Will it be possible to play as a plant or some other (mostly) immobile life form?

Being a plant sounds fun, but drastically different than playing as an animal. Also it seems unlikely that something like a plant would have the possibility or the reaction time to have a chance at being a space faring civilization. P.S. I’m new here and I have no idea if I’m doing this wrong.

Playing as a plant is planned, however, won’t probably be prioritized by the devs, so it might come later than other things. Plants won’t be able to form civilizations, however, that doesn’t stop you from playing as one. Also, these smaller questions are probably better for Quick Question Thread. And also, there was a lot of topics covered already on this forum, so I suggest going through some of them and seeing all the things that have been proposed or asked already. It’s a bit messy, but one gets used to it. Welcome to the forums!
Also, if would be struggling with anything, feel free to ask in the Quick Question Thread or in the shoutbox (that button in the bottom right corner), we’ll be glad to help! One more time, welcome!

Sorry and thanks for the tip!

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There is already a thread about playing as a plant: