Parties are for Losers: create a species that rapidly grows new appendages as a response to threat


Rhodian Future - Survive long enough to see your homestar die, and have to move to the nearest star system as a result.
Unlocks: “the only way to survive, is to leave the past behind.” Tagline, Rose main menu background.


Here are some suggestions for thrive’s achievements.
The journey starts. Start the game.
Eukaryote you are right. Get a nucleus.
Together we are better. Reach the early multicellur
Origans! Reach the late multicellur
You can think. Reach the aware stage.
Sapience achieved. Reach the Awakening stage.
Smeltal the Meltal. Reseach metallurgy/smithing
Religions and cultures. Reach the Society Stage
Steaming on. Reach the Industrial stage.
The universe awaits. Reach the space stage.
Hello! meet life on other planets.
Almost there. Start construction on the ascension gate.
You have Thrived. Finish the game.

There Probably will be more achievements, but these are the main ones I think.

There is already a thread for achievements, and I’m pretty sure the devs do plan to add some eventually
Additionally, I think basic progression achievements would be some of the first to get priority once they are added.

Big Ups: In industrial stage, have a citizen destroy their own nation by mistake.
Joker is Here: In industrial stage, have a citizen destroy their own nation by purpose.

Historical Accuracy: Have a cavalry unit in which the mounts are at least 300,000x more massive than your species

True traveler: visit every star.
Galaxy guide: visit every planet and place you can go to
banana biome: Discover the banana biome on a planet.
Easter eggs? all of them.: find all of the easter eggs
IMORTAL: Build the ascension gate without dieing .
???: have 5T members of your speices

Color-coded for your convenience: Invent Racism
Need for Breed: Invent Homophobia
Need to not Breed?: Invent Homophobia in a purely hermaproditic species

10,909 days - Create a system made to film one member of your species as a television show to boost morale levels.
Truman Population - Create a TV show about a entire different species, which actually exists, without the species knowledge.

Is that like a small rodent riding agentinosaurus?

