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  • Weaponising greenhouse effect: Hunt other space whales by getting inside their umbra and reflecting the infrared light they emit in their high surface area region back at them, heating them
  • Mating orbit: As a space whale, have external fertilization and viviparity, release your male gametes to the mating orbit
  • Mating asteroid: Don’t make mating calls with light and get noticed by predetors, have everyone in your species land in an asteroid and listen to the sounds that travel through the asteroid
  • Democracy ritual: Vote, but there is only one person to vote
  • Fahrenheit 451: Destroy all books and records of a previous culture
  • Fenshu kengru: Desroy all books so that an ordinary person wouldn’t know it and be infuenced, but keep one copy of all of them in the imperial library so that they aren’t lost forever and you can reprint and distribute them if you change your mind
  • Farmers industry: Have 90% of your population be farmers in industrial stage
  • Schism achievement: Heal a schism with a sect, while there was a sect that was closer to you that you are still enemies with
  • No trade: Have no trade between any cities in a populated planet
  • Encircled by flames: Have flames around you in every direction (during a forest fire or war)
  • Blue peacock: Use small animals to heat a device
  • Syke: Leak wrong information that you placed blue peacock mines in the ground and that is why you aren’t advancing, and the enemy forces retreat thinking the area is going to blow up
  • Rocketing plane: Have a plane of yours stay 1 minute above the atmosphere[1]
  • Battleship game: Have detailed maps of a country far away(you are at war) and send projectiles with giant cannons or trebuchets before you invent the first self propelling missile
  • Puppeteering beach: Have a sea where people swim, but there isn’t a beach, there is a high cliff, so people are lowered to the water with ropes tied around their wraists and that is also how they get back up (a project that works like a building that increases happiness)
  • Escaping ancient: Find an escape pod 100 thousand years after it was thrown into the void, and reanimate the person inside
  • Planet swarm: Send a relativistic kill vehicle to destroy them before they can attack you first, and watch in horror as the missile goes through a gap that formed in the planet without hitting it, and then the planet turns into trillions of spaceships, all moving towards you
  • Jumpy dna: Play as a dna segment and move between 10 species via viruses
  • Transposon resurrection: Play as a dna segment and stay dormant for 1 million years in an organism, then become a virus
  • Likes molecules: Stay too long in molecular stage and have another proto life become the first cell
  • Outwards immune system: Collect dna samples from a creature that hunts you and develop a bioweapon against them (aware)
  • Religious robin hood: House arrest martin luther so that he couldn’t purchase theologic articles hidden behind a paywall and give it to the people
  • Counter crusade: Have two crusade armies of different lands fight each other
  • Diproton: Increase the strenght of the strong force by 2%, and now protons merge into diprotons (ascension)
  • Cosmic necklace: Play as a life composed of cosmic strings and magnetic monopoles evolving in the heart of stars
  • Explosive reactor: Don’t discover fusion but make hydrogen bombs explode in water and use the hot water to turn a turbine
  • Cold ray: A civilian spaceship is in a collision course with a star, but you send a ray that makes the photons interact with matter less, cooling the stars surface and the spaceship slows down in the star without heating up
  • Shiny umbrella to protect from shiny explosion: In a rogue planet drifting in space, be behind a star while its companion white dwarf goes through type 1 supernova
  • Frost Walker: Run on a supercooled lake, the place your feet touches becoming solid
  • Mystery disease: Have your population have a disease as deadly as covid 19, but don’t notice it
  • Signature voting: Have a society where the goverment is replaced if another party collects more signatures, this is like voting but no fixed time intervals, possibly low turnout and new goverment immediately after a scandal. To stay in power, a party has to keep collecting more signatures than the other party which just decided that its a good time to test their public support.
  • Stomach teeth: Swallow your food whole, and have teeth in your stomach

  1. the air with the density that it can fly in ↩︎

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Well my first post is here.

  • Boltzmann Brain: Start the Awakening Stage in space by skipping the previous stages.

  • Quantum Immortality: Never die until the Ascension stage.

  • Enemy in reflection: Encounter a species identical to yours and kill it.

