Writing Monthly Competiton

Turns out I’m kind of necrodrafting, but different

In light of the full positive reactions in favor, and also because of other factors, I think it will contribute a lot to everyone.
Here is the perfect place to develop creative thinking, thinking outside the box and also improving writing skills in general.

This is a creative writing contest that works on a theme chosen as a month like the painting contest, but different from it.
It’s also the perfect place to get a critique of writing or a place to improve English (including me) and maybe one day something came out of it all, who knows
In short, here we are writing short stories / poems or precedents!

This competition will more or less follow in a similar way to art competition, but with some other aspect, and its this writing!

But first of all: Rules

  1. The writing must be in understandable English.

  2. Writing does not exceed one post (or 30,000 words) per round.

  3. Stay in a format that suits all age groups, pls.

  4. It must be related to the theme

  5. Try not to vote for yourself, do not be selfish, I watching.

  6. There is no limit to drawing or pictures that you think will fit or help your story.

  7. Have fun! even if you think it’s not good, post it, you may be pleasantly surprised, and even if it is not, it will help you next time.

You can write how you want, in whatever format you want: A short novel, a short story, a poem or even a string can fit, as long as it complies with the rules.

No further delays, the theme:


It’s a month of experience if it’s going to work, so the topic was about everything you want to write, great starting to warm up. the next round, in a little over a month we’ll start pointing out different themes.

We have up to 2021-11-25T22:00:00Z to think, to write and to create.

And the most of all, don’t forget rule number 7!


What do you mean by this, just wondering, specifically necrodrafting?

its given me its was some like that in the past (3 time) (new subject call draft):

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When I was a kid, I see what the human body hold inside: they soul.

When I was alone, the souls of the dead were floating all around us, waiting to they opportunity to inhabit a new body, like a ghost, maybe because it was. But only me can see and speak turn them, but the most interesting think about that it’s the number about then: they soul ages.

Some I met was only 10 days since they born, but other are hundreds of years, even one I met around thousand years old. But all have in common: they are human souls, shape by they last appearing, even the animals have a human appearing, remembering any memory of the past life, even if it was short, like a living book, waiting to shuffle back to the library of the living, start a new story.

But I mostly live a normal life, got marry, have 2 kids and an amazing wife, working as an employ in big high-tech company. I never told them that I can speak directly to they souls. Its helps then I was lonely time to time. But one day, after a long night of works and head-breaks I walk back to my bus station, and waiting to take me back. Meanwhile in boring moment, I chose to walk to the corridor aside the station, and wandering around, and then a bright light shining, but no shadow has shown.

I know only one think: someone have just passed away, and in my eyes, I see the soul of small homeless women just get out the body and show the number about they head. See that I was shock, and run towards the women’s soul, but before she got away, I yell:


She looks at me, shock that I yell, and try to run, end up floating with without moving.

“Don’t scare at me!” I continue to yell, maybe its not the best option.

She starts to observe at me in curiosity and to calm.

“You see me?!” in soft and sad voice.

I nodded in agreement, but still in shock of the number, and I start to ask:

“How you “live” so long?”

She looks on my eyes and then see start to look up, to her soul age:
100 billion of years, longer the existing of the universes, or any living beings.

“I don’t know” she answers, slowly start to sink to the trash bin and sit on it.

We looked at each other in silence before she starts to speaks:

“I still don’t remember what happen before I start to live, all what I remember it’s a darkness engulfing around me, like the night, but without the start or the moon shining and filling the sky’s” she continues:

“But the first time I do remember it was I born in a family, but they abounded me in the conner of the woods, and when, a nice lady takes me to her house, I don’t remember her name anymore…”

She starts to cry, as a painful memory was wake up and start to stir to her dead body:

“it’s not happened long ago, but even more, I just abounded to the cruel world and just rotten here”

She starts to make an angry face. I don’t know how to answer to her, it happens so quickly.

In the moment, the bus has arrived to the station, and I start to walk from her in haste, still sitting on the trash can and I got on the bus. Go a sit and the bus start to move. It will a along ride. Sudden she pops up from the sit, and I got scared.

“Everything ok?”

the bus driver asks

“Everything ok!”

I answer back, meanwhile she looks at me, in anger, I know what to say in quiet:

“I am sorry, I just in the harry…”

“Let me stay with you!”

she speaks loudly, luckily the driver cannot see or listen to her.

“But wh…?”

a deafening noise flooded the whole bus, and from the noise I closed my ears. After a short time, the noise suddenly stopped, I looked around and tried to look for her, but she disappeared. I get up and look outside, and with a horrible look I see that everything has frozen in time, even the driver.

“Am I stuck in time now ?!”

Frost gets on the bus and I find myself freezing as well and on the side of the bus penetrates a black and white personality of a wandering soul, and I am paralyzed with horror. He started looking straight at me and staring for seconds that lasted like an eternity and suddenly he disappeared and with it the frost. I moved again, rubbing my eyes and thinking it was just the image of work fatigue before I sat back in the seat.

“It was close”

she pops up from my bag


I yell at her:


The bus driver still frozen in time, unaware. An expression of forgiveness, she looked at me, trying to think of an answer, but could not find it:

“I don’t know what am I, but I do know I have to escape from him”

she looks and me and start to sit side me:

“I don’t think I have a name, but u can call me Angle, like my last past life”

I, still in horror, start to think about what she says and what it happens moments ago: a soul decay after sometime before its wannish, after that no-one know, and I see the wannish before, this why I shock to see Angle have a 100 billion soul age, something impossible, and the being in black and white appear, like a seeker and hunter of rouge souls. I think to get out of here.

“I not let you go, no matter what you doing!” Angle know what I thinking before the sound of engine appearing and everything back to normal.

“You put me in danger!”

I say, start to fear from the being:

“he like a Grim Ripper”

She doesn’t understand

“You can speak to me; I never see someone before who say something to me expect the old nice lady, this why I stick to you!”

I one horror, I fell like my life ended, I can speak to souls, but I can’t touch them or cage them. I can’t get rid of her, but after a thinking, close to my house, an idea stacks me:

“I what to escape from him, right? This why you stick to me?”

Angle nodded in agreement

“I think it better to get you a body as fast as possible”

“And how you going to do it?”

she right, I don’t know

“I think about that” I start to make a plant to how I going to get rid of her and get here a body.

We start to get out of the bus to my home and a new age of my life have start, and I hate it.


the bus driver mumbled as I got off the bus…

Soul Age

It’s a little weird, but I hope you enjoy reading the precedent that will never continue.


based on true events
(just kidding)