  • Behold!: Mount a creature 100 times more massive than you
  • Citystic steps: Carry enough population to fill a city on a single creature (awakening/society)
  • Hydra defeated: Defeat a creature that would regenerate faster than it could be damaged (by stuff other than you) in its natural environment (it has no natural predators) (cell/multicell/aware)
  • Dyson sprawl: As a microscopic creature, lower the photic zone to 5 meters or less
  • Numbers is my thing: (cell) Spend enough mutation points to unlock all polymer nanoparticle* types (that have a use)
  • Cellular pulsar: Evolve lasers for communication (mobile early multicellular) and get help with an sos message from another member of your species by rotating in 3d and sending the signal to every direction
  • Crossing kingdoms: Be the first virus that can infect an eucariote
  • Sar11*: Lose 90% of your population to predation or viruses in every generation but divide fast enough to have a stable population
  • Flourescent bob: Play as a non corporeal life form which is a self sustaining homeostatic electrical cycle that controls a plasma
  • Autoevo went too far: Witness an unholy eldritch bacteria evolving
  • Chemical mismatch: Have a different gas composition in the oceans and in the atmosphere (both inhabited) (cell/multicell/aware)
  • Black carpet*: (multicellular) Live below the photic zone in the ocean and be heterotroph. Grow to be a mile long and wide
  • Microbeoid: Use both organelles and limbs for movement, both should contribute between 40 and 60 % to the movement
  • Chromocide: (cell/multicell) Be the first photosynthesiser that adopted a new photosynthetic pigment, outcompete the users of the previous one into extinction
  • Chromocide survivor: (multicell) As a photosynthesiser, change you photosynthetic pigment without evolving. Do this by making symbiosis with another algae
  • Coral yandere: As a coral that is at risk of bleaching, secrete a toxin which makes life outside of your body deady to algaes
  • Fire in the hole: As a plant, evolve explosives and use a cannonball to launch your seeds to new locations
  • Ground breather: In a tidally locked planet, do cam photosynthesis and get carbon dioxide from your roots, not leaves
  • Living refrigirator: As a plant, evolve refrigiration to cool down your leaves so that there would be less water loss
  • Going ostrich: As a plant, reproduce by growing your body above your leaves, having them in the middle of your body and one day bending your body, sticking the other end to the ground, creating an arch, and once the other side has enough roots to support itself, dividing your body into two
  • Patch painter: Change the color of your leaves during the mating season in order to change the albedo of the surface and create more wind for your spores to spread further
  • Sentient soil: With your roots, get nutrients from a creatures brain
genetics and tissues
  • Wash your hands: Evolve the ‘soap lysosome’, an organelle without a bilipid covering, it can be sent outside of the cell like an extracellular vesicle and used as a weapon that bursts the membranes of unicellular creatures and kills them, and decellularises colonies without adequate skin, leaving an empty scaffold which can be consumed or recellularised once the soap disapates
  • Meat berry*: As a heterotrophic species, invade the scaffold of an autotrophic one
  • Self sufficiency in table manners: To digest something, after eating it and placing it in the stomach, have every cell in your body leave their tissues, leaving a scaffold behind[1], consume the food like unicellular organisms, then return back to their tissues and reanimate the body
  • Kleptodigestion: Instead of digesting the tissues you consumed, assimilate them, reprogram the cells like a virus and use them as your own tissues. Digest/autolyse cells only when they starve. (aware)
  • Moultive reproduction: Have a hermafrodite population where, after the reproduction, the cells of the baby start dividing and replacing the cells of the parent. Death by old age never happens, the individual is slowly transformed into someone else. It is true that this would fix the population size and the species would eventually go extinct due to deaths, so when your population declines, do this on the members of another species that is similar enough to you but reproduces another way.
  • Tyrrany of the genetic majority: Instead of having a weismann barier, let all the cells in your body divide and age. Create the next generation of germ cells by looking at the dna of a large number of somatic cells and choosing the alleles that are the most common, the reason behind this is that the mutations that happen in each cell are likely to be different in all of them and by choosing the most common ones, very few mutations would be passed to the next generation just like in the weisman barrier. How is this different than pangenesis? Every cell carries the same genome and not every organ needs to be represented
  • Demon core is fun now: As a species that isn’t able to do the totgm described above, discover the treatment for radiation poisoning using somatic totgm reprogramming (society/industrial/space)