  • Birds of a feather flock together: Meet a species identical to your species and have a mutually beneficial interaction with it (symbiosis or trade).

  • Uplifted Animal: Using the technology of their civilization, uplift another species that has not reached the Awakening Stage to the Awakening Stage.

  • Uplift Everyone!: Help ALL species on your planet reach the Awakening Stage.

  • Cyberocracy: Give AI control over all areas of civilization management.

  • AI takeover: An overintelligent AI is taking over your civilization.

  • Friendlynator: Don’t let the AI rebel.

  • Machine life is life too:: Continue playing as a superintelligent AI civilization.

  • друг: (Aware Stage) All creatures should run away from you just by looking at you.
    (At the Awakening Stage and beyond) Every civilization should be afraid of your civilization.

  • Von Neumann probe: Give AI control the right to solve all the space issues of civilization.

  • Nature is cruel: Lay your eggs in a still living organism.

  • Biomechanoid: start playing as a species in which biology and machine are intertwined. (new body parts unlocked!)

  • Mechanoids: Start playing as a society of highly sophisticated glider-flying nanocomputers striving to create the most advanced mechanoid (a reference that veеееry few people will understand).

  • Aphids: Your species’ reproductive strategy should be multi-stage and include sexual and asexual reproduction.

  • Early to the party: In the entire universe, you are the only sentient species.

  • Late to the party: After going into space, you automatically become a subordinate of another civilization, because other civilizations have long captured all the territories in the universe.

  • Ragnarok: Lose after completing the Ascension Gate.

  • An Unattainable Ideal: The attempt to reach Ascension Gate was a failure.

  • Pantheon/Polytheism: Help other civilizations reach the Ascension Gate.

  • Monotheism: Destroy a civilization attempting to reach the Ascension Gate.


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Ok here is mine

me when the

Spacecraft gun: Have a carrier spacecraft that shoots out small spacecraft. (Space stage)

Eat the sun: Develop chloroplasts. (Microbe stage)

EAT THE SUN: Become a cosmic horror and eat a star (Ascension stage)

Praise the sun!: Have a cult that praises the sun be a majority of your population (Society stage)

Who needs a sun?: Evolve on a rogue planet or a blanet. (Any stage)

The Eternal Star: Fuel a star to keep it from expanding or exploding for at least 2x its original lifespan. (Space stage)

Jail the sun: Construct a Dyson sphere after its flares kill one of your species (Space stage)

Space Whaler: End the dreams of children and murder a Space Whale (Industrial stage-Space stage)


how did we get here ?: almost get to the ascension gate, then have your empire collapse and return to tribal stage

