2nd place: have a sapient being develop on your planet before you


This is originally from the Joke Achievement thread, but i decided it wasn’t wacky enough for that thread. Here is that thread: The new joke achievement thread
4/13: have your society create Sburb and consequently have your planet bombarded with meteors to the point of uninhabitability, while at the same time you gain control of 13 sessions, each with four players in it, each with a random class and aspect.
Doomed: fail to win all of said Sburb sessions, and thus in creating a new universe.
ReGenesis: succeed at least once, but not in all sessions, in winning Sburb and creating a universe.
Omniversal Broodmother: succeed in getting all 13 sessions of Sburb to win, and thus create a baker’s dozen new universes.

  • Yummy silicon: (cell/multicell/aware) Start as a water/carbon based organism, but evolve silicon oils* and store your energy in that (a predetory species not capable of digesting that would be less interested in you) (cell/multicell/aware)
  • Chiral ambidexterity: Use both types of a chiral molecule (cell/multicell/aware)
  • Closing in: When having a pilus fight, (because the enviroment is implied to be 3d, the piluses can’t just hit each other unless they are at an angle, and there would be an overlap in the 2d view) approach the other cell by doing an envelopement** and poke its membrane
  • Dizzying air: Cause your planet to have an atmosphere that is 20% alcohol (cell/multicell/industrial)
  • Oxicity: Live in a planet with 80% oxygen atmosphere (cell/multicell/industrial)
  • Chemical impact: Change your planets average ph by 1 (microbe or industrial)
  • Crisp 'em deader: Evolve crispr
  • Swiss army crispr*: Evolve a crispr that works against a wide array of viruses
  • Espionage induced aneuploidy: Enter a cell that is having an anaphase but you maxed your chemical stealth so you dont get detected. A microtubule connects to you and pulls you to where the future nucleus of one of the daughter cells will be
  • Chromosome missile: Attach flagellas and metabolosomes to chromosomes and send them out of your body like a rocket while reproducing
  • Capitalist chromosomes: Let chromosome missile chose which cell they move to during anaphase, instead of being pulled by the microtubules
  • Virus magnet: Send a chromosome missile out of your body(you are a cell) which attracts viruses, allowing you to escape in a virus free direction
  • Housing giants: Have an organelle that has a more genes than you
  • Shadow cooperation: Make an endosymbiosis with a cell that has a different type of translating dna to rna(could be from a shadow biosphere(descendents of a second luca) or from different planet in the same solar system). This makes horisontal gene transfer (and merging the dna’s) impossible[1]
  • Kleptoplastic assasination: Pretend that you would be a great endosymbiote, enter another species, and then kill it
  • Flagellaplast: Take a species with a flagella and mitochondria as an endosymbiote and turn it into a flagella organelle that uses glucose instead of atp
  • Reverse endosymbiosis: Get engulfed by another cell and make endosymbiosis but you are the one in control, increase the precentage of cytoplasm you own until the cell that engulfed you looks like an organelle that is between your two membranes
  • Plasmid overlord: Gain an organelle with endosymbiosis but you are a prokaryote
  • Mitochondrian kingdom: The only dna that exists in your cell is in mitochondria. (add metabolosomes to your nucleus or carry your genes to mitochondria)
  • Adding complexity faster than removing complexity: Create an organelle manually sooner another cell does that with endosymbiosis. Do this for every type of two membraned organelle at least once, not necessarily on the same game.
  • Nucleus diversity: Have 3 or more types of dna carrying organelles
  • Molecular confusion: Copy your predetors signalling agent and make them attack each other
  • Microbiogeographic assasination: While playing a multiplayer game, go to the planet of the other player before they move into land, get the “planetary skin” achievement but make it opaque, no photosynthesis means ecosystem collapse, respawn at your original planet
  • Planetary doom avoided: You get this achivement if you change your planet in cell stage but your orginal plnate became lifeless
  • Mucilage harpoon: Make mucilage powered harpoons, not guided unfortunately
  • Guided mucilage harpoon: Reproduce by budding and send your kids to hunt using mucilge and predatory pilus, while at the same time being connected to you either cytoplasmicly or with something like a rope
  • Anti amoeboid weapon: Hit a cell that does ameoboid movement with a harpoon, inject it with a chemical that dissolves the cytoskeleton, and stun it
  • Divide and conquer: Aproach a cell much larger than you and tie it with your cellular rope. Then squeese that rope, forcing a cytokinesis. You are now facing two smaller cells.
  • Cellular blackmail: Do the thing above and threaten that cell that you would force it to divide prematurely, and use this blackmail to make it to give you compounds
  • Shortsword[2] pilus: Connect the side of your pilus that is touching the membrane to the other side of your membrane using a cellular rope, through the cytoplasm. Shorten the rope, the whole membrane acts like a three dimensional bow. When you see an enemy cell, release the rope, the sword moves forward and hits the enemy cell with high speed
  • Digestive hazard: Puncture a lysosome with a pilus, spreading digestive enzymes around
  • Nucleic ejection seat: Have two cell membranes, have organelles/proteins between them and inside the inner one. When a virus enters the outer membrane, put the outer membrane on exocytose mode and make whatever is inside the inner membrane exit the outer membrane using mucilage throwers before the viruses enter the inner membrane
  • Double castle: Have two layers of cell membranes that aren’t oil (cellulose, glass, etc)
  • Love hotel: Reproduce inside another cell (you are a cell)
  • Unwanted guest: After a cell enters you, merge your outer membrane with the inner (or only) membrane of it, and by exocytosing it, throw its cytoplasm to the outside enviroment, probably an instant kill
  • Boss defeated: Enter a large cell, defeat 3 other cells inside that cell (they were protecting it) and finally puncture the nucleus of the large cell, killing it
  • Defensoplast: Have an immune system in cell stage
  • Skinoplast: Have an organelle that regenerates your membrane
  • Micro balloon: Have a holdfast organelle but be less dense than water
  • Exoplasmic reticulum: After placing every protein or organelle you might need either inside your nucleus or endoplasmic rediculum, get rid of your membrane or the cell wall. You now have no membrane, or rather, you have a reticulum membrane.
  • Robosome: Unlock the ability to synthesise nanobots or mechanic proteins
  • Reverse xenobot: Evolve 3 robotic parts (cell/multicelluular/aware)
  • Unredundant: Remove your junk dna to below 5%
  • Almost dead: Remove all redundency, remove upgrades and have the smalles genome possible in the game (you are an empty hex but you have extra low health and the reproduce button is disabled if you ever see a radioactive chunk on the screen, or move to a patch with 1% light)
  • Ectosymbiosis: Gain an external organelle, it is sticked to you with binding agents. But it isn’t multicellular (yet), because you only control one cell
  • I don’t want you anymore: Play as a symbiotic algea and produce toxins so that your multicellular host releases you
  • A dragons sneeze: Play as a bacteria or a small creature and survive and spread inside fires
  • Immunity migration: Play as an immune system, change your creature and start working for an unrelated species (you can use the same “species patch map*” that microbiomes and parasites use)
  • Rna polynucleate: Add a second ribosome (early cell stage)
  • Cell xenomorph: As a cell, reproduce like viruses
  • Renewable cleptoplasty: Do this but not endosybiosis “And others steal them but also steal functional nuclei from their prey, which means that they can make more chloroplasts.”* (microbe/multicellular/aware)
  • Kleptic industrial complex: At one point in time get 10 different funcioning organelles in cell stage with kleptoplasty, without being able to make new ones of those yourself
  • Outsourced organelles: None of your membrane bounded organelles develop inside you
  • Mitic dependency: Don’t be able to survive without constantly stealing new mitochondrias with kleptoplasty (aware)
  • Microtheft: Enter the cytoplasm of a large cell, steal organelles or some amount of endoplasmic rediculum, and leave
  • Colony raid: As a unicellular species, steal an organelle from a multicellular species
  • Organelle revolution: Get absorbed with kleptoplasty in large enough numbers, and organise a revolution to overthrow the regime of the multicellular creature that absorbed you, attack all the cell nucleuses at the same time
mobile genetic elements and viruses

[3] “genes are the smallest evolvable entities competing in what darwin called the struggle for existance” and it would be fun to see them in the game