  • Triple polymeric redundancy: Cary 3 copies of the genetic code. Effects: radiation resistance, no cancer, and potentially immortality and the ability to stop evolution or at least slowing it down, though you might want to purpusefully not fix some of the mutations in your gametes
  • Genetic addiction**: Make post transcriptional rna edits to 50% of your genes
  • Lamarckian: description: Encode epigenetic changes to the genome*. So if you use a muscle too much, the muscle cells divide to create more tissue and the gene starts to code for a larger muscle, the offspring would receive the same order to apply more growth hormone as if the muscle was stimulated within its lifetime. requirements: reverse transcriptase? effects: could be mp discount or tying body design to gameplay (i dont know how that would work) stages: multicellular, aware
  • Alien appropriation: Do an endosymbiosis and get a translation plastit, whose job is to allow you to horisontaly get genes from a shadow biosphere or space whale
  • Alien elite: Conquer the other translaters, and then have your original versions go extinct. Now all the species in your planet has a dna ruling over a different dna in their translation plasmids
  • Scars from a past with multiple lucas: Carry viruses from 3 different translation types, which can’t become alive with your machinery
  • Genetic zip: In your stem cells, shorten your dna by using a compression algorythm, and use substitution editing to get the original rna’s (use the rna to build the parts of dna you need (all of it for gametes) so that mutations wouldn’t mess up everything)
  • Reverse erythrocyte: As a multicellular prokaryote, have a tissue where one type of cell enters another and the outer cell loses its dna
aware evolution
  • Welcome to the club: Evolve into an ant like creature
  • Evolution abhors a vacant niche: Fill 3 niches at the same time
  • Flashbanged*: Be blinded* by a bioluminescent organism
  • Scar fixer: Evolve a way to fix scars by removing collagen and adding cells
  • Unpredictable: Design 3 behaviors that are automatically sent to the revolutionary games servers due to taking too long to train
  • Ununderstandable: Survive “somehow”. The game should name your niche “unknown niche”
  • Knotbite: Eat stuff that requires jaws without having jaws*
  • Bird bender: Create enough magnetic field to make a species with magnetic sense move toward a direction that you want (multicell/aware)
  • Biomissile: As a flying creature, only make one attack during your lifetime, and do it by diving towards a megafauna, using your body as a kinetic weapon. Despite not surviving the crash, give birth after death, your descendants growing up by feeding from the corpse, and later metamorphising and taking to the skies to mate and dive the same way
  • Kangaroo: Have 3 different number of legs for the same organism
  • Stelladens mysteriosus: Have screwdriver shaped teeth
  • Abortive duplication: Have a species where the females become pregnant with partenogenesis, and use the organs of the child/clone
  • Marsh’s camarosaurus*: Do the thing above for a brain
  • Pogo stick: As a legless creature with no bones, move by jumping, because the ground is hot or cold or something else
  • Ranger: Make no noise while walking on a ground covered with leaves
  • Generous donator: Have a facultative relationship with 3 species that are obligately dependant on you
  • One way ticket: Due to only consuming stuff you can fuly digest, lose your anus, or stop vomiting if you didn’t had that
  • Gut instinct: Outsource some of your brain capacity to your microbiome
  • Shiny: Have an opal exoskeleton/shell (aware)
  • Good, i guess: Be able to see circulary polarised light
  • Sapient mushroom: As a saprotroph, enter awakening stage
  • Chemical fisher: As a hunting mechanism, evolve the ability to create anoxic zones, and scavenging the fish that didn’t survive
  • Self stork: Despite living on the ground or in the water, leave your eggs to the air (before aerial predators evolve)
  • Death angel*: Only have hearing as a sensory organ and be the apex predator
  • A tale of two milks: Observe your galaxy colliding with another galaxy (have decently evolved eyes), from start to finish, in aware stage
  • Teadotherm: Be warm blooded not by spending more energy, but by drinking water from hot springs, which are common in your patch
organism mode
  • Rapture of the deep: Get narcosis (aware/awakening)
  • Crashfish: Use an exploding creature as a weapon (awakening)
  • You could have swum: Walk a kilometer upwards on the sea floor
  • Aw man: After regenerating it twice, lose your brain for a third time.
  • Romance coordinates: As a species that can exist all over the planet, gather in a single place in the planet to mate
  • Master snake: Kill an creature that has 1000 times the volume of you by constricting it
  • Air snake: Constrict a flying creature while its flying
  • Snake armour: Increase your muscle power by making a symbiosis with a legless creature
