A forum game: 2150

(🔥😈🔥The Bored One🎮🕹💻) #42

Round: 5
10:30 pm/7:00 am, Thursday/Friday, Jan 1/2, 2150


No name

News: see pre-game.
HP: 15/15 status: hungry, tired.
location: Mars, Food Water Fuel . Start: Mars, The Biennium Eagle . Finish: South pole, Mars.
inventory: 1 Apple smartwatch, 2 T-shirts 2 pares of pants, skirts, diapers, what ever, sniper rifle T400, x1 small pant bucket, x1 pant-brush, x1 600ml bottles of water, 1 sweatshirt jacket, 150c.
piloting: The Biennium Eagle , damaged: Start: 40/ 50 Finish:42/50 hp?, low fuel.

No Name: “yeah i’m hungry but i don’t have enough money, i need fuel more, but i am 2c short of the price, do you think you could cut me some slack and give me low refine pellets for 150c and good food you pay for … by the way… i litteraly murdered (wink) for this ship… and enjoyed it… You should keep that in mind before replying…”
person: “um… let me go get you your stuff.” walks away… BEEEEP!! BEEEEEP!! :belgium:! alarms, you grab your gun. (walk) BANG! \he died, you grab some stuff and run.
Gain: 10 lb of reactor pellets, x3 sack bars.

cut scene

yawn! as the The Biennium Eagle takes off you fall aslee… :sleeping::sleeping:



News: see pre-game.
HP: 8/8 status: tiered
location: South pole, Enceladus. Start: South pole City Ship Center. Finish: Enceladus, Older Fast Attack Craft.
inventory: 1 Apple smartwatch, 2 T-shirts 2 diapers, 1 little jacket, ionic discharger, x1 dum doll, x3 600ml bottles of water, x2 granola bars, x1 formula package.
piloting: Millennial Hawk, damaged: Start: 50/ 50 Finish:47/50 hp?

the fueling station is nearby, you walk over. the guards are yawning. Bang! one down. aha! a sack of fuel pellets. you grab it and run. BEEEEP!! BEEEEEP!! :belgium:! alarms, you make it back to your ship.
Gain: 10 lb of reactor pellets
after you fly out of atmo, loading the reactor pellets. you hack the ship to be registered as the Millennial Hawk, and then sleep… :sleeping::sleeping:


Solo Man

News: “hello, i’m Larry Kesmark, and you are lessening to Venusian State News. Today’s news is on growing number of criminals. A unnamed victim, says:” “i’m serious! it was a little baby. for real, he killed someone! and stole my wallet.” “And the ‘baby’ wasn’t the only one, their is one on Mars to. well, the criminals are getting out of control, and the election is in under 2 weeks. Mars has recently retched 28% into the terraforming project, which means we’re tied with Mars. Thank you for watching, Venusian State News.”.
HP: 15/15 status: none.
location: Sky City, Venus. Start: Navy Lane, Sky City . Finish: Navel Training Center, Sky City.
inventory: 1 Apple smartwatch, 2 T-shirts 2 pares of pants, 1 sweatshirt jacket, big knife, 40c.

yawn! you get up. still partly asleep, you get ready.

cut scene

person: “today we’re going to put you in a simulator. here’s the hand book, it will tell you about how the… blah blah blah…”

cut secne

McDonald’s manager: “you want a job at McDonald’s? ever been convicted of a felony? do you do drugs? if you have a work ethic and your answers are no, then you got the job.”

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(Lord Nerd) #43

when i wake up i eat the snack bars as i question why i didn’t grab better food lol


(the duke of monkeys) #44

find a space McDonald’s, get some food (guess if I pay).

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(the i like trains kid) #45

work at McDonald’s. then train.


(🔥😈🔥The Bored One🎮🕹💻) #46

sorry this is taking so long. should be done soon.


(🔥😈🔥The Bored One🎮🕹💻) #47

I just about forgot about this, then I lost my VARY unfinished version. Sadly, i’m taking a brake from the forum. Thanks for playing!