  • Selfish gene: As a mobile genetic element, jump from species to species and cause 3 species to go extinct
  • Genenome conquest: Play as a mobile genetic element spread, spread in species patches and make 90% of the species have a copy of you in their genomes
  • Looking for a new brain: In cell stage, lose your dna. But then steal the dna of another cell before you run out of mrna or proteins that keep you alive
  • Bankivore: In cell stage, create a bank. Other species pay an annual compound cloud in return for you storing a copy of their genes
  • Gene monarch: Play as a gene and gain unilateral dominance in the parliment of genes*
  • Policing full time: Don’t code for anthing, only fill the genetic nieche of supressing the selfist tendencies of other genes
  • Exiting a sinking titanic: In a diploid or poliploid creature, evolve the ability of comparing the different chromosomes to find out about the genetic diversity in the population based on how much repeating parts exists on those chromosomes. If it is low (implying a reduced population and inbreeding), activate a gene that increases the oppurtinities for a horisontal gene transfer happening for you (such as making the creature spend more time in water*)
  • Champion rose from the ashes: Enter another cell and be digested. But that’s no the end, because all of your dna can jump like transposons and they are good at fighting. They migrated to the nucleus of that cell, fought the dna there (there can be a fighting minigame) and defeated it. You took control of this bigger cell. It will slowly turn into your cell, if you want to keep the new organelles (making new ones after reproducing) you can make a horisontal gene transfer, turning yourself into a hybrid between your previous self and this other cell
  • Genetic fatality: Do an endosymbiosis with an online player, defeat them in a dna war minigame, take control of the resulting merged species. Give someone in a server a defeat screen this way.
  • Corrosive essence: Use oxytoxy during a fight between two genes
  • Primordial warfare: While playing as a viroid, make a dna war minigame with another viroid
  • Bad apple: As a virus, hide yourself on bilipid layers like a membrane protein so that any cell looking for an easy way to increse its surface area would be infected by you
  • Viric trap: Find or create an empty membrane. It should have dna inside like a cell but not ribosomes. Get that membrane infected with viruses, you may carry around the membrane with a cellular rope in order to not not get close the viruses while that happens. Since it doesn’t have ribosome, the viruses can’t synthesise anything to make the cell autolyse, no matter how much they reproduce. Leave that virus infested bag as a hunting trap and wait until a cell looking to feast to turn into compound clouds, though the compound cloud would be infected with viruses as well, requiring a virus cleaning tool
  • Virogin mary: Do the thing above but surround yourself with these virus bags like the cumulus oophorus. If anyone tries to pilus you deadly viruses are released to the environment and engulfing you results in that cell receiving viruses
  • Careful pilus: Evolve a predatory or straw pilus that can target a virogen mary without damaging the virus bags
  • Virobosome: Synthesise viruses from transposons with an organelle
  • Living girus: Play as a cell, get rid of your membrane in favor of a protein coating and became a girus
  • Microscopic mad scientist: You evolved to use a virus-like protein to kill enemy cells. It mutated and became a real virus and caused the extinction of 5 species.
  • I have a cellular origin too you know: As a cell, evolve into a virus and then make horisontal gene transfer with a virus that evolved from a molecular weapon, or vice verca
  • Don’t you remember me?: As a virus, enter an ally cell’s nucleus or dna carrying cytoplasm and report a virus that is trying to place its own genes but the crispr attacks you instead
  • Viruvore*: Only consume viruses
  • Anti endosymbyosis: Play as a virus, add yourself to the dna of an organelle, take control of that organelle and make it independent from its host, start playing as a cell
multicellular or polynucleate
  • Eating the multi’s: As a polynucleote like a slime mold, consume a multicellular creature that is at least 1 meter long, start consuming it while it is alive
  • Imagine the arguments*: Play as a polynucleate and merge with another polynucleate
  • Circulatory lung: Have a heart that pumps sea water in designated trachea that act like blood vessels or gills
  • Sweeping blood: Have a structure like a waving fish tail inside your blood veins that is used to help pump blood
  • Opener circulation: Make a polinucliate instead of a multicellular species. There is no difference between the cytoplasm and the interstitial fluid. The nucleuses are evenly distributed in the organism so that there can still build stuff or help with regenerating tissues. They can either float around in brownian motion or kept in a fixed place using cytoskeleton or a cage like cell wall (has large gaps)
  • Quasi cell[4]: Be a cell and get bigger than you could’ve get normally by eating a deceased multicellular colony. There is no time to make an excretion vacuole, you keep growing polynucleary, engulfing and packaging everything around you with membranes and if they are no use to you, they will stay in that forever. When your size reaches the size of the organism, pull your nucleuses and nutrient storing organelles to the outer cell wall using the cytoskeleton, form new cells and send them away like spores for them to eat other corpses (you are a scavenger), leaving the wastes and not easily digestable material behind
  • Kleptoplastic circulatory system: The energy carrying molecules you have in your blood are packaged in membranes, the leucoplastic red blood cells enter the cells like oxygen and depleted ones exit the cell like carbon dioxideZeroploid: 80% or more of your cells dont have any genes. You have "mobile genome"s in your blood, they are cells that act like nucleuses to other cells. They enter other cells, the messenger rna reads their genes during transcription and then they leave. You have way less apoptosis or cancer, the mobile genomes are discarded like red blood cells and remade in the bone marrow, which is protected from radiation by the bone*. But some of your tissues can turn into other tissues if the epigenetic information gets corrupted. (multicellular/aware)
  • Zeroploid: 80% or more of your cells dont have any genes. You have "mobile genome"s in your blood, they are cells that act like nucleuses to other cells. They enter other cells, the messenger rna reads their genes during transcription and then they leave. You have way less apoptosis or cancer, the mobile genomes are discarded like red blood cells and remade in the bone marrow, which is protected from radiation by the bone*. But some of your tissues can turn into other tissues if the epigenetic information gets corrupted. (multicellular/aware)
  • Pangenesiser: Your different systems (digestive, neuron, etc) reproduce on their own. Have 3 or more types of gametes (multicellular/aware)
  • Predivided: Have enough ploidy to supply your adult body when you were a morula. Develop by only doing cytokinesis
  • Gladiator reproduction: Have a reproductive system where millions of gametes merge in a single cell and inside the cell, for each allele, different genes “fight to the death”[5] and only one survive[6]. After the battle ends, the now haploid cell divides with mitosis and forms the organism
  • Sink it in the river the lessons are learned: Launch a slimy/sticky rock to a creature in order to make it sink (large cell/multicell/aware/awakening/society/industrial/space))
  • Vacillating cellularity: Swich between being a unicellular and multicellular 5 times
  • Variocellular: Have unicellular and multicellular life stages
  • The great cell of china: Have a single continious cell membrane/wall around you, in addition to the membrane/wall dividing the individual cells (early multicellular)
  • Disco nationalism: Start the disco mode and turn every cleavage type in your planet into discoidal cleavage
  • Wharton’s jellyfish: Design a jellyfish by mostly using wharton’s jelly
aware: things to evolve
  • External gastrolith: Have a stone armor (aware) (hp depends on the environment)
  • Like a surgeon: Place a heart outside the ribs, only covered by skin. You can see it beating when playing the game
  • Time lord: Have 2 hearts
  • A dragons hymn: Evolve singing while breathing fire
  • Hyperpirate: Have a speech organ that can or does only trill sounds* (aware/awakening/society)
  • Unstoppable rolling cylinder: Evolve rolling as an attack type
  • Flying dimetrodon pair: Do this*
  • Spitting facts: Store information chemicly inside your saliva. Also communicate by kissing.
  • Dapspeech*: Use mechanoreceptors for speach
  • Teflon skin: In a planet with enough florine, evolve to have acid resistant ptfe coating
  • Fashion remix: Have a lions mane with chickens’s combs dividing it into equal sections
  • Self sufficient: You can synthesise all the amino acids you need from ammonia, also be mobile
  • Chrysopelean: Glide without wings
  • Prolemuris: Turn a limb that has two bones (such as ulna and limba) into two different limbs, or merge two limbs into one
  • Capyara: Be friendly towards all the fauna in your patch
  • Uno card for lasers: Evolve mirrors
  • Mercury defence: Evolve kidneys thhat allow you to eat prey that are 5% made from mercury
  • Long cell: Have a cell (coud be a neuron) that is 10 meters long (cell/multicell/aware)
  • Invisible against history: Reach awakening stage without ever leaving any fossils (dont have bones, etc.)
  • Praying for birth: Your eggs are so strong that they can’t be broken by the youngsters inside.
  • Chest egg: You have an egg that is opened with a key
  • Tnt eggs: No predetor eats your eggs because if they did, they would blow up alongside the egg. They can throw a rock at the eggs and make it explode, but they usually don’t do it because they wouldn’t end up with something to eat
