to a place full of strangers

  5. Their parents could teach them, because that’s what parents are here for to teach the next generation not some random strangers which have an education

  6. Puts kids under stress due to grades, like a ton of stress over a letter on a piece of paper

Well, good thing that some schools are now starting 4 day weeks instead of the typical 5 due to the constant school shootings that are happening, and if this keeps up they must be reduced to 3 day weeks, and then down to 2, then 1, and then finally 0, but that’s for the future they might go back to 5 day weeks who knows.

What? A lot of your points don’t apply outside your country, which I assume is USA…

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Yes I am from USA

School shootings in the US are a real indictment of both the school system and the refusal to allow reasonable gun control measures, but that doesn’t mean that no schooling would be good for children in general. Most people don’t know how to find or assess reliable sources of information, and enforced home schooling for all children would be terrible for reinforcing misinformation for most children. But, fixing the school system in the US would require a lot of huge changes in how the government works.


You seem to be really young. I think you’ll find yourself one day looking back and being grateful for the education you have received.

School sucked going through it, but I’m not sure what else I realistically would have been doing in my youth that I wouldn’t have gotten sick of. Gaming I’m sure, but eventually you start looking for more than just video games to keep you entertained.

Nowadays I find myself the happiest when I’m learning about something new in science. It was something I loved doing as a kid, and it makes me feel like one again. You being on these forums gives me the impression that you also love science (why would you spend your free time with a bunch of geeks here otherwise). When you’re older, you’ll look back at these times and really appreciate them, and you’ll hopefully still have a part of yourself that is still curious.


The main issue I see with schools in the US is that everything is taught in a manner that usually doesn’t spark the interest of the students in the class, usually leading to kids not paying attention to the material.
Maybe it’s just that the material can’t be made interesting to kids, but I believe otherwise as classes that were more methodical and slower and just read out bit by bit were quite disinteresting and usually wound up making me zone out in class, I always found myself being able to memorize material from classes to pertaining to science near perfectly.
Schools definitely do need reforms, in the US especially but just removing the school system certainly is a bad idea. I’m going into high school this year, and I do have to agree with you on much of your points, but schools are necessary, lest we return to the dark ages.
Also for point 5, my parents and even some of my older siblings haven’t learned half of the material I have, the Curriculum is ever changing and I don’t think just parents teaching children would work in this day and age.

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I would just like to give my opinion, coming from someone who is not from the USA.

This is a problem exclusive to the United States. I live in one of the countries with one of the highest murder rates in the world, and we don’t have this problem. But the real problem, in my opinion, is the prominence the media gives to these events.

I’m pretty sure that the school in general is much safer than the street, or even in some cases at home.

But there is no way to guarantee that they are teaching the right way. Imagine a child learning from ultra-religious conservative parents, he will have a distorted worldview.

That is a story about a boy named Benedict. Benedict was a boy like any other, although he always got very high grades. Benedict got these grades so easily that he would take the exams without fear or stress. He was happy.
But one day, something would change Benedict’s life forever. He received the corrected proof in his hands and read the number.

It was 4.
The maximum was 10.
The smile that had been on his face faded. “Must have been a mistake” he thought. Was not. He had gotten a plain, terrible and horredous 4. Was he getting stupid? He didn’t know and that worried Benedict. He spent nights wondering why he got such a low grade, how he could and how low his average would be. And the worst: That was his favorite subject.

Maybe Benedict really was getting stupid.

On the last day before grades closed, the teacher asked Benedict if he had done everything. Benedict, being a good student, nodded. The teacher wrote a 10 and said that grade did not enter the average.

He had gone through all that stress, that anxiety for no reason. But he was never the same. Now Benedict no longer had the confidence he had when he entered the room to take a test, Benedict was afraid that it would be repeated, that nightmare would return.

Benedict was not so happy anymore.


Reminds me about schools not telling the parents that their kids are changing their identity behind their back. Complete hypocrisy.

The parents don’t always have the time to teach them. They need to work to make for a living and feed their kids. Besides, someone with a chemistry degree is probably far more capable of teaching chemistry than a random father or mother especially if they are themselves not educated or simply don’t have the right personality or intellect to be able to teach such complicated matter.

I still don’t understand why republicans can’t see the truth, which is that guns often fall into the wrong hands, which ends up in mass murders. If they at least prohibited assault rifles or demanded higher rank permit to have one, this might happen less frequently. Of course, it’s more important for them to think that people should be free to end the freedom of others by means of massacre.

I must admit that even in my province, high school is extremely harsh as they are trying to teach you nine classes at a time, which makes it very difficult for students with ASD and/or ADHD or just students who have trouble managing their time.

