Will There Be Lore/Backstory?

Hey, my first topic. Anyway enough tomfoolery. In the future game do you think that there will be lore? Such as when you are in the space stage you meet something like the Grox? Or find lore tablets belonging to some long gone aliens? And finally will you be the first to reach space and find nothing else out there?

Also what will other aliens be like in the game? Other peoples creations, or auto generation?

Hi welcome :slight_smile:

Nothing is really nailed down for the space stage so this is just my opinion.

My guess is for the first pass we would have it so that you evolve early in the history of your galaxy and there are a few other species who evolve at the same time to compete against, kind of 4x style.

However once the space stage is fleshed out we could add the potential to evolve late, where a lot of stars have already burned out and there are mega projects (like dyson spheres and ring worlds) lying abandoned in many systems, where most of the history of the galaxy has already happened. However that would be something for after the basic features are implemented.


There could be a mod that adds a storyline to the game, similar to Darkspore

Darkspore is just an entirely different game though. It uses spore’s premise, but makes it a squad rpg.

There is another thread about humans’ role in Thrive, and some people are debating on lore.