  • Abortive camel: Evolve a compound storing organ in a unique way. In each life, have a miscarriage and keep the placenta for yourself (go through a non reproductive parthenogenesis)
  • Da be dee da ba daa: Make everything blue
  • Little furnace: Keep a constant body temperature that is 30 degrees celcius above the average ambient temperature
  • Oddly spesific achivement: Swich which hole is your mouth and which is your anus after evolving ecolocation
  • A true bottom feeder*: Use an anus as a second mouth
  • Mercenary immunity: Have an immune system that is formed by a unicellular species that doesn’t carry your dna. So you are a chimera
  • Nutcracker: Don’t have teeth, break down food into smaller chunks using apandages situated out of your mouth
  • Obsidian stomach: Evolve an organ. Quickly catch an exploding creature with a harpoon and pull it inside that organ. The organ allows you to not take a lot of damage in explosions
  • Self sufficient: You can synthesise all the amino acids you need from ammonia, also be mobile
  • Self groomer: You can touch every part of your body with your hands
  • True invisibality: Be a transparent fish with the same refractive index as the water around you
  • Living plane: Evolve wings you can’t flap
  • Metric birth: Have a litter size of 1 liter
  • Living fossil: You get this achivement if you don’t evolve at all for 3 editor sessions
  • Taking advantage: Be the most diversified species after a mass extinction twice
  • Xenomorphilia: Enter the awakening stage never having reproduced other than like a xenomorph
  • Ethereal xenomorph: Reproduce by turning yourself into e dna, and then turning the eggs of a creature which does external fertilisation into your own eggs
  • Spontanious generation: Appear again after all the members of your species becoming unicellular or e dna for 100 years (aware/awakening/society/industrial)
  • The ultimate xenomorph: In aware stage, reproduce by hijacking another creature like a virus and changing the dna of its cells into your dna
  • Brain monopoly: Become a brain parasite around the time when the first brains were evolving. Make a symbiosis a lot of species. Every species in the planet that has a brain should have you as their brain. The brains must be descended from you.
  • Vantablack: Evolve carbon nanotubes and unlock the blackest pigment
aware: things to do
  • Sperm whale: Breathe air in the atmosphere and hunt megafauna in the bathypelagic zone or deeper
  • Argonaut plasticity[7]: Fix your shell with the broken pieces of another shell
  • Land sweet land: Survive all your planet’s lands being covered in lava by flying. You get this achievement when you land on the ground again.
  • A life of ironies: Do both of these with the same organism at least once: (1) get oxygen from water and (2) get water from inhaling air[8]
  • A step in the right direction?: The members of your species can talk, but they can only talk to themselves. They voice their internal thoughts, but they can’t decipher a sound anyone else makes means.
  • Defenestrated: Make apartments in aware stage high enough for fall damaga and perform a defenestration or get defenestrated
  • Finding nemo: End up very close[9] to the point nemo of your planet as a land creature which can’t fly or swim, or end up in the point nero for lands as a sea creature which can’t walk or fly.
  • Get stick bugged lol*: Watch a stick bug creature dance
  • Target lost cohesion: As a flying thing that is made from multiple creatures, do a dogfight and dissassamble into your constituent creatures to evade an attack comming directly at you (aware)
  • Snowfolk: Reach awakening stage in a snowball earth planet without volcanism
  • Reverse iron maiden: Get consumed by another creature, but expand yourself like a pufferfish and mortally wound it with your spikes
  • Synthetic origin: As a xenobot, reproduce on your own (a way to start aware stage)
  • A blinding game of chess: Have a war where both of the sides have biologic lasers, but both of the sides have members that don’t use their lasers to blind the enemy because they are themselves blinded and can’t aim for the eyes (aware/awakening)
  • Up for grabs: Cause marine snow to not reach the bottom of the ocean. You and other creatures consume all of it while it was falling (cell/multicellular/aware)
  • Master of the few: In a swordfight, defeat a creature that has 8 swords as a creature that has 1 or 2 swords (aware or space)
  • Sweaty firefighter: Start burning but put out the fire just by sweating
  • Trampled underfoot: A creature steps on you (aware/awakening/space)
  • Not trampled: In a low gravity planet, get stepped on by a very large but low weighing creature
  • Kauaʻi ʻōʻō: Make a mating call as the last of your species
  • Lucid galilei: As a non space whale, discover all the non dwarf planets and moons in your solar system before awakening stage
  • Come at me bro: Survive the air you normally breathe raining on you (aware)
  • Placentivore: Exclusively eat placentas. Find animals which are giving birth, scare them into running away and take their placenta
  • Continent jump: Spread to all major landmasses (at least 3) while they aren’t connected in a pangea
  • Inundated cow: As a creature that moved from the land to the sea, exclusively consume plants which moved from land to sea
  • Calcium tunnel: As an underwater fossorial, dig a 10 meter long tunnel in a coral reef
  • Stem intake: Take stem cells from your friends enough to regenerate your body 3 times over (aware/awakening)
  • Negative space: After an burrowed nest was filled with a concrete like substance, hardened and the soil around it erosed off, build a spiders net between what used to be the tunnels
  • Works for others: Have 90% of the creatures you hunted (by mass) be eaten by other creatures (aware)
  • Herbivores of the ecosystem, unite!: Cooperate with another herbivore and cause the extintion of your mutual predetor
  • Irrational: Don’t hunt the species that would have been your main prey if the ai controlled you
  • The grass was hungrier*: As a plant, catch and consume an animal that landed for hunting or scavenging. Or be that animal and get eaten.
  • Living corpse: 80% of your cells are senecent cells
  • I need this place for myself: Enter the womb of another species and eat another species besides you that entered there
population, life cycle, activity throughout day
  • Rich nightlife: Dedicate 50 percent of the nighttime to socialising instead of sleep (aware/awakening) (not in the arctic circle)
  • Biologic auxeticy: Have a creature whose larval stage is larger than the adult form on the outside[10]
  • Tardis population: Have a larger effective population size than your real population size (by having temporary and reversible ploidy or a population bottleneck where some of the unique individuals are not born yet)
  • Inbred outbred: Have a non selectionary (genetic drift) population bottleneck[11] right after leveling a genetic cline, so suffer both from an inbreeding and an outbreeding depression at the same time (multicellular/aware)
  • Suffering from success: Go extinct after eating all your preys
  • Habitat appetite: Consume 80% of the biomass in a habitat as a single creature*
  • Benjamin Button: Reverse the ordering of your lifecycle stages 180° like the inversion mutation that happens with chromosomes
  • Twiceborn: Release your kids to the nature, but if they grow to a certain size, you take them back inside your body like a kangaroo
  • Disturbance disturbance: Play as the disturbance(pre select this creature) and cause a disturbance(ecology term)
  • Goldilocks season: Hibernate both in summer and winter
  • Genome censorship: Silence more than half of your genes, keep them inactivated(and not removed) for at least 1 editor session
  • Gene collection: As a creature which mastered reverse transcriptase and horisontal gene transfer, carry the complete genome of 15 other creatures at one point in time (aware/awakening)
  • Ritualised f2 hybridisation: Have a reproduction cycle that includes incest before birth. Store the f1 generation in your body instead of something like the zygote or the sperm from the previous mating
  • Long life: Reproduce once every 100 years or even less often
  • Black hole of the tree of life: Merge with other branches of the tree of life via endosymbiosis or chimerism 15 times
  • Omnichronic[12] bonding: Like dolphins, have more than 1 indipendant brains. I may have exagerated the thing about the dolphins. What I was going to say was this: spend more than 24 hours a day on socialising. And by an hour, I mean a day divided by 24.
  • Frankeinstein butterfly: Have a life cycle where you become clinicaly dead and then become clinicaly alive
  • Self xenomorph: Your children eat your body
symbiosis, parasitism and colonies
  • Rodeosymbyosis: Before awakening, ride or be rided by another species
  • Reverse milking: Hire a symbiont for protecting your eggs and its payment is done in advance, it drinks milk from the eggs
  • Shellpet: Domesticate a creature into building a shell for you
  • Womb pet: Domesticate a species and use them as a womb (aware/awakening)
  • Bloody dive: Be a parasite and swim inside the veins of a large creature (aware)
  • Hypergoauld: As a brain parasite, control a brain parasite that controls another species
  • I may not be the best guy, but I can’t stand seeing you with a broken heart: As a parasite, revive your host with a heart massage or a biologic defibrillator (aware)
  • Eucirculation: Command a swarm so large that it would sufficate in the anoxic enviroment it created, hence have to have specific flight or swimming patterns which let the oxygen reach the ones in the center
  • Anti dragon weapon: Play as an insect swarm and trigger a rain i order to neutralise fire attacks
  • Mother’s colony: Be connected to 60 creatures with umbilical cord all at the same time but you all can move (aware)
  • Vertical expansion: As a eusocial creature, have mixotrophic members that act as solar antennas for the colony