  • Terrapinocytosis: As a single creature, plunge a body extension to the ground to drink underground water
  • Xenomorph vs goauld vs cannibalism: As a xenomoroph, you leave your eggs inside another creature, the brain parasite in that creature notices that its host will die (or it may be already dead) and jumps to your creature and starts controlling you, but it was infected with the eggs as well, so it is killed by your child, which is now inside you and kills you as well, you now start playing as your child
  • Its platonic, you wouldn’t get it: As a brain parasite, control a predator and catch its prey, but don’t kill it and mate with the brain parasite inside it, when all of a sudden, other predators (the same species as the one you control) arrive to the scene, they may or may not have brain parasites as well, but right now what they only care about is fulfilling their hunger. Protect the prey until they give up or lose sight of you two.
  • How did we get here?: Be poisoned and on fire while falling from the sky, but die due to a lightning strike (aware)
  • Arbalistic: Hit 5 creatures with the same projectile
  • Pop: Fight an epic and make its hydrogen bladders leak out (but not explode), making the creature be crushed under its own weight
  • Can’t let you do that: In aware stage, make a species that entered the awakenin stage go extinct
  • Rapid spread: Overcome a standstill* in just 10.000 years with technology and evolution/cross breeding (awakening)
  • The second one first: Don’t have an industrial revolution when you discover the steam engine, industrialise only after discovering the internal combustion engine
  • Jurrasic cuisine: Find a foodbank from millions of years ago (awakening/society/industrial)
  • Peace for our time: You get this achievement when the warmongaring state you tried to appease by reversing some of its losses from the previous war starts a new war unprovoked
  • Churchil’s resolve: Fight a defensive war on these 5 biomes: beach, landing ground, field, street and hill, and either win the war or get completely invaded, don’t have a peace agreement where you or your allies lose territory
  • Kurwa: Get partitioned for the third time
  • Marioing in moscow*: Hit the flag at the capitol building of a state that is larger than you and you are at war with
  • Guerra contra las pandillas: End the gang violence with an iron fist and make the streets safe again
  • Industrial conquistador: Convince a large primitive army (that your smaller, more advanced army can’t defeat) to surrender by snipering their commander and saying that you could kill the rest of the army with the same black magic
  • Proved norris wrong*: Make a hydrogen bomb without using computers
  • Pandjaitan plan*: As a state that primarily exports a natural resource, say iron, ban the export of the iron you produce so that the companies are forced to also smelt and process it in your country, and more jobs are created
  • Voteogenesis 2:7: As a dictator in a hive mind or metaverse, procedurally generate new citisens that would vote for you
  • Pirate’s thallasocracy: Have an economy that is based on raiding and plundering, and cause the depopulation of every coastline in your planet
  • Global power: Have at least one aircraft carrier in every ocean and sea
  • Nuclear campfire: Launch a nuke to a glacier
  • Biooriented: Turn every mathematical problem into an optimisation problem and solve with slime molds instead of turning into equations and solving with transistors
  • War of lübeck*: Sail on rivers that surround a friendly city and capture the siegeing equipment between the walls and the rivers
  • Macgyver: Summon Angus “Mac” MacGyver to speed up a research project
  • Carpocylapse: Build a 50 lane highway, and have a trafic jam in it
  • Dietogenesis[2]: As a species that likes eating brains, domesticate a species into having very large brains and then get skynetted by them (awakening/society)
  • No offense Larry*: Control a city with low water supply(the reason may be being in a desert) but don’t ban showering
  • Hypocaust: Have central heating in society stage
  • Cornstar feminism: In evolutionary stages, design a creature whose females have periods. And in society or industrial stage, make all your men take a medication that causes monthly bleeding to achieve equality again.
  • The everyday housewife: Have happy housewifes thanks to belgiume
  • Witnessless past: Download the worldbuilder dlc and create a calender that starts at a date before the earliest date for dendrochronology in your planet
  • Mr black*: Don’t attack a powerful civ that is hostile to you, see it getting attacked by a less powerful civ/civs, and defeat the civ/civs that defeated it, coming on top
  • Sticks and stones could break our bones: Make a treaty of non proliferation in awakeng stage with a neighboring tribe which is monitored by the members of the both tribes in order to prevent a stone age arms race
  • I am become plauge, destroyer of populations: Destroy a city using an artificially designed disease that has high fatality rate and long incubation period
