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Species: Zumpkin

Species type: plant

Spread: 2

Danger (when provoked): 4

Scientific name: robotic pumpkin

Habitat: mainly forests

Notes: the zumpkin is right now the only one left in it’s species but it can still reproduce asexually. It is also sapient and is learning how to make simple technology.

Description: the robotic pumpkin, or known to the people that are near it, the zumpkin, is a floating squash that has metal reinforced metal armor around it. It presumably uses magnetic energy to stay afloat, and it requires nutrients from the sun and water much like normal plants.

It can reproduce asexually, as it can split off its self replicating metal for it to form a new zumpkin. It doesn’t do that very often as reproduction for it takes a long time.

It is not aggressive but when provoked it can be deadly. If course it doesn’t get provoked very often because of its sapience and ability to understand why people are doing things.

Right now it is not considered very dangerous, so it was relocated to a facility where it can eat sunlight and drink water whenever it wants.

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Did you read Quantum Crabs Fluffposting Announcement?

Species name: Adustus

Scientific name: Adustus Requiem

Species type: animal

Spread: 3

Danger: 2 - 5 (when nearly being killed)

Habitat: tundra and the arctic poles

Notes: it was a recently discovered reptilian animal. It is very large, but not much more then the pterodactyl. It has relatively hollow bones as well,

Description: A recently discovered reptilian of the ice. It is not believed to be a descendant of the pterosaurs but rather springs from another class of reptiles. It can breathe ice, fly, and is completely immune to the cold environments of where it usually lives, which is rather strange for a reptile. It is warm blooded, and it heals when things get colder, so it usually freezes itself in order for it to heal from a major attack.

It was found when some scientists reached signals of something living under the ice of the antarctic. It was the Adustus species, and it had just awoken. Immediately scientists found that the Antarctic was suddenly much bigger, as it had healed from the damage of global warming. They realized that the reptilian flying anomaly they had just found healed the broken parts of the Antarctic.

Right now they are not aggressive, and they are shown to be drawn to humans as humans are drawn to dogs.

A research project is now being funded to find the origins of these passive flying beasts.

I’'m glad this thing got necroed, and to celebrate the revival of the XBCT (though not a strong revival) i present the epitome of nover species!

Species Name: Nal’Kar
Species Number: #01
Habitats: Hot-Wet Regions
Danger Level: High
Notes: This species, unlike any species on earth, needs ammonia instead of water.
Description: The Nal’Kar is a crustacean-like species in the planet JG-194. It’s common size is similar to that of a bear. The basis of their survival is not well understood, but we believe that it’s based off carbon. This is very strange, as it’s home planet contains little accessible carbon.
We don’t know anything else of importance about this species.

Addendum 1-4-XXIX:
Our research base has been raided by some Nal’Kar specimens, and some of us have been taken by them. I believe that the Nal’Kar aren’t native to JG-194.
-Researcher Rico

Addendum 7-4-XXIX:
Ok, we made an analysis of one Nal’Kar we found close to our base, and this isn’t something that can be caused by biological evolution. It’s genetical composition is very similar of that of a genetically engineered cat-dog (which i must say, wasn’t the best of ideas). This thing is made to kill, and nothing else. We need to leave this place as fast as we can.
-Researcher Stefania

This was more like an SCP, but it’s actually the first XBCT document (at least lore-wise)

Can I make one similar to this for my Species?

HD 186599-c - normal name for simple exoplanet. You can look at names of exoplanets now in Internet. Next name - Horol 92-c.
Symbiotic organism (animal and plant).
Species name: Koo’rnu
Scientific name: Artim Clanem (Animal) and Ertin Sander (Plant)
Habitats: Gvaron 65-d
Danger level: 1
Spread capability: 3
Notes: Star sistem Gvaron 65-d is unstable. Every exploring groups were recalled.
Description: Koo’rnu - creature can fly most part of life. They have next adaptations: a pair of through lungs (and pair through jills, when they absorb salts), light cartilaginous skeleton (spine), muscles of hurt work as pectoral muscles in terrestrial birds, absence of eyes, a lot of pressure receptors throughout the body, absence of nose, mouth, hard nerve centre.
They look like alive planes with plants on back. This plane flies with updrafts of air at equator upon the Equatory ocean. Waste of life hatch on back with organs like protonephridias. Plants give sugar (energy and material for organic), animal gives salts and sun.
They don’t stop approximately 30 days and after lie on water approximately 4 days to absorb the necessary salts from the water and and allocate them to plants (34-35 earth’s days =0,5 of day here). Their colours can be different on top but below they have similar blue and white colours.

Species name: Adustus K

Species type: animal

Scientific name: Adustus Kwigon

Spread: 3

Danger: 1

Habitat: tundras and the arctic poles

Notes: it is very friendly and it is a better flier than its larger counterpart

Description: It was discovered sleeping under the Antarctic, and it was noticeable smaller than the regular Adustus. It has all the same abilities, and is a better flier due to being more lightweighted. It also is very friendly to humans, and it makes for a good partner due to its sense of smell and it can also sense dangers from far away.

They are sentient beings, capable of making tools to hunt their prey. They are rivals with their counterparts in terms of prey but they don’t bother fighting each other.