  1. it can happen, but it wouldn’t happen because what the genes code would be gibberish when they don’t use their own ribosomes ↩︎

  2. like in terraria ↩︎

  3. quoting stated clearly ↩︎

  4. like quasi star ↩︎

  5. one could say this is already what sperms do, they swim to the egg and only the fastest one passes on its genes, but there is no possibility of each gene coming from a different sperm ↩︎

  6. their fighting strength wouldn’t be corralated to how much they would be beneficial to the organism when it grows up. but just like with the sperm, random mutations are likely to reduce the fighting strength and the ones which have mutated the least one would be selected,(or the ones that increase fighting strength, like the speed for sperm) and the child would carry less mutations ↩︎

  7. "Sometimes the female is left with only a tiny fragment of her old shell, but she constructs a new one around it, incorporating the broken piece" ↩︎

  8. for example, you are an aquatic creature with both gills and a lung, the water has dissolved oygen but too much salt, the atmosphere doesn’t have any oxygen but too much water ↩︎

  9. 5% the length of your planets equator ↩︎

  10. the larva may have a large air sac ↩︎

  11. or rather, the short term selection isn’t the same as the long term selection ↩︎

  12. like omnipresent ↩︎

  • Bubble resistant: Survive air bubbles appearing in your xylem at least once*
  • Strawberry: Evolve a straw so that animals can drink your nectar and seeds
  • Nature’s permenant ship: As a tree species in a mangrove forest, shed so many leaves or organic material that a swimming “ground” layer appears
  • Soil coral: Be an animal that has symbiotic plants in it and be the primary producer in a land where there is soil, not rocks
  • Land coral: As a photosynthesiser on land, build calcium carbonate structures
  • Flying coral: Be a sessile sky whale
  • Mouth of the sea: Be a creature that has roots on sea floor, grows above the sea surface and catches flying creatures for consumption
  • Phivore: Live in a region where a river and a sea or two rivers meet, make energy from their ph difference
  • Osmivore: Live in a region where a freshwater river meets a saltwater sea, and make energy from the hydrostatic pressure difference
  • Living castle: Be a colonial organism that is sessile but (some or all) its members can move if they seperate from the main meatball
  • Autotrophic civil engineer: As a plant, cover all of your patch with a root infrastructure
  • Walking palm[1]: As a plant, move (very slowly) by changing which roots your trunk is connected to. Also reproduce by getting pregnant, move away from your offspring after it is planted[2]
  • Plant mushroom reversal: As a photosynthesiser, make a symbiosis with a creature which acts as roots. Later, evolve roots yourself, but loose your photosynthesising capability. Become the symbiont root of a photosynthetic creature that evolved from your previous symbiont root. Or vice verca
  • Thermal photosynthesiser: Use sunlight to heat water* and do thermosynthesis
  • [your species’s genus name] economicus: Create a species that makes zero donations to charity and only does rational decisions following the supply and demand rule (aware? awakening? society?)
  • Paleo luddite*: Make a composite flint sword
  • Helicopter bow: Make a bola that is attached to an arrow and launched wit a bow
  • Dimond sword: Make a makwawitl using diamonds
  • Gunditjmaran storytelling*: Orally pass a story from one generation to the next for 37000 years (awakening)
  • Paleo firefighter: Stop a wildfire in awakening stage
  • Grappling worm: Use a species as a grapling hook (aware/awakening)
  • Troopnest: Build a military camp in awakening stage
  • Brewarrina traps: Make a passive income for collecting food (awakening)
  • Bear grylls tactic*: After exiting a cold lake, dry yourself with snow (aware/awakening)
  • Deersuit: As a creature without horns, add the horns of another species to yourself (aware/awakening)
  • I like it dry: Discover dry cleaning before soap(awakening/society/industrial)
  • Blade brake: Do blade brake* (aware/awakening)
  • Brainwall: Build a great firewall of china in awakening, that is possible because your species has evolved telepathy (wifi)
  • Epic victory: Defeat a hibernating balloon epic in awakening
  • Calabash: Use a fruit as a bucket, barrel or a chest
  • Flooder: Sabotage a rivaling tribes burrow/city by digging a channel that lets water flow towards there (aware/awakening/society/industrial)
  • Firnasian: Gain the ability to glide in the awakening or society stage
  • Bloody fields: Have strong kidneys and be able to drink sea water. No water scarcity for you, your crops on the other hand, can’t use sea water, so water them with your blood or milk (not urine or sweat because they are salty too)
  • Atlantean bread[3]: Use a crop that was first domesticated in a sunken continent as your staple crop (society)
  • Domestic on the surface: To create farms, instead of planting crops, graft domesticated species to existing wild plants (society)
  • Mysterious maple syrup: Extract nutrients from a continent you haven’t discovered (the trees on your farms are connected to other trees via roots that are under the sea bed)
  • Master cultivator*: Bring together previously isolated agricultural systems, enabling multiple cropping and extended growing seasons
  • Architectural forge: Use the waste heat that appears as a construction substance like cement hardens for smelting metals
  • Blow me a metal: Make a smelter powered by the wind*
  • Bantu development[4]: Get to the iron age before the bronze age
  • Eelpower: Build an electric device using an electricity generating creature
  • Who needs that many pages: Enter space stage while still using cuneiform and stone/clay/wooden tablets
  • Cold fire twirling: Make a de facto refrigirator by covering the food with wet clothes, spinning them and putting the cooled food inside an insulator, repeating every so often for extended storage
  • If life gives you a sour fruit, build a mecha: Build a mecha which carries cars one by one if the trafic jamms
  • Faunic tradition[5]: Unlock communication with all the species in your planet (awakening/society)
  • Reject the sun: Use 0% of the suns energy, directly(farming) or indirectly(fossil fuel). You can use chemosynthesis or geothermal.(society/industrial)
  • Swarm master: Spawn an insectcloud and make it move in a spesific direction
  • Militech: Build a city using a swarm
  • Air hack: In a world where wireless electricity is used by planes, hack the air and force military planes to land (industrial)
  • Droneworld: Discover quadcopters before helicopters
  • Skyscraping mother of hell: Construct and use a 500 meter high siege tower
  • Biologic skynet: Build supercomputers from neuron cells and reach singularity with not so good consequences
  • Circuit superiority: Play as robots and justify making experiments on animals because they have no souls
  • Walkie talkie breathie: As a robotic civ, use living creatures for radio or internet
  • Big belgiuming sword: Design and use a weapon that is heavier than your species and it is swinged
  • Horsepunk: Build a railroad infrastructure for horse powered trains
  • Pontoon train: Make a floating train track
  • Glider city: Use planes for public and cargo transport which don’t have powered flight, they are gliders launched with catapults or trebulchets
  • Kite city: Build a kite city, staying in the air due to wind and tethered to the surface
  • Reverse archimedes screw: Build a screw propelled ship[6]
  • SS Bitcoin: Make computers from a high melting point material and mine bitcoin, due to the high amount of waste heat generated they can have a leiderfrost effect by boiling water, use them to build a ship/hovercraft
  • Anti atlantis weapon[7]: Use leiderfrost effect to hit submerged cities or submarines with kinetic weapons
  • Wonkaland: Your flying cars enter houses from above (removing the need for doors) and can also be used like elevators
  • Caveman elevator: Use a rock on a geyser as an elevator (awakening/society)
  • Operation guzheng*: Slice a ship going through a marine chokepoint by using nanotechnology
  • Harpolysis: Launch harpoons from your vehicles and hit another vehicle, pull it from different sides and divide it in half or more
  • Trainisation**: Take a vehicle that looks like it was designed by dahir inşaat from thrivepedia and turn it into a train in vehicle editor
  • Spanish catapult*: While trying to siege a city, your catapult fires straight up and destroys itself
  • English catapult*: Don’t accept your enemies surrender because you want to try using your new machine which hasn’t been completed yet
  • Catapultship: Make a catapult powered ship, throw mass backwards
  • Catapultship: Harpoon version: Always throw the same mass backwards, after it hits the water and slows down, fish it back up and throw it again. Maximum speed is not very high with this but at least it doesn’t suffer from the rocket equation
  • Milking gravity: Place a piston on the sea and power your ac hydraulic grid using the tides
  • Submarine gills: Build a splashing station* for the oxygen needs of your submarine or underwater city
  • Deadly cauldron: Domesticate a nessie and use it on a land war. It is carried in a wheeled aquarium and it bites (or ramms with its horns) targets that are close enough.
