Your Bizarre Adventure

So @Mr.Pigeon suggested me to do this forum game

If you haven’t heard of JOJO’S bizarre adventure it’s basically a series about the Joestar family and their fight against evil, and there are currently eight parts right now.

I’m not going to explain the story right now but I’ll explain a few other things
First, you have Hamon which basically uses the energy of the sun, and you can utilize that for multiple things. You can kill undead beings with it as they are extremely weak to Hamon.

Second you have stands which are physical manifestations of your physiological energy. Stands typically have special abilities of their own and stands can vary from close power stands to automatic stands.

But we’ll be using stands for now.

You need to make your character and your stand, which will include a description of your stand’s abilities and appearance.

There is also stand stats which can tell you which thing your stand is good at. There is range, speed, power, precision, potential, and percistence. They range from e (being the worst) and a (being the best). You can put a’s on every stat btw that would be too op.

You’ll also have to include what your stand specializes at like for example physical combat or ranged attacks.

You can evolve your stand under the right circumstances, like when you are in danger or if you train with your stand.

You can also stab yourself with a stand arrow to gain an extra ability or you can stab your self with a requiem arrow, and it will respond to your desires and put it as your requiem stand’s ability

However that will be later in the game

We’ll be starting off in the small Japanese town of morioh which is filled with bizarre things, just hidden underneath their seemingly regular appearance.

You’ll have to work together to fight enemy stand users and you get one action per turn but get more as you improve.

You can fight each other too but only if everyone isn’t against it.


Guess I’ll play my own game

MechanicalPumpkin - some guy who made a black pumpkin mask and really liked it so he wears it where people won’t see him.

Stand: zipper - Zipper is a snakelike stand with two arms, both of which have sharp claws and a zipper on each of them. It has four horns and a spine made out of zippers.


Zipper making: he can create zippers, cutting through walls or even flesh. He can control how much damage it does, for example, he can make a zipper on himself but open it without drawing any blood. Using that ability he can also attach things together, like wounds.

Zipper warp: he can make a zipper that can teleport him up to twenty five feet.

Barrier: zipper can create a barrier made out of zippers, and this barrier usually blasts out bullets of zippers. It can also slash at opponents, and if used right it can render the opponent with no escape.


Power: C

Range: C+

Precision: A

Speed: A

Potential: A+

Persistence: C+

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me wanna join!!!

Tekis - a guy who loves tea a lot, calm, can make you fear for your life just by looking directly into your eyes and smiling, loves mechanical machines and creating them

Stand: Tea time - a white gun with “tea king” written on it


Time killing: getting shot by the gun can make you age, which will eventually kill you

Time Reverting: getting shot can make the target and anything 1m away from it go back to their state from 1 minute ago


Power: B+

Range: B

Precision: A+

Speed: B+

Potential: C

Persistence: C+

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I guess that Kira was still a thing and there were still “mysterious” deaths in Morioh, so beware the greatest character in the entire za wardu:D (jk)

Character Name: Ren Kaito

Character Description: Ren Kaito is a middle-aged (43 years old) detective coming straight from Tokyo. He has heard of the many mysterious murders occuring in a small town named Morioh. Kaito, having nothing left in the big and loud city, heads to Morioh in hopes of finding the murderer behind the case and starting a new life away from his past (which will be revealed later, of course:D)

Stand Name: Aisuman

Stand Appearance: It manifests itself into a humanoid being that’s completely white and has a serious face

Stand Abilities: The Stand allows the user to manipulate the temperature in 15m radius, but serious and instant changes in the surrounding, like freezing someone’s car by lowering the temperature to -195°c, are very stamina consuming and may leave the user unconscious.

Stand Stats:

Power: B

Range: B

Speed: A

Precision: A+

Durability: C

Potential: C

Persistence: B+

i have never watched jojo but i will join.

name: Jim pickens.

description: the incarnation of jim pickens in this world, he looks to be about 60 but is actually very young at 24 (this is due to being a Jim pickens incarnation), he is psychotic and loves to murder.
he wears a bear outfit occasionally and wears a Darth Vader costume and wields a scythe to swim.
he also has a basement in his house where he puts his slaves to work by making paintings and youtube videos.
he does not know why but he felt the impulsive need to name his stand grognak the destroyer.

stand name: Grognak the destroyer, attorney at law, Esquire, m.d. (or just grognak the destroyer).

stand appearance: it manifests itself as a staff that has grognak’s face on the top (wearing red sunglasses and headphones).

stand abilities: it can raise and control the dead (because i wanted to be a necromancer), and it can cause a sense of amnosia in victims, it can also turn people into communists, that is it…

stand stats:

power: e (does this mean physical power?)

range: c+ (does this mean area of affect?)

speed: n/a (it does not move around (does this mean its powers speed?))

precision: b

durability: d

potential: a+ (does this mean potential to grow?)

persistence: a+ (i have no idea what this means).

