Your Username (and how you made it)

My username is litterally just me throwing together two words that sound nice together due to me not having a signature name for online activities that I may pursue for entertainment purposes.

Edit: I’m sorry for posting this minuscule reply as I didn’t read how long ago the previous post was before deciding to make a reply. (I won’t make this mistake again)

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its OK, i do it all the time.

Okay, I will explain about my usernames. This is the history of my current nicknames

When I starting to surf in virtual world. I actually want my full real names as my username. This name also I used on Planet Minecraft forum as my nickname. But, since I register twitter and search on google when my full names are oftenly used by other people, I decided to add “CJ” as character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as additional for my usernames starts from 2014. So, my usernames is “RizkyPramudyaCJ” to differentiate between Rizky Pramudya me and Rizky Pramudya others. I search who used this name and the result is just me only. Until now, I use this nicknames over many sites I registered, include github.
RizkyPramudyaCJ, Rizky Pramudya is my real name and CJ is GTA:SA’s main protagonist character.

I randomly hit my keyboard multiple times.

The result looked pretty good.

So I stuck with it.


its true, it does look pretty good


I watched recently the movie Ready Player One
And I’m NOOB in everything (I said that I wish Thrive be easy on the survey)

In every game/app, I signed an account on mid or late 2018 I used this nickname
And I’ll make a Youtube channel named ‘NB’ :grinning:


Well… Despite having two nicknames that I use on the internet, for some reason or another (I was probably drunk) I decided to go with what my friends call me, which is Zahy (it’s shortened version of my last name), and I just added two extra Y’s to seem interesting. And I guess I don’t have to explain my profile pic.

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in 2015 I was coming up with a username for my Minecraft account, and I wanted to include ‘Nein’ in it, and…

Nein Nein Nein.


@hhyyrylainen I know it’s been a while since anyone has been on here, but I’m curious about where your user name comes from.

It’s just derived from my name, and my Linux username. I use it for all programming related things to make it easier for a potential employer to find my work.


How do you pronounce hhyyrylainen?

I pronounce it as “H-L-Ren” so I do not hurt my brain on a pronunciation

Step 1: learn to pronounce Finnish.
Step 2: follow the standard pronunciation rules of Finnish when saying Hyyryläinen
Step 3: – none, that was it. It’s that easy, unlike in English where you can’t tell how a word is pronounced from the way it is written.

The Google Translator said: Huurulainen

An example of one of these words?

After watching that I dare anyone to claim that English has a sensible spelling system.


Consistent enough to find rules. He wasn’t talking about combos, which is what dictates how the vowel is pronounced.

Still, the spelling system is a mess. For example I just found this quote (I’ve read about this topic a ton):
“If English had a completely regular spelling system, as Finnish and Korean do, it would have no more than 44 spellings, and learning to read and write English would be as easy as those two languages. Most alphabetic writing systems, however, do not have a completely one to one relationship between their sounds and spellings, with a few more spellings than sounds.” (emphasis mine)

There’s also some pretty brutal statistics about Finnish school children learning to read much faster than in English speaking countries:
reading level
(hopefully that image shows up correctly) The source for the image is this paper:

That info is in this pretty long rant about the English spelling system:

Edit: this is another post quoting the same paper:

This is starting to get off topic.
Edit: I learned to read when I was 4, I think. It took about a month for me to learn basic English fluently. You could argue we don’t learn English as fast because of the education, too.

personally I try to avoid saying the name out loud, but when I do,
I usually say something like “Hay-Ra-Lay-Nen”