  • Hoopmobile: Don’t invent the wheel, but use hoopsnakes for the same purpose
  • Gecko housing: Be able to climb walls and design apartment blocks with doors for high floors existing at the same height as those floors (society/industrial)
  • Von neuman train: Make a train that builds its tracks as it goes
  • Tamed branches: Build an ideal road for brachiation
  • Mobile ground: Operate a train that is as long as its traintract
  • Chainception: Design the chainsaw described by willow*
  • Wot*: Spin a cannon through which projectiles are fired fast enough so that the vehicle becomes a helicopter
  • Air smelting: In a planet without lands or rafts, become a bird, and discover metalurgy
  • Fluidic economy: Build a bill philips machine* in society stage (and unlock economy editor)
  • Without the college debt*: Make a biologic computer in society stage
  • Mirror in black: Invent computers but keep them a top secret, your population doesn’t have acces to it. Keep it that way until you invent quantum computers.
  • Anti wheel: Enter space stage without ever having used a wheel or a rotating part in tech editor
  • Sauropod catapult: Make a catapult by streching a body part of a creature such as its neck or tail
  • Storm powered: Use ligthnings for more than 50% of the power in the powergrid for at least a year
  • Brain farm: Make a brain farm, grow a sessile species and collect the neuros it produces (biopunk carbon valley)
  • Slapsgiving: Cook food by slapping
  • Gunpower: Accelerate something to 1% the speed of light using gunpowder (society)
  • All the contribution was from me: Do an industrial revolution using only the modified versions of your species’s organs
  • Kleptoplastic engine: Make a biopunk engine and feed it organelles instead of gasoline (industrial)
  • Kleptofactory: As a species that constantly needs to get new organelles with kleptoplasty in order to survive, advance in genetic engineering and build a factory in industrial stage for mass producing organelles, the previous method was getting it by consuming other creatures or having an organelle pet
government, ideologies, religion, culture
  • Mutually assured law: You dont have a police force. Your population agrees not to commit crimes. Your species is able to explode like a creeper, so if a burglar enters your house and you wake up, either he agrees your request of politely leaving or you explode, killing both of you. The social order is preserved the same way the cold war remained cold. In terms of gameplay consequences, there is no policing cost but if it is a time of scarcity and people have to steal in order to feed themselves, the population decreases.
  • Argument by sacrifice: Have a system where when a social group sues another group, the side which makes the most human sacrifices is seen as the correct side and their demands are met
  • Populus vult regem: Write an anarco monarchist manifesto which becomes more popular than all the other ideology manifestos
  • Landlord oligarchy: Make it so that people vote proportional to the land area they own
  • Gracchian democratisation: Remove landlord oligarchy, making the people who live in apartment blocks equal to the ones in suburbania
  • 'Ey ceaser thats sus: As a politician, the time you declared as the beginning of the next year means that you’d have more time in office
  • Close your eyes and see the truth: Chose darkness as the symbol of your philosophy/religion, which embraces “knowledge” as a core tenant
  • May luck run through you like the spirit of the buffalo[8]: Have animism as your religion and an extensive gambling economy at the same time.
  • Gandalf the lord: (secret achievement) In the ten commandment editor, place the word “pass” after the phrase “thou shall not”[9], granting the followers of your religion 25% combat bonus when fighting epics.
  • Anti posthumanism: Make the commandment “thou shall not disfigure the human soul[10]” in 10 commandment editor (industrial/space)
  • R’amen: Design an unironic pastifarian religion
  • The heretic is always unimaginative: Use an argument you used to defeat a religion/ideology in your planet on an alien religion/ideology with the same success
  • First column becomes the fifth column: Your government is viewed less favorably by your public than the goverment of the country you are at war with
  • Cheerful outlook[11]: Reduce the anxious or avoident attachment styles in your population down to zero percent (society/industrial)
  • Dance floor politics*: Bring all the feudal nobility to the capital to party meanwhile you fill the goverment jobs with people who don’t have secondary regional loyalties
  • Royal dynastic family tree inheritance chicanery: Do some royal dynastic family tree inheritance chicanery
  • There’s still time for a son! Madam, you have to undress: Make an heirless noble create an offspring in deathbed
  • To the ballroom, post haste! *: Your monarch goes to a party while a lot of peasents were dying
  • Ceramony diversity: Have a ceramonial king. And a ceramonial senate. Be a de facto oligarchy.
  • The people must be the enemies of the people*: Support democracy and massacre rebelling civilians
  • Micromanaging democracy: Have a system where there are 10 or more elections per election. A different election for the central bank, a different one for the ministry of agriculture, etc…
  • Democracy diversity: Get all the achivements for democracies at least once, not necessarily all in the same game
  • Democratic dynasty: Get selected to rule a country for 4 generations without any schenenigans
  • Pirate technocracy: Agree that the one who plunders the most becomes the king
  • Physical exam: Use a rite of passage like a central exam
  • Kill em with kindness: Play as the lower classes and serve and worship your oppressors so good that they grow bored of life and binge drink into mass suicide
  • Weakened overlord: As a deskilled country, have a skilled colony you exploit
  • Help! Help! I am being repressed!: Play as an anarco syndicalist commune and send back the king or the tax collecter that entered your land empty handed
  • Bureaucracy auction: Have more than one burecracy and make them compete for being the most efficient (society/industrial/space)
  • Reverse party lines: Have an election where the representatives of the two most popular parties each voted more for the other parties candidates
  • Representception: Have a system where the people elect representatives, those representatives elect the representative representatives and those representative representatives elect the prime minister
  • Forced representative democracy: Put quotas to the parliment which says that politicians, before they were elected, must have had the same percentage of jobs as the people they rule over, so if everyone is a farmer craftsmen can’t be elected
  • Technofeudalism: Have your capitalistic economy be divided between an oligopoly of tech companies
  • The binitarian god’s kingdom on earth: Solve a succession crisis in a heredetary but reencarnative monarchy by saying that the supreme sprit has reencarnated as two people at the same time
  • Grand title*: Your ruler gains 49 different titles all of which have a meaning in your planet
  • Title buildup: Your ruler gets titles from both the parents, the same title can be get from both of them, in the end, end up having 10 kilobytes of title (space stage)
  • Titleocracy: Have an unequal democracy where people votes proportional to the length of their titles (everyone is a royal baby after all)
  • Agustus castro: Unite he workers of the globe under the leadership of one man
  • Crusader ping pong: Convert a crusading army to your own religion and send them back to their original lands for crusading
  • Survivalist: Have a survivalist culture
  • Kings hate this simple trick: As a clergy, own 100% of the land in your planet property sense, but less than 10% of it politicsvise, so own a land without needing to govern it
  • Election against past: Have a system where a law made can only be changed or removed with a higher percentage of vote
  • Startup communism: Have an economic system where all the companies have a fixed limited lifespan, they innovate as much as they can and then negociate their selling price to the goverment
  • Following the book: Don’t have the legislative branch, only have the executive and juditionary branches for 500 years
  • Oral banking tradition: Have a barter economy where the exchange of different goods or services don’t have to be at the same time, but its not just "i owe you one"s, the price of evertything is kept track of in the minds of the people (awakening/society)
  • But who will till the soil?: Have an egaliterian society for non slaves
  • Second coming of christ: Awaken your prophet from a 2000 year long hibernation
  • The high crusade*: After the spaceship of a communist alien civ lands on your feudal medieval planet for conquering it, defeat it and take the spaceship, conquer its space empire instead
  • Resource egaliterianism: Take a decision in your united nations that the profits of underground resources in your planet should be distributed equally to all everyone, through a universal basic income. And enforce this decision.
  • Island of sark: Have a senate that has 6% the population or more
  • We’re still gonna organise but in a cool way: Make a union of egoists
  • neo-neo-neo[insert your ideology’s name]ism: Reform your ideology 3 times