  • Global room: Have all the leaders in your planet (before space stage) gather in one room
  • Pirate esperanto: Play the game in pirate language for esperanto
  • We have more neanderthals now: Outcompete another species, but have (the percentage you carry their genes)x(your populaton) be more than (the max population they had)
  • I like it rare: Be lobbied by mining firms and ban asteroid mining because it would lead to the price of minarels falling
  • Lets build a wall: Build an ozone layer to a planet which had none
  • Accident unnoticed: Delete a planets atmosphere (ascension) then bring it back a few seconds later but nothing happens because everyone was inside their houses and their windows closed
  • Animal wood: Use an animal product to make houses and tools
  • Small scale industry: Have your industrial revolution 500 years after inventing the steam engine, and using it for small scale businesses
  • Mixed victory[1]: Don’t have the largest cultural influence, the biggest borders, the religion that is most adopted etc. but have the highest score
  • Uncanny resemblance: Carry an ideology from one planet to another so that they have the same arguements and even the same slogans (space/ascension)
  • Look below: You have a part that obstructs your view so can’t see below and constantly trip and fall over
  • Priorities: A bigger percentage of your population has acces to cell phones or another electronic to connect to internet than toilets (and you don’t have fecal sacs)
  • Acrobatic live action musical: Make a building that is an opera, a theater and a circus at the same time
  • Macro chain reaction: Detonate a nuke or sabotage a nuclear reactor, the emp blast black outs other nuclear reactors, they have a nuclear explosion, the emp from those black out other nuclear reactors and they explode too, until the whole planets surface is covered with radioactive wasteland
  • Erratic electricity: Your electric grid has a utility frequency that can vary by 50% throughout the day
  • Physical link: Have a continious flow of a substance (that is burned to make energy) in your solar system between two planets
  • Ecophagy: Either play as nanobots and consume all the biomass in a planet or play as organic life and all life in your planet/one of your planets is consumed by nanobots
  • Reincarnated reconquista: Lose the game and restart as a nomadic group(awakening) in the same planet and migrate back to your previous lands and take back your former capital
  • Horror film: Drink the blood of a hibernating creature during the winter, but thats a cozy cave and you decide to hibernate next to it. It wakes up before you do.
  • This was just waiting to explode: Discover a planet and combust its atmosphere during entry
  • Nature vs civilisation: Stop a tsunami by detonating a nuke in it
  • Not taxes, just loans: Take forced loans and later pay them back (inflation not counted) to slow the devaluation of your currency
  • Burdock burrs: Evolve burdock burrs
  • Keeping pouch closed: Evolve zippers or buttons for any reason
  • Icy armour: Make an armour by sticking stones to your skin in cold(which freeze your skin)
  • Mitochondrial genome migration completion: Make an endosymbiosis with another cell and turn it into an organelle, but keep absorbing its dna via translocation until it has no dna of its own left
  • Well this was unexpected: You are about to land on your moon for the first time, but when the spacecraft approaches it, you notice that its surface isn’t solid and made from dust and your space craft keeps moving into the unknown, your communications severed
  • Osman the young: Your monarch attempts to form a new army, but the plan is discovered by the already existing army, which rebels and executes the monarch
  • Ahis: Play as a labor union or a guild and take control of a city
  • Carob: Domesticate a fruit that nobody eats
  • Noone regretted trying: Ban “not using” an addicting substance
  • Can’t be with you, can’t be without you: Fire a minister 3 times and then hire again
  • Biologic gun: Evolve to throw a projectile as fast as a bullet
  • Technologic light: Create a light source that is more luminous than your sun for the first time
  • Technologic material: Create a material that doesn’t exist in your planet for the first time
  • Technologic energy: Build a particle accelerator for the first time
  • Technologic sphere: Construct a sphere more circular than your planet for the fist time
  • Alchemy achieved: Use a glitch in the game to turn less valuable metals to gold not with fission, just with chemistry
  • Just as shiny replacement: Use gold as currency but more than half of it that is in circulation is fools gold
  • Project rewind: Extract dna from the old graves and use that information to fix genetic diseases which are now universal due to long periods of commertial or military use of radioactive materials
  • Sturdy eyes: Don’t have long eyelashes or close your eyes during a sandstorm because you have eyes made from glass
  • Frozivore: Exclusively consume the organic matter in the permafrost
  • Foamivore: Exclusively consume sea foam
  • Metastable technology: In a technology, reach closure after a period of interpretive flexibility but the final design is only metastable in its optimalness
  • Vinyl video: Use mechanical computers to watch a video stored in a vinyl record (isn’t a sound spectrogram 2d? it can be used to store a 2d black and white image or the image of the difference between two consecutive frames)
  • Social credit score: Quantify being a good person and use it to make your population follow your ethics and be more loyal to you
  • In time: Discover immortality but turn lifetime into currency
  • Alphabeth changer: Change your alphabeth 10 times
  • Kilometer shadow: Stand at the right place at the right time to have your shadow be 1 kilometer long
