You can kill non multicellular microbes in your own species in multicellular stage

Please put your logs on
and if the game crashed also get the crash report. Instructions here: Crash Reports
This is a recurring bug. I have no idea if pastebin is even ALLOWED at school, but probably not.
And i can’t play Thrive at home.
If you couldn’t tell, this was my first bug report in many years.
Unless this is intentional, i have no clue why this is happening.

When you enter the multicellular stage, your original microbe species entities are regarded as a seperate species, thus why you can kill them (and they can kill you).

This is a known issue, and something we will fix once we move on to the next stage of development.

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I figured it was an oversight.
Welp, the multicellular stage (why do i keep writing down species?) isn’t exactly currently being worked on, but at least it has enough completeness for me to be able to save in Organism Mode!

There’s already been at least 2, probably 3, attempts at fixing this specific bug. With my microbe stage complete refactor the attempt count at fixing this problem will go up to 4.


Turns out pastebin IS available at school.
Why didn’t i do this experiment yesterday?