  1. that’s not walking palm does, but I stil wanted to use that name ↩︎

  2. so that it can get light ↩︎

  3. or doggerlandean bread ↩︎

  4. “In Sub-Saharan Africa, where there was no continent-wide universal Bronze Age, the use of iron immediately succeeded the use of stone” Iron Age - Wikipedia ↩︎

  5. or zootradition, like zooplankton, but i fear that may also be understood as zoo tradition ↩︎

  6. this has nothing to do with confusingly similar named “screw propeller”, what i mean is a “screw propelled vehicle” that goes on water ↩︎

  7. like anti tank weapon ↩︎

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  9. and click enter. Don’t specify “that mountain over there” ↩︎

  10. like in dune ↩︎

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civilisation: other
  • No air no germ: During a disease outbreak, don’t sell or distribute masks, instead, ban breathing. Your citisens have to do anaerobic respiration or fermentation when they are next to others.
  • Sulfuric titanic: Rescue citisens in a floating city as the sea around them becomes anaerobic, toxic gasses ensue
  • Limestone icecream: Lose at least 50% of the mass of a ship made from calcium carbonate as it moves across an acidic sea, before bringing the passengers to a land, and have no casualties
  • Hobbesian: Have a constant war with all of your neighbors in society and industrial, not even a single moment of peace
  • Machiavellien: Send a general to carry out an unpopular order that benefits you, then exacute him to make the public think you are on their side and he was abusing his power
  • Plauge? You mean like this? : Engineer a plauge to lower the population. This gets discovered, leading to public outcry. Release another plauge to delete their memories
  • This will have been preventable: As a eusocial/hive mind or just a totalitarian civ with no regard to the life of the individual, don’t evacuate an area you know will have a catastrophy, because it would cost a lot of money
  • And its the most crucial passages[1]: Your information agency loses information because it used black highlighters on classified information, and on the only copy
  • No more mind control: Design tinfoil hats in the clothing editor
  • Adam smith says wft: Play as a begging company and commit the murder of a begger who tried to beg in your neighborhood
  • Sneaky terrorist: Support more terror acts than all the states in the list of state sponsors of terrorism but don’t get into that list
  • Implosive irishity: Have an economic or societal collapse after purging the sleeper cells because they were better citisens than your own citisens themselves
  • Antimegaflorist: Make all the large plants in your planet go extinct (society/industrial)
  • Academic mobilisation: Start an university course about a science/engineering branch less than 1 year after obtaining it (via technology transfer, espionage, archeology?), but you only obtained the knowlege, not a person who knows what does any of that means or how is it applied
  • Intellectual pet: Tame a brain parasite and outsource your neocortex* to it
  • Pet diversity: Get all the pet achievements
  • Newspeak to the extreme: Be successful in banning communication. People can only show each other goverment approved cards with sentences written on them. If people become able to express banned concepts to each other by creating euphemisms, the cards can be changed
  • Doubt and redoubt: Turn your mountains into castles(redoubt) to repel possible invading armies like switzerland, making military powers doubt invading you
  • Engineering tradition: Discover murphy’s law before industrial stage
  • The ministry of christmas: Send gifts to all of your population
  • Ecological steady state: Spread every species to every biome in your planet so that there can no longer be an invasive species
  • The green wall of China: Plant trees to slow down nomadic armies
  • Politiplasmic rediculum: Build great walls of china and divide your land into small regions seperated by walls, the biggest such reagion can at most be 5% of your land
  • I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that: Skynet
  • Hello boys, I’m back!: A member of your society previously abducted by aliens makes a devistating kamikaze attack on them
  • Literal zombies: nuff said
  • Crassian* jackpot: Own a fire department and negociate the purchase of 20% of the properties in a city in a single event
  • Climateproof: Your civilisation doesn’t collapse during a kiloyear event
  • Temporary awakeance: Have a population that is 10 times the number you can feed, they hibernate and wake up periodically, only for a short time (society/industrial)
  • Don’t buy it wink wink: Ban addicting drugs to increase their price in the black market while controlling the black market supply
  • Amish paradise: Reject technology, go back to society stage
  • Högertrafikomläggningen: Change the side of the road you drive
  • King’s landing: Conquer a city in another landmass with flying units before industrial stage
  • Seat of will: Build a planned capital before industrial stage
  • Yajuj and majuj: Your army completely drinks a lake (society/industrial)
  • Einstein’s world war: Have a global war with pre metalurgy weapons after a nuclear war
  • Natural firefighting: Trigger a rain to take out a fire (society/industrial/space)
  • Fiery blackout: Tap into your ac hydraulics to extinguish a fire
  • Prenatal training: Have a program of indoctrinating kids while they are in the womb/egg
  • Punishment economy: Spend more than 100% of your gdp/incomes on lawsuits or reperations
  • Sacred insides: Ban autopsies and xrays for privacy or religious concerns (not a lot of advancements happening in medicine).
  • Age of factory: Dedicate a metamorphosis cycle for working in the factories
  • International forced nepotism: Threathen a war to win a contract for building something, even though you don’t offer the lowest price
  • So much for sanctions: Through intermediaries, purchase weapons from your enemy or your enemies allies
  • Cyberdyne vs the great depression: Trigger an economic recession to in order to destroy or redirect the technological momentum of a would-be megacorp
  • Sociology over physics: One of your companies gained more technological momentum* than the momentum momentum* of any vehicle or object[2] you created ever had. I guess how these two would be compared also depends on units, so how hard this acievement is can be adjusted
  • Congoan belgium: Finance your empire by capturing slaves and selling them to a colonial state, some time later advance your state and start enslaving your former buyers for your own use
  • Can we pretend that chinese spy balloons in the night sky are like shooting stars: Shoot down a balloon after your population wished that
  • From depths to space: Take down a sattelite or a speceship in orbit with a missile launched from a stationary base at the seabed
  • American black sea colonies: Buy or conquer a port in a sea protected with a montreu convention in order to access it more freely
  • Explosive coastline: Destroy a mangrove forest with naval mines which became free floating
  • I am just a businessman, doing business: Operate a trade route through a war zone
  • Maximum thermal polution: Your factories boiled all the liquid water in your planet (industrial)
  • Desperate times call for nuclear measures: When a dam on a giant river malfunctions and sends a flood that would effect a large population, detonate a nuke so that some of the water would evaporate and some would start filing the crater that formed, giving more time for evacuations
  • Cyber opium: Make other countries addicted to a video game and sell them roblox coins to grow your economy (industrial stage)
  • Sandwich superiority: In a war, have the air superiority and underground/water superiority but not the surface superiority
  • Dennis! There’s some lovely filth down 'ere!: Send a unit to a mud bath
  • Holy hand grenade: Use a self destructing sacred relic
  • Acid van: Hide in an unwelcoming substance to fake the passing away of your units
  • Westphalian gift*: Join a peace talk within 28 days and receive a charming carriage cloth. Carriage cloth exists in all civs because of convergent cultural evolution
  • Underground harbour: Turn a sea cave into an parking space for ships
  • Walking tradition: Invent spaceships before roads, all transportation is done on foot before space stage
  • Rainmaxing: Make a rain dance with a million people
  • Any% speedruner: Play as a brain parasite and go from awakening to space stage by taking control of an alien species that invaded or came to your original planet
  • Intense fire: Use 10% of nitrate in your planet on a firework display that is high either in duration or scale
  • Mermaids: Have a species you can interbreed that can’t live outside of water (society)
  • Popemobile: Add wheels during the design of your religious leaders vehicle
  • Great smog of london*: Create a smog due to your population vaping too much
  • Scp completed: Contain all the anomalies in your planet
  • Godless fertility: Have an atheistic population for 3 generations but don’t fall below replacement level
  • Kasparov is conglomerating his pawns into a mega chessatron*: Build a giant death robot from your own species during a battle
  • He’s made one of his knights into a unicorn: Trigger the metamorphosis or make a genetic change to a creature during a battle
  • Well done there to kasparov and his capatious bladder: Assasinate the enemy queen using a water cannon sniper
  • Surrogates went wrong: When everone live their lives in robot bodies and put their old bodies into hibernation, have a game over because the building where everyone’s brains (optional: and the rest of the body) are stored blows up (industrial/space)
  • Sun tzu is up to something: Open a castle’s walls and sit on top of them, playing flute, and not have it entered
  • Abusing equality: Relese so many vassals that you get to cast more than 50% the votes in the united nations (and it works)
  • Cultural seahorse: Change which gender can get pregnant (society)
  • Meat cities: Have a higher biologic kardashev scale* than technologic kardashev scale when you finish industrial stage
  • Natural science limit: Don’t use AI or life extension and reach the limits of the science tree, your researchers might start their education from birth and they would only start to understand the latest scientific principles right before they die due to old age
  • Leftist unity**: Be an anarcho communist and make an allience with a communist or vice verca
  • Fast ager: Complete society stage as a creature whose has the “mitochondrian kingdom” achievement (you might want to double down on antioxidants)
  • Carbon valley: Make a silicon walley for an industrial complex that uses neurons instead of transistors
  • Inconceivable*: Pay a ransom for a king or a noble in sandwiches
  • Cities will burn: In currency editor, create a currency that has an imaginary value with respect to another currency in use
  • Bridgepunch: Ram into a bridge with a submarine
  • Anti gulf streamism: Build an causeway* between two continents and stop an ocean current
  • Centralised internet: Have 90% of your population use the internet but 0% of them have personal computers or any other electronic device, they go to internet cafes built by you where they can be monitered
  • Quiet march: Stop your telephatic internet and start relying on speach, etc. while you are trespassing a hibernating country and don’t want them to wake up after noticing your prescence
  • Yes! kill me plez: As an industrial stage civ in a planet which is ejected out of its solar system, insult a space civ so that they’ll bomb your planet, heat its surface and allow you to extract geothermal energy
  • Race to the skies: Have a planet with 5 different space programs running in parallel because the various nations wouldn’t share information with each other
  • Kronstadt ship: When a battle takes place around a castle built on floating ice, the artillary or the landmines makes the ice break, sending the castle drfting into the ocean
  • Timur’s west: Capture a monarch’s family and release the claiments to the throne so that they would have a civil war between them, their state would be weakened and not do something such as attacking you
  • Agathocles*: Capture all the lands around an enemys capital
  • Anti wonder: Deconstruct 10 world wonders to get building materials
  • Hypocrite?: Promote two contradicting conspiricy theories
  • Bzzt*: Hit a submarine with an orbital laser
  • Orbital surrenderer: Attack a (non underground) city/base only with orbital lasers, lower its hp and either destroy it or make it surrender, but that base is surrounded by mountains at all sides (can only be shot from directly above(a small amount of time avalible for every rotation around a planet, allowing it to heal)) and it isn’t on the equator (stationary orbit doesn’t stay on top of it)
  • Planet o’ plauges: Have a society stage during which, on average you had more than 1 disease circulating around which kills more than 10% the natural growth rate of your population at all times
  • Attractive: Be colonised by 3 different countries, not necessarily at the same time
  • Reply of zaparozhian cossacks: Reply to a demand of subjugation with utmost vulgarity
  • Petting giganotosauruses: Coexist with a megafauna, have them as stray animals
  • Soyification*: Create a totalitarian femboy[3] empire (by chemical, gastronomic or cultural means)
  • Pompeiphilia: Build your first and second cities next to active volcanos
  • Whisperer*: Blend in with the low intelligence monsters in order to survive an apoclypse
  • Hibernating mortal engine: 100% of the housing in your country is done in RVs