** Crash Report: **
Ship Code: 4643b
Reason: Unknown
Crew: Dr. William Parker (Alive), Jacques Versailles(Deceased), Ruby Wang (deceased),Mary Rosette (Unknown)
Location: Keai Kuo

Personal Experience Log
William Parker
January 12, 2134
Yesterday, the primary fuel tank of the Space Wolf (4643b) exploded for unknown reasons. Both Mary and I were preparing the sampling tanks when the explosion went off. We immediately escaped to the escape pods and ejected. Soon after, the ship exploded, most likely from the secondary fuel tank exploding. The shockwave sent Mary in a spiral off in to the distance. I am not sure if she survived.

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Species: SpringKing

Species type: Robotic animal

Habitat: an abandoned SpringTea restaurant in London.

Spread: 1

Danger: 2

Notes: the suit is not the animal itself but rather the rotting tea corpse inside it.

Description: it appears to be a possessed SpringTea suit. It was ripped apart, and now it is showing many of the metallic parts. The body inside the suit isn’t the one controlling it but rather a ghost of a deceased tea who found a dead body and decided to possess it in order for him to control the suit.

It is unknown how the tea was murdered, but the tea possessing the suit seems to attack anyone wearing a security guard uniform, which suggests that it was killed by a security guard. It has killed multiple guard before, so it is suggested that you stay away from its path if you are a guard. To anyone else, despite it being a dead tea it is surprisingly normal to talk to, with it’s only abnormality (other than it controlling a dead body) is it’s burning desire for revenge. It talks about royalty so it’s probably related to TeaKing.

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now we need one about my tea people

Species: Tea

Species type: animal

Species scientific name: Tea Tea

Habitat: anywhere

Spread : 4

Danger: 1 - 3

Notes: they are on another planet, and they seem to be friendly with humans.

Description: tea people are alien species with technology similar to ours. They live in a close solar system that has yet to be named. They seem to be made out of tea leaves, and they are willing to trade with humans now.

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so i guess that i’ll do something i tried to add before this game died

Object Type: Mechanical
Object Name: Star of Auron
Object Danger Level: 3
Notes: This object looks like a star, but it’s in fact a machine of unknown origin. All efforts to destroy it have been futile, and any new effort will be redirected to the protection of civilians.
Precautions: If you get as close to the Star of Auron as 10 AU, try to move far from it, to a distance of at least 15 AU, preferably more. In case that your ship is as close as 5 AU, inmediately evacuate the ship.
Description: The Star of Auron is a mechanical construction of the size of a medium-sized star. It has the ability of producing light, and it’s main function is still unknown. In this build there have been found multiple symbols, efforts on decrypting them are still on their way.
Any ships that get as close to the Star of Auron as 5 AU start to malfunction, and soon after, most of them explode. No ships have ever come back after getting there.
There have been multiple attempts at damagind the Star of Auron, but all have been destroyed before getting close enough to the star.

Yeah i got bored


Species name: country coin

Species scientific name: country coinus

Habitat: caves and caverns

Spread: 2

Danger: 2

Notes: country coins represent countries, but are reinforced with the same material quarters are made out of.

Description: country coins are a manifestation of country balls and they are indifferent with humans. They are sentient, so they can understand many things that normal living beings cannot.

Country coins are made out of the same material countryballs are made out of, country blobs, but with reinforced metals.

They are currently being studied to find out where their origin is.

Personal Experience Log
William Parker
January 15, 2134
As per disaster protocol, I have constructed an emergency shelter out of my pod. I have also explored in a 10 meter radius around the shelter and have found both a source of food and a flowing stream of water. I have yet to see any form of fauna, but the flora is amazing. I am surrounded by what seems to be a rainforest.

Species: biz ‘are

Species type: animal

Scientific name: crabbus gunnus

Habitat: shallow seas and the shores

Spread: 2

Danger: 3

Notes: it is an evolved version of a regular crab, evolving a gun barrel to shoot its prey from range.

Description: It is a large blue crab, capable of killing most animals even larger than itself. The reason behind such deadliness lies within the gunner crab’s most effective weapon: its organic gun barrel. Using that, it can shoot prey from afar and the only thing it needs to make it work is water. The water shot out is extremely sharp and fast, capable of piercing a diamond. It also has a large tail which it uses to smack enemies.

The biz’are is also a sapient being, because it was shown to have been capable of making tools and even fire.
Their population is quite large for such a recently discovered species of crab.

Personal Experience Log
William Parker
January 18, 2134
I believe the local fauna is getting more curious about my pod. I have heard multiple chirps and growls in the night. From what I can tell, two different species of tree dominate my entire area: tall, palm tree look-alikes, except a deep shade of green, and much more conventional looking rainforest trees from earth, except with a much darker shade of green. The palm trees I will call Quars and the other ones I will call Gyres.

Species name: Angry Bird Red

Species type: animal

Scientific name : red bird

Habitat: Woods and mountain lands

Spread: 3

Danger: 4

Notes: it seems to be angry at things that try to steal its eggs. It is a celestial level being but it seems to originate from Earth.

Description: a red bird, that is ball shaped and has no limbs. Despite this it can use its feathers to carry it places very quickly, and how it does that is currently unknown. It currently has a feud with the green pigs that keep trying to steal its eggs.

Since the specimen is male, the mate of the red bird is presumed dead. Despite its appearance it must not be provoked, since it has the power of a celestial being. It doesn’t show any negative emotions towards humans but rather acts territorial if they come toward his turf and indifferent if they don’t.

Personal Experience Log
William Parker
January 21, 2134
I have encountered my first animal today. It was a quadrupedal, furred creature. I found it stalking towards my pod, and I scared it away with my rifle. I would like to study it more, so I am preparing a tracking chip. Tomorrow, I will begin heading downstream to see if I can find any parts from my pod.