  • Preference over natural: Have your pets[2] have more biomass than wild animals
  • Post photosynthesis: You have more biomass than plants/chemosynthesisers in your planet
  • Natural geothermal: Be a sessile creature that has roots that go as down as the heated groundwater and evolve to make energy from the temperature difference
  • Paddle ball: Try to fly to escape while a creature threw a slimy substance at you and pulling you back
  • Current resistor: Hold on to the ground or an object(like a seahorse) when the current is 40km/h
  • Large bell: Have a bell tower with a bell so large that it makes a sound of 0.1 hertz
  • No mouse: Invent touch screen before mouse
  • And nobody guessed the real reason: Make it fashionable to wear clothes that don’t have any pockets so that people would have to carry bags, which are easier to steal for pickpocketers and thus economy is stimulated (money switches hands faster)
  • World island: Control the biggest landmass in your planet
  • Wave leverage: Make energy from waves or tides and store it by carrying water from a low altitude to a dam
  • Ant plane: Make a plane (not remote)controlled by a single ant sized creature
  • Woo-hoo: Slide down the neck of a gaint creature
  • Glory to bazooka: Have chariots with a crew that use grenade launcher
  • Dejima: Ban all trade with outside except for one port
  • Science bridge: Discover 3 theorems on the same bridge in eureka moments (like the broom bridge)
  • Tumblestorm: Play as a tumbleweed and get hit by a lightning
  • Kay(f)bop(t): Your language has minimal pairs distinguished with phonemic hats
  • Climate in the eye of the beholder: Have two countries in your planet try to change the climate in opposite ways
  • Climactic geothermal: Increase your planets surface temperature by 5 degrees celcius because of using too much geothermal energy
  • River on all sides: Cause the formation of an oxbow lake in a battle
  • This water was under opression: Dry an aquifer by opening artesian wells
  • No city challenge: Play as a family and build up a generational wealth equal to 15% of global gdp
  • No fixed identity: Play as a city and change your culture type 5 times and survive the rebellions each time
  • Memolution: Play as a meme and make 60% of the global population find you funny
  • Buffalo jump: Hunt other creatures by following and funneling them until they fall from a cliff
  • Blind angle: As a flying creature, catch a creature by diving from a direction that corresponds to that creatures blind spot[3]
  • Forced to look: You are such a succesful flying hunter that 5 land species evolved to have an eye on top of their heads (the default direction to look)
  • Supersonic: As a flying creature or a space whale, break the sound barrier
Space whale achievements
  • Whale grille[4]: Accelerate forward to make the water you sweated in front of you that is now boiling in space go through the small gaps that span inside you in order to cool
  • So we just wait?: Have a close approach to your star, but don’t do photosynthesis because of a problem in the cooling system
  • Planet pach completer: As a space whale, colonise the orbits of every planet in your solar system
  • Dwarf planet patch completer: As a space whale, colonise the orbits of every dwarf planet in your solar system
  • Multistellar whale: During a time when another star came very close to your star, colonise that system (space whale)
  • Spalombian exchange: Carry a domesticated species from one planet to another(space whale, awakening/society/industrial)
  • Spacey restart: As a space whale, land back at your planet after a mass extintion and have 70% of large land creatures be descended from you
  • Uphill migration: Have two planets in your solar system have life. Start in the one with the higher gravity, become spacebourne, go to the planet with lower gravity, become a land creature again (I assume this would be rarer than going from the low gravity planet to the high gravity one)
  • Hey, thats the wrong direction!: As a biological rocket, move opposite to your planets spin direction and still make it to space
  • Epic metal space whale achievement: Be a metal creature that is also a space whale and merge with other space whales in orbit with cold welding and hunt other space whales by using a simple machine contraption and reach a speed(without changing the center of mass) that is higher than your prey
  • Space magneto: Enter awakening stage but you don’t have hands to manipulate your surroundings, instead you have electromagnets and move metals with telekinesis
  • Domesticated sattelite: Use a space whale as a sattelite in society stage
  • Stealing other planets biomass: You are in a planet with no space whales, but there is another planet in your solar system where space whales evolved. You can also create lazers, you use pack hunting to get “Concentrated lazer power” achievement. But you aim for above, and hunt the space whales that move through your planets atmosphere to replenish gasses or slow down.
  • Cycle of heavens: Consume a space whale that just consumed a space whale
  • These are normal 50 gens achievements just with a space whale added: As a space whale, make symbiosis with another space whale
  • Space vampire: Be a spacewhale and a sanguivore
  • Like penguins in cold: Merge 10 000 space whales into a ball to preserve heat while migrating at the outskirts of a solar system
  • Outspaced: Have a medieval style war and encircle(outflank) the enemy space whale sphere(army)
  • Barrow arrow from past: Have a space battle, but throw arrows/spears at a spot way before the battle. Then lure them to the spot the projectiles would hit(preferably from all directions) during the battle[5]
  • Dusty space: As a space whale, discover filter feeding
  • Space kraken: Lose a spaceship to a space whale attack
  • Fur trade in space: Have an industry of hunting space whales and deskinning them