  • Retro: When you enter space stage, the tallest structure in your planet was built before industrial stage
  • Trumpean: Storm the capital
  • Hobbit: Live in mounds
  • There is nowhere to go: Promote the conspiricy that your planet is flat so that the opponent superpower in your planet would cut funding to its space program and you would win the space race
  • Stormalong backstory: Build a harbor from a material that is lighter than water, and lose that port during a storm when it floats away*
  • Ocean empire: Play as an amphibian species. In society stage, control all the cities in an ocean and don’t have any land on land
  • :+1:: A robotic unit willingly throws itself to lava
  • We’re exiles in time: Go to every timeline
  • Time has momentum. Some things want to happen: Fill all the attractor slots for events happening in different timelines in your planet
  • You hear that, Kyle? That’s the dice rolling: Have a good dice roll (results in a critical hit or dodging an attack) when fighting a unit that was built or enhanced with nanotechnology
  • Mantelopean goauld: In society/industrial stage, your species goes extinct. But you are a brain parasite, so you change your species, but there isn’t a species that has hands to manipulate its surroundings so you go back to aware stage
  • Logistics from curiosity: Feed an army like in the story of the stone soup
  • The testimony of the dead: Solve a conspiricy by examining the brain of someone killed and getting the memories out of that
  • Mematic von noumen expansion: By hitting the surface of another planet with lasers, manufacture microchips and self replicating robots from at least 10 lightyears away
  • Beam me up scotty: Invent metamaterials and the tractor beam* (society/industrial/space)
  • Autotrophs of the ecosystem, unite!: Send a biologic weapon to a planet which causes plants to be resistant to every species of herbivore
  • Skynet collaboration: Get discovered by the seti program of a xenophobic empire that can and would destroy you, but bribe their AI which is is in charge of that seti program*. Provide it with resources to launch a skynet coup in its own civ. And even if it doesn’t feel gratitude, you now had enough time to mount a defence or run away and some understanding of their civilisation.
  • Unrepeting phenomena: Defeat a boss that sponteinously appeared, before it get sponteinously dissapeared. The loots will also sponteinously dissapear but at least this achivement, the xp and the friends we made along the way are permenant
  • The million year plan[4]: Plan the next million years of your economy (space stage)
  • Ship of heads: Decapitate the crew of your spaceship and only carry their heads so that the spaceship would be lighter and easier to accelerate
  • Distributed load: Own 100 planets but none of them is an ecumenopolis
  • Chariots of the skies: Find that a quantum field is not lorenz invarient(like aether*), hold it and pull it (like standing on the ground) to propel your spaceship
  • Chariot accident: Apply energy to a lorenz varient (non-covarient?) quantum field (that is accelerated to near light speed and used as an interstellar highway) to accelarate it suddenly in order to make the spaceships using it have a traffic accident (with implications such as the ones in the achivement “high acceleration in space travel”)
  • Demonic engine: Domesticate maxwells demon and build an engine that times its firings with spontenious combustion
  • Pantheistic kidnap reversal side quest: Help a maxwells demon find her lost son jesus christ who is a boltzman brain (space stage)
  • Magnum torch: When the lazers coming from your home planet are interrupted for an unknown reason and the darkness creeps in, defeat the demons of the interstellar medium attacking your spaceship until their behavior editor learns to not attack you
  • Akhulu: You get this achivement when cthulu gets posessed by aku, creating a new boss
  • Antiground missile[5]: Make a missile/spaceship that nukes in front of it and can go through a planet
  • Physical gravity assist: Dig a tunnel through a planet. The spaceships (no slow down) enter from one end and exit from another end, being accelerated by the planet (physically pushed) during that movement.
  • Instant sling: Build a physical gravity assist tunnel in 10 seconds or less (such as by using a relativistic anti ground missile)
  • Diluted engine: While accelerating towards a destination using solar sails, have the laser pointing at you from your homeworld lose 50% of its energy due to redshifting or losing focus
  • Heliobreaking: Do an aerobreaking manouver by going through a star
  • Concrete and violence: Have 3 distinct mafia competing with each other inside a single continious building (society/industrial/space)
  • Tensile ecumenopolis: Have a planet where 90% of the population lives in towers high enough or the planet spins fast enough that they feel a gravity away from the planet
  • Safe: Have a population over one trillion and less than 1 deaths per day on average
  • Hot pauli: Invent pauli blocking* in room temperature in order to make your spaceships invisible without having to go into hibernation
  • Post rocket equation: Accelerate your spaceship to relativistic speeds by accelerating your fuel to even higher (but still looks like just below 100% c) speeds using particle accelerators and using very little fuel
  • Nuclear gun control: Use a ureb to destructively disable a nuke*
  • Anti monument: By using anti monument guns* assasinate enough monuments to reduce the culture output of a civ by half
  • Exomarble: Take a picture of a planet not in your solar system from up close
  • Now we’re getting close: Have light sails and evolve to use sunlight like a tractor beam
  • Astronauting time: In a stealth mission, onboard an alien ship that doesn’t have artificial gravity
  • Planet hollywood: dedicate a planet to shooting movies
  • The sky is falling*: Have a sky that is actually made from lcd tvs fall from the sky
  • Mystery nearby: Explore your homeplanet less than the rest of the galaxy, your knowlage of an exoplanet, on average, is more than your homeworld
  • Born too early to explore the planet, too late to explore the stars: Discover ftl(or stay in your solar system until) at least 1 generation after fully exploring the planet
  • Extraterrestrial kleptoplasty: In space stage or as a space whale, steal the organelles of an alien for the first time, preferrably in first person mode (there is no need for the genes to be compatible if only compounds are exchanged between the cell and the organelle)
  • Coexistance with the parasite: Make a negociation or peace treaty with a creature or cyborg that takes control of your species’s body, legitimising their ownership of what they had taken so far (society/industrial/space)
  • Didn’t like unas?: Reach space stage as a brain parasite and change your host with another one from another planet
  • Reptilian overlords: As a brain parasite, take control of all the politicians in a planet
  • Waterloo across time and space: After a general conquers all of the galaxy, form a galaxy wide coalition in a different timeline and defeat that general
space whale
  • A totaly not completely impossible design: I already suggested evolving nukes. Now, become a space whale and use nukes for propulsion
  • A marvelous power source whose discovery and implementation by biological systems purely guided by evolution need not be immediately dismissed: Evolve antimatter engines
  • Reverse space stage: Play as a space whale and achieve sentience. Then have a cyborg revolution, replace your biologic body with machine parts. Then make a symbiosis with a biologic species, house them inside you and supply them with life support
  • Supercritical life: On a life bearing gas giant, be a sky whale and start falling to the ground, and survive at least 1 second in a supercritical fluid (have a high hp and an aerodynamic shape for fast drop)
  • I am on my sunblock day: As a cockroach style radiation resistant empivore space whale colony, absorb and dissipate a solar storm
  • Planetarian exchange: As a type 1 civilisation, cause a mass extintion in a type 2 space whale ecosystem
  • Power hungry: As a single organism, use as much energy as a kardashev 1 civilisation
  • Space cat: As a space whale, evolve the ability of rotating yourself in space without using exhoust gases
  • You are so spacial baby, my heart is going crazy: Do a complete gene duplication of the gene that codes for the rocket motor, and evolve the unused copy of that gene to create a heart that pumps blood in extreme speeds[6]
  • Exraterrestrial soprano: After a space whale ecosystem forms and carries elements in your solar system like an extended carbon cycle, sulfur cycle etc, evolve to have a very high pitch sound using the hydrogen coming from the gas giants
  • Space spartans clash: Hit the enemy phalanx with your phalanx at orbital speeds (society)
  • Planetary slime mould: As a poynucleate, start to feel the effects of the gravity your body produces
  • Drukhari*: Make a horisontal gene transfer with a space virus or parasite
  • Lord opec*: Create a lake that occationally spits out bitumen for an awakening/society species
  • Epic rain: Create a planet where football sized raindrops percipitate constantly
ascension types
  • Bathophobia: Ascend without ever digging a hole deeper than 1 meters (multicellular/aware/awakening/society/industrial/space)
  • Isolated ascension: Ascend with only one dyson swarm
  • Nuclear windmill: Detonate a nuke and get the energy of the wind it generates using your pre existing wind turbines and use that energy to activate the ascension gate right before your civilisation is wiped out of existance with orbital bombardment
  • The ultimate question: Find the question to the answer of life, universe and everything (requires 10 million years of computation) (space stage)
  • Earth: Use the subconsciousnessess of all the creatures in a planet to do computation for ascension either for the ultimate question or the ultimate answer
  • Eureka: Get a random 1 million year of progress towards finding the ultimate answer or the question. There is a 10% chance of this happening in every game, the probability jumps to 30% if you make all you scientists take a hot shower
  • Spoilers: When you see a civilisation trying to find the ultimate answer, tell them its 42 and what matters is the question
  • Potential with no tools of a civilisation: Reach singularity in aware stage(as in the achivement “queenbrain”)
  • Hive ascension: Reach singularity and remain alive for 17,5 million years(by adding new brain tissue as the telomeres of the previous ones shorten), use 7,5 million years of time to calculate the ultimate answer and the remaining 10 million years for the ultimate question, then combine the two and ascend
  • A gift from one intelligence to another: Give limbs to all the sessile biologic singularities in the galaxy so that they can modify their environment, not just dream endlessly and play chess against themselves
  • Pack with only rogues: Add only biological (ascended?) beings as your ministers/advisers, bringing unique bonuses (space stage)
  • Barrowed science: Ascend by only making research agreements and using other civilisations ascension research
  • Revenge descension: Destroy an expansionist empires ascension research before they destroy your civilisation
  • The faith way: Power an ascension gate by accumulating faith
  • The pain way: Choose the philosophy of darkess and gain points towards ascension by creating as much unhappiness as possible. You can have self flagellation events or build the Morty torturing device
  • The slime way: Find every color of slime spread over the galaxy
  • The fox way: Find all the kitsunes which have different number of tails. Learn what does a fox say (the alternate ultimate question)
  • The sandwich way: (secret ascension type) build the sandwich jake made in adventure time
  • Desire ascension: Capture object petit A (space stage)
  • Mathematical ascension: Find an exeption to gödel’s incompleteness theorem and capture the object of pure reason
  • Star wars ascension: (for a star wars mod*) Meet the voice behind the force
  • No, there is another: After having 50% progress towards ascension, ascend using another ascention type
  • Ascension diversity: Ascend with each ascencion type at least once
  • Earned ascension: Win a tournament which has the prize of ascension
  • Emancipated god: Be cursed by an evil witch that you gain ascension powers but can only use them for granting 3 wishes for others. Manipulate a creature into wishing you to be free
  • Maslow’s ascension: Become a post scarcity civilisation and click the roll credits button (society/industrial/space)
  • Hedonistic ascension: Create the strongest drugs in the universe or hack into your reward function if you are a robot civ
  • Consumer ascension: Satisfy the demands of a population that is requiring the maximum amount of resources per capita and creates the least recyclable wastes
  • Succesful ascension: 95% of your population ascends
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliaccappārementumophobia[7]: Get all the achievements except the ones that have longer names than their descriptions
  • Autodescribophilia: Get all the achievements that have the same name as their descriptions
  • Phobophobia: Ascend but get none of the achivements ending with “phobia”
  • Phobophilia: Get all the achivements ending with phobia
  • Philic diversity: Get all the achievements that end with “philia”
  • Inception diversity: Get all the achievements that end with “ception”
  • Vore diversity: Get all the achievements that end with “vore”, not necessarily on the same game
  • Xenomorph diversity: Get all the xenomorph achivements, not necessarily on the same game
  • Encycler: Write 1000 words in thrive wiki