My proposal:

  • Elementary school is used to teach general subjects such as language, history, math, art, sports (eww), science and perhaps some philosophy/religion. Basically everything to give them a taste of what they might want to study later. The last year would have a sex class just to teach the basics of their body.
  • High School and College would replaced altogether by a Specialization program. After elementary school, students may choose a field such as computer science, math, linguistics or anything else and focus primarily on that field. They can adjust their schedule as they please to feel less stressed out. Some subjects such as language and sports (disgusting!) might still be mandatory as the former helps them not to make too many typos when writing while developing their creativity and the latter should teach them how to remain healthy. Students may change their field if they don’t like their current one.
  • University would be the same except that by following the second stage, students could receive exemptions for all courses that they have already taken.

I think everything that’s needed to be said about guns has now been said. So as a topic that has drifted into politics, lets not discuss it any further in this thread. Everybody got that?

Why isn’t it? Here in Finland you can choose between vocational training or upper secondary school (this is the path to university) after 9th grade.

This makes a ton of sense, and I’m definitely not biased as this is basically the degree structure in Europe; only a few dozen study credits out of 300 are reserved for general studies, everything else is degree programme specific.

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I mean this is more of a “the US sucks” than “school sucks”

This is why I just accept that risk as a possibility, and if I already have that potential danger, why not go to a boarding school next to a nuclear reactor.

Personally I have not liked school very much, but I get work done and deal with it. School is pretty much required for a society, it’s practically what makes a society a society. Parents are not the best option IMO, but if you want to homeschool you like, just can?

But I clearly didn’t hate school that much because why else would I choose the aforementioned boarding school.

Abolishing schools instead of fixing them is almost literally like going back to the medieval ages


What’s that?

Although, some members of the Church would give basic education to some kids, mainly in language and mathematics (I think?).

It’s literally that. A vocational school or a trade school. Look up the definitions of those if you don’t know what those are.

I guess this goes to show how badly American education is out of whack if people don’t even know that it might be possible to do something else than to attend college no matter what with ballooning tuition costs.

I will not try to be too political but an alternative solution would be to simply increase the amount of police and send them to patrol the school area.

  1. In the US, parents are checked on to make sure they are teaching the right things.
  2. Parents should have the right to teach almost whatever they want.

No need for sports.

It’s rather to teach about healthy lifestyle, actually.

You are being political with this response. And you are doing the classic thing of suggesting a simple solution to a complex problem, which basically never works and is the style of political promises that populists make.


School is a waste of time. You get to learn something a person discovered centuries or millenia ago. Humans waste the first quarter of their lives relearning what they should already know. They then die and you have to make new humans who are blank slates. If I designed schools, I would give them autonomy, they can experiment with new methods of teaching, or they may copy the ones that are the most succesful. And I wouldn’t make their wages equal. Capitalism can find ways to force knowlage into our brains. Like, I can theoretically read a textbook in a few days, it shouldn’t take 1 year to go through it. We are nowhere near efficient. Also, teachers aren’t required. You can teach 10 kids the subject, they all can teach 10 other kids and, exponentially, everyone gets to learn the subject. And they are payed for it.

Yes, because it’s necessary to teach them that, plus the rest of your reply doesn’t even come close to trying to fix this.

Reading and understanding aren’t the same thing.

No economic system can “find ways to force knowledge into our brain”, only science can. Also, it’s funny how you complain about efficency yet you talk about “forcing knowledge” which is inefficent and in most cases straight up doesn’t work.

Except to teach a subject you need enough information about it to be able to answer the questions that your students will make, meaning that you need advanced knowledge about the subject and meaning that this system wouldn’t work.


I don’t know how fast humans can learn. If they can learn as fast as they read, learning in school happens hundreds of times slower than it can be.

I didn’t say science can’t find a way to teach faster. If all the teachers or school staff earns a similar wage, how are they incentivised to try for better? If the government says that “the first school to make 10 year old kids pass an exam on quantum physics gets 500k dollars”, then the schools would really start trying to teach faster. By capitalism, I mean rewarding the learning speed and treating schools like companies.

I don’t get what you mean. You teach some students and answer their questions. They understand the concept and teach it to their students, and answer their questions. Enough information exists. This was a suggestion for reducing the number of teachers you need to employ. Students can teach the topics they just learned.

You can’t learn as fast as you can read. At least you can’t focus for 8 hours a day on such a mentally taxing activity. And just reading some material once will not make it stick, similarly to topics taught at school you will forget most of the details.