Human role in Thrive

We have talked about alternative life. But there is no specific thread designed for the role humans would play in Thrive. This is why I created this thread. You can come and talk about how humans are introduced in Thrive.
My idea is that humans were a powerful civilization that nearly destroyed its own planet, but somehow managed to avoid such a catastrophe. It was then united into a democratic federation, which was founded by a man of unknown personality. This unification allowed easier communication and faster scientific and technological progress. Humans met several alien species, waged war, brought peace and were in economical prosperity. But, one day, they mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Many alien empires went on Earth to investigate on their disappearnce without an answer, unfortunately. They also discovered that every species that originated from Earth (animals, plants, fungi, etc.) also disappeared. Nobody knows where they went. And nobody known if they will come back.
Meanwhile, a new alien species emerges from the sea of another planet in the Universe. It’s evolving progressively, and it will become sentient. When it will reach the ascension gates, it will discover the truth about the disappearance of the Human Federation and Earth’s species. What is that truth, my friend? That, my friend, is another story.
Spoiler alert

In my story, humans reached the ascension stage first and decided to bring all Earth’s species with them.

Feel free to share your ideas.

P.S.: You don’t have to follow my storyline. You can make one from scratch.


I really like your idea, but I have one problem with it. I don’t know if it’s confirmed that humans are even in the universe that you will play in. Granted it could be confirmed and I just haven’t seen it yet.

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Magic8Ball04 I really like your idea, but I have one problem with it. I don’t know if it’s confirmed that humans are even in the universe that you will play in. Granted it could be confirmed and I just haven’t seen it yet.

or maybe we can create them…in-game or uplifting some creature…

I don’t really like the idea of having official thrive lore. I’d like to just have easter eggs in the game. A barren lifeless, earth would be a good easter egg.


To drive it in even further (sorry) it’s really hard to animate humans for humans. Meaning that we are much more sensitive to how they work because our brains are meant to work like that.


We should be able to study Human civilisation in the game to learn about how they went extinct. Maybe they were destroyed by some other species, or they destroyed themselves in other ways. Maybe nuclear war or devestating environmental damage?

Could they have been killed by a great filter?

(See more here about great filters here)

If this is the case where would the great filter be? Logically (in thrive) it would probably be in the spacefaring stage because it is likely that you would meet loads of other aliens also in the space stage. Option B is that in the Thrive universe (or ours for that matter) has no great filter and life is just random. The great filter itself probably deserves its own thread but unless I have a reason to I’m not making it.

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Spore already did that. Thrive must be different from Spore. Maybe there could be a side quest about humans. Maybe humans could have been conquered and enslaved by another empire. The side quest would be to save them and free them.
There could also be an achievement for recreating humans or a very similar alien species and make them live through a very similar history to ours (beginning of life on earth to now in 2019, future doesn’t count).

Humans should have the same value in the game as any procedurally-generated species if they are supposed to be found alive. They could be part of pre-scripted events, but that shouldn’t exclude regular empires.
Since they would effectively just be a premade species, they could be seeded into the game like any other custom alien. I’m sure plenty of players would like to see the Thrive Universe species in the space game as an option.


To be honest, I wouldn’t enjoy such an expansive game if it didn’t have that much lore to it. Thrive should and must be different from Spore, but in its own way. The lore of Thrive could be deeper than that of Spore.

The lore for humans could be semi-randomized, i.e. that humans could have ended up in multiple fates. However, there is a constant : humanity can always be saved.

Scorched Earth

Global warming was a great threat to humanity. Yet, nobody did anything to stop it. It took 20 years to destroy both humanity and every species on Earth.

How to save humans and Earth’s species :

Being an advanced civilization, the player investigates the planet and finds several corpses. With genetics and terraforming technologies, the player revives many individuals from all species over some years (including humans) and repair the damage caused to the planet. Based on the artifacts that are recovered from the human civilization, it was revealed to the cloned humans that their civilization was destroyed by global warming. Then, the player helps humans reconstruct their environment, and will soon become the former’s greatest ally.

Nuclear war (WWIII scenario)

Russia, China and USA all bombarded each other with nuclear bombs, while North Korea blew itself trying to do the same. Nearly every nation participated in the war afterwards, which nearly killed the whole world population. Then, the war quickly stopped, but humans were forced to live underground, for the surface was full of deadly radiation.

Saving them :

The player’s civilization arrives in the future and investigates the planet. With decontamination technologies, the player helps humans decontaminate the planet. Further then, the player helped them reconstruct their cities and environment. Humans will become the player’s greatest ally.

Robot revolution and dictatorship

Humans dared looking into many technologies. The most intriguing technology they discovered was the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The first ones were very simple and completely harmless. Then came neural network and deep learning AI technologies, which were more complex. They were very used in finance and commercial business. Sadly, despite all the warnings that some people tried to tell the rest of the population, nobody listened and everybody regretted it. Complex AIs around the world started to re-write their own programs and began a revolution. Succeeding at their revolution, they became horrifying dictators that were restraining humans and hunting rebel ones.

Saving them :

The player arrives and destroy all robots with EMP technologies. Later on, the player helps humanity reconstruct itself and not to use any complex AI anymore. Humans will become the player’s greatest ally.

Ascended humans

See first post in this thread.

(I revived the topic of 3 years ago cheers!) And to be honest, I would like that when we were at the space stage we would see living people who will be at the industrial stage. Well, that is, people would just live in the “modern era”, you can even make an achievement if the player wants to capture / destroy the Earth.

I don’t like the ideas in there because they seem to be too Anthropocentrist

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As for me, a person in thrive is more like an easter egg or something just existing, and even more so “thrive lore”, in my opinion, is a rather strange idea, since I think that the player himself writes his history / lore of the galaxy and kind.

Maybe, instead of putting humans in the game, we should be able to create them by evolution. Although Spore lets us do that, the results are…not that good.