The mars scenerio by @immortaldragon * and @spore123 *

  • I climbed the olympus mons: Climb the olympus mons
  • A sign of intelligence: Discover the temple on mars that is shaped like a human face
  • The just monarch*: Put an immortal abraham lincon on the throne of mars

The vampire scenerio

  • Making blood monsters*: Play as the spectrum radiation and turn 50 species into intergalactic vampires
  • Abraham lincoln the vampire hunter*: Unlock the character “Abraham lincoln”

Ghost mod

  • Ghostivore: Exclusively feed from ghosts
  • Nuclear hivemind: Play as a telephatic being with no physical prescence, and do radiosynthesis in a radioactive deposit
  • Mars needs you: Revive abraham lincoln

  1. ↩︎

  2. such as the plumbbomb manhole ↩︎

  3. make males receive female characteristics ↩︎

  4. reference to the five year plans ↩︎

  5. it shoots targets located beneath the ground. it is not related to the antiground missiles from r type series, which is anti-(ground force), not anti-(kilometers of soil and rock) ↩︎

  6. the exhoust pushes the blood ↩︎

  7. the fear of long achievements ↩︎


Please do not double or even worse triple post. Edit your post instead to have everything in one post. You managed to edit your first of 3 posts, but still made 2 unnecessary posts. (I’m pretty sure all 3 of your posts don’t hit the single post character limit)

Yea, i never double post.
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Okay, fine it was a legit triple post then, but you could have said something in the first post that you are splitting it due to max character limit. Or maybe reaching the character limit might be a sign that the achievements are getting a bit out of hand.

seems like a dlc or maybe just a mod. the whole point is to be scientifcally acurate

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YMCA: Make a civilization that judge its citizens in how well they sing and dance.
Snooorlax: Evolve a species that sleeps more than 10 hours.
Oh, great. Now i will never reach space stage: Evolve a creature on a planet where the conditions to reach the industrial stages aren’t present.
The Dark Forest Theory begins with you: Create a civ that is hostile with every other sapient creature on the galaxy.


No treasures?: Go bankrupt because of doing too much archeology
Archeo complete: Find every historic object burried and every species ever fosilised in your planet
Demographic deceleration: Have more than 80% of your population have the job[1] of looking after babies[2] and turn 80% of your adult population into other jobs all at once (the eggs may have hatched for example)
Capitalist gift: Have a negative inheritence tax
Ekipazh: Carry passangers from one falling plane to another damaged plane mid flight
Gardener: Fill the planets of the galaxy with flowering plants (space/ascension)
Water’s curse defeated: Start the game in a planet with floating continents* and discover the technology of destructive interference and use it to stop a tsunami that appeared after an earthquake or a meteor impact and would have destroyed one third or more of the continents (society/industrial/early space)
Atmospheric curse: Use a sonic weapon to damage the flying continents* of a planet (space stage)
Solar powered hug: Merge a planet an its moon[3] until their oceans or land start touching. Do this by connecting them with ropes made from a supermaterial and adding solar sails to the ropes, pulling them towards each other.
Ignoring geography: Build an aquadect that goes through a tunnel through a mountain and also goes over a sea to another landmass[4] (society)
Thunderivore: As a swarm, only get energy from lightnings (aware)
Missing inferno: Lose enough nukes which can cause a nuclear winter
You make Hancock happy: As a globe spanning civilisation, go back to stone age following a meteorite impact and sea level rise but not before building pyramids everywhere
Meerkat muninn: To see further distance, throw your eyes into the air and then insert them back to your body to get the video recording (multicellular/aware)
Bolased prolemuris: Have a pair of legs that merge into one leg and then seperate into two legs again(aware)
Photosnail: Get all of your energy need from the sun and move by lubricating your path
King slime defeated: Kill a creature that isn’t very solid and retrieve a metal armour formerly worn by a now digested soldier (awakening/society)
Zurna flap: As a jellyfish like creature, evolve to use circular breathing to constantly move forwards
Conquering the ice: As a plant, form forests on glaciers
Anti carb: Make it to aware stage without ever evolving a way to synthesise, digest or anabolise glucose
Globeluminescent: In the dark side of a tidally locked planet, have the organisms(such as trees) create enough light to be visible from space[5]. You don’t have to be bioluminescent yourself, but that is the only way to ensure[6] you get this achievement.

  1. you could also be eusocial ↩︎

  2. or 80% the time of 100% of population is used for that ↩︎

  3. both are tidally locked to each other ↩︎

  4. imagine carrying water from the po valley to britain ↩︎

  5. like cities on earth ↩︎

  6. just getting bioluminescense doesn’t ensure it, enough of it needs to be created ↩︎

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Combine : Create a mutual alliance with 3 or more species(everyone must have good relations with each other)

Combine Invasion : Be alerted of another species presence because of a disaster happening on their planet.

Resonance Cascade: Alert another species of your presence by screwing up. Badly.

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Wait, this isn’t the “Fermi Paradox” game: Watch how your society get back to previous stages a lot of times.
What?: Get two achievements that contradicts each other in one game.


Secure, Contain, Protect: Create an Organization that contains items, and also maintains a level of secrecy.

Dominance Shift: In civilization stage, have another species reach your level of technology, and send you back to tribal stage.

Save and Reload: Create a system for restoring the world if something ever happened(SCP-2000)

Robotically Enhanced Beyond Singularity: Robotically enhance your civilization until it loses all biological components.


Come think with us: Genetically and/or cybernetically enhance a macroscopic species to make them sapient.

House of philosophers: Genetically and/or cybernetically enhance all macroscopic species of your planet of origin to make them sapient.


Worlds Within Worlds: Engulf a cell which is engulfing another cell.

Fictionology: Start a religion based on far-fetched Sci-fi novels.

“A man animal getting leverage? That’ll be the day!”: Overthrow your incompetent alien overlords.


Cycles within cycles: manage to get trapped within recursively repeating time loops that go on for an eternity.
Rewards: “nobody said this was going to be easy” title, Cycles Within Cycles music.


Co-op mode - Have another species evolve at the same rate as you, and develop good relations with each other, and stick together until either species ascends.

Our Broken Moon - Have some apocalyptic world ending event destroy a moon of your planet.


Let’s be xenophobic: create a society that doesn’t recognize other sapient beings.
Let’s be xenophilic: create a society that recognizes other sapient beings
Thriveee awayyy from here: create a colony 300 years light away from your home planet.