  1. reference to civilisation games ↩︎

  2. pet:you dont eat it ↩︎

  3. Maybe there could be a feature where the game shows you lines eminating from your potential preys eyes and if you can follow a line you won’t be noticed until you come too close, by the way, how big is a typical blind spot? This is probably a terrible idea ↩︎

  4. like the car grille ↩︎

  5. that wouldn’t raise suspicions if that region(orbit) was where a previous battle took place and there were already stuff flying around, and they haven’t calculated that all those projectiles would converge on one spot ↩︎

  • Jumping Spores: Evolve directly from a cilliophoroid to a terrestrial multicell
  • Uncanny: Entirely recreate a bodypart from Spore
  • Very Uncanny: Have all of your external parts copied from Spore
  • Spore-addled Progression: Only leave your atmosphere after establishing a one-world government
  • Strange Spores: Invent FTL travel before reaching space
  • Why not play Spore?: Get all spore-related achievements

will add a short explanation if it seems iffy, and have several possible names. criteria first, than explanation, then name.

Single cell

Evolve more than one nucleus( the algae Valonia ventricosa reach up to 4cm in length, and have multiple nuclei, i guess while were talking about this, an extra nucleus could add like 10mp or something like that) -Behemonth, Big Boi, The Spacemans Eye (on different thread the incerease of mp would probably be a % discount)

have more mitochondria than any other part- Powerhouse

have 6 toxin vacuoles- A Toxic Friend, Not a Verry Good Snack

be the most Populus species in one patch for 5 cycles- Overrun and out done


evolve a simple heart- spread the love

evolve a complex heart- Lots of Love!

have at least 3 different forms which vary on age- Metamorphosis, hmm…I can’t Decide

evolve to eat rotting things- Not exactly my taste

be a worm- LOOK MA! NO ARMS!


be a pack/herd animal- I finally have friends… but you don’t

build a nest- home sweet home


thats all i have for right now


as a mid note ive noticed that some of the acheivements might be a bit difficult to incorporate from a programing perspective (i have no actual experiance in programing, but when ditermining how achievents work i usely go by an if this than that) we as a community should try to make the acheivement suggestions as easy to implement whenever possible

aware pt2
Fill your hunger or stomach meter(whatever we call it)-EUGH SO…full

sleep (sleep is vital for things with fairly complex brains to function, i could see a debuff of sorts for not doing it, but it shouldnt be an issue that often as players will want to skip the night/day anyways, this might even be introduced in multicellular, as things like worms seem to have a sleep like state)- sweet dreams

sleep with full glocose-sweeter dreams

evolve fire, acid, or water breath- What! I thought this was suposed to be based in science!, badabingbadaboom

have both wings and fire breath- dragon

go extinct as a dragon- dragone, Fantasy

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This thread is largely joke achievements I think, not meant to actually be serious implementation suggestions

As such suggestions don’t have to be necessarily realistic or feasible (such as suggestions for an achievement of being an underwater civilization that reaches space stage, which currently will be impossible as we have insufficient evidence to say that this would be possible)

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Ice Ice Baby
Freeze to death in all stages.

Reduce in population by 95% but return to original numbers.

(Ex, 10k to 500 back to 10k)

Not this time
Die 3 times in a row to a species, then kill one of that species.

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as to what Twilight said, thankyou. iv noticed that some of these could be dificult and others reletivly easy to put in the game, so i was unsure if this was supposed to be a joke thread or serios.
i do like some of the ideas, like becoming a cosmic horror, and part of me wants a game which blends many fantasy elements with science(and i mean like solid rock creatures or something that cant be explained with current science). although i dont see this happening, maybe in a dlc or somethin. i know im getting a head of my self but just a thought.

some ideas that are more fantasy based
Soul Eater- evolve to eat souls
(no name)-evolve to turn the suns energy into a lazer
Master of the Arcane- have use of magic based abilities in all stages untill ascention