1- power is overall power like your zombie army is deadly, so you should get A+
2- i think so
3- yes so choose how fast the dead turn undead
4- potential i think is usage potential
5- idk too

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okay so my power is now a+, and my speed is a d (it takes a while to raise a few zombies (even more if i make it an extra strong one)).
i also do not know what durability would be (zombie durability or the staff?).

durability is for the staff i think
also most of this is what i believe they are, they might not be true
pumpkin will confirm it when hes online

Neither have i

Hans Becker - A Baker that likes history, geography, and mostly warfare. Easily angered, but mostly calm. Makes very good bread and pastries (not a bread crumbs joke)
Stand: Semmelbrösel - A red ww1 biplane with a strange symbol in both sides, has sentience.


Roter Schuss - machinegun (but with no need to reload!)
Atomkraft - it’s just a nuke (But can be dropped every 2 hours!)


Power: A
Range: A
Speed: A
Precision: C
Durability: B
Potential: D
Persistence: D

too op pls nerf

Everyone who hasn’t watched JoJo has to - it is the greatest anime of all animes, in fact it’s so great that it even made breathing just a reference and not an important process for our survival:D

Tho, part 1 is kinda meh…

William Ofer- 32, laidback, relaxed guy, loves animals and history. He travels around, studying animals.

Stand: Kwui

Appearance: Kwui is an insect-like humanoid. It stands on two feet and it stands 8 feet tall. It has sharp claws on its hands and feet. Kwui can fly and burrow. It is completely silent when walking. Kwui specializes in ranged attacks.


Assassin: Kwui can turn invisible, it can also turn it’s user invisible, but for more energy

Adrenaline: Kwui can slow down time for its user

Metamorphosis: Kwui can change size at will, from 3 cm to 5 m. It usually takes 5 minutes, but Kwui can speed it up in exchange for a lot more energy.

Poison: Kwui can excrete poison gas and direct it towards what it wants. Kwui can change the gas to heal as well


Power: C+
Precision: A
Potential: D+
Persistence: A+
Range: A
Speed: B
Durability: B

Percistence means how much your stand can use ability

Power is physical power


That is the total amount of players rn so if u wanna join there’s a waiting list now
Just wait a few days I’ll make the first round

Well if it doesn’t move around then it would not be that useful
So I’m just gonna say that something else is carrying it
And the speed stat means that how fast your stand is
It can be correlated to precision

That sounds like narancia’s stand, Aerosmith
Well to be fair I did kinda give you a stand like that in the series called death of ea (don’t speak about that)

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but it is just a staff.
though it can talk through the head part of the staff.

Your staff can be a substand with its own stats

Ok round one I guess

You start off in a small house in the humble city of morioh and doing nothing except seeking the potential of your stand. But you hear something strange outside…

Action points: one


Tekis is our buying tea right now, but suddenly you see something that’s destroying the halls, and people screaming, Another stand user?!

Action points: one

Ye this takes place in part four diamond is unbreakable


Ren is exploring another strange place in the world, one which is named morioh. It seems perfectly normal but there have been rather mysterious deaths there, but almost more than twice the amount than usual.

Action points: one


Jim Pickens in in his basement doing unspeakable things when suddenly he hears a noise from outside near the shop
Or perhaps even in the shop
He gets rather curious and wants to see the racket

Actions: one


Becker is making some bred when suddenly some parts of his wall exploded.
He was lucky to have survived with a few bruises and you want to go check what the hell is happening.

Action points: one

Ofer is checking out a place in a forest which happens to be near a shop unfortunately.

You hear screams and an explosion.

Actions: one


Use sticky fingers zipper to transport me to whatever the hell is happening over there quickly and safely

Action: Find a place to sleep in XD (yeah, life of a depressed detective is hard)

action: reanimate one of the dead basement slaves to find out what is happening.
(i can see through them if i focus (only one at a time though)).