  • Flirting with mardonius*: When offered to be the subject of a larger empire, ask the help of another city to fight the large empire and threten the city that you would attack it alongside the large empire if it doesn’t help you fight the large empire
  • Friends of convinience: Make an allience with a state that has an opposite ideology as you, despite the public outcry
  • I am my own grandfather: In a royal family tree, perform the marriages described in the song*
  • Consanguineoception: In a royal family tree, perform a quadruple half first cousin marriage*. Inbreeding between individuals who aren’t related, not even cousins.
  • Good at being bad: In the opening talks of an olimpic, say that the good side shall win. Then win by cheating.
  • They make up everything: Establish diplomatic contact with a microscopic species (society/industrial/space), they don’t have a brain but each free floating cell contributes some intelligence to the community and they can make decisions like a sapient being, make a deal with them but be tricked and betrayed
  • Burocracy amirite: Have your beurocracy have a nuclear war among themselves
  • Pasteur’s broth: After a deadly microbe species (one or multiple, might be engineered, natural, released with the melting glaciers, coming from space) threatens to kill all life in your planet or just your species (society/industrial/space), build bunkers with swan neck flask tubes, which let fresh air in but not the microbes
  • Skyblock: Build your first society center as a species in a gas giant, or a species in a rocky planet that doesn’t prefer to land
  • Army of the dead: Steal money from a bank in a city infested with zombies
  • Deluge: Cause or witness all land on your planet disapear because of sea level rise (society/industrial)
  • Blimp zealot: Reduce the oxygen levels in the atmosphere to make hydrogen blimps non flammable
  • O’hare: Commodify breathable air
  • Reputation martyrdom: Have a religion where humiliated leaders generate the same bonuses as the martyred ones
  • Lets see if you can fly that thing under cover: (before your first colony in another planet) Have your airplane be followed by an alien ufo inside a great canyon, blind it by opening a parachute and making the two aircrafts crash into the canyons walls, keep the pilot safe by using ejection seat
  • Excuse me mr. president: Have the shadow branch of your government that studied alien technology or specimens explain what they know to your president when the invasion begins
  • Is this glass bulletproof?: Kill an alien that took your president hostage
  • Nuclear peace: In your united nations, make the decision to give a nuke to every soveirgn country, no matter how small or unstable they are, so that there would no longer be any wars. Nothing can go wrong with this.
  • Heaven diversity : Have a non unified[3] planet without tax havens, not because you cooperated to remove all tax havens, but because nobody taxes, everywhere is a tax haven
  • Georgeous: Remove all taxes other than land tax (georgism)
  • More equal than others: Have no hierarchies but have a lifelong monarchy
  • Philosopher king populism: The leader you chose with the popular support of the lower classes is a virtious philosopher.
  • Hardworkism: Distribute purchising power proportional to the value someone generates with blue collar work
  • Anti unionism: Vages are determined with auctions
  • Psychohistorical communism: Have a free market or anarchist economy where the government has a complete control over the economy by guessing the behavior of the masses and redirecting them with small nudges. Unlocked with large population size and by researching sociology to the max level.
  • Service landlordism: Just like how a class of former investors can start to collect property tax instead of the government, have a class that taxes services like water or electricity before they reach the population despite not being involved in their creation (like power plant workers) or being armed (like mafia)
  • Opportunistic reallocation: Fix prices at a low price and make the trader class who used to bribe politicians all the time lose all their savings and influence during an economic crisis
  • Direct donatocracy: Have a system where the government has to raise money for everything seperately. There is no taxation, the citisens donate for what they think should be done.
  • Earn or perish: Criminalise being poor. Effects: increased productivity and crime.
  • Cirrhosis paradise: Have a society where individuals replace their livers or kidneys 10 times on average during their lifetimes due to substance use. Requirements: have drugs, artificial organ growing tech, hedonism, and unlock drugs from the settings. Effects: high medical bills, high spirituality, low industriusness
  • Corleonic measures: Kill 5 or more ministers at the same time when they tried to overthrow you with a coup
  • Reverse communist: Abolish personal property, so everyone can wear each others’s clothes, but have private economic property, so you can invest in a factory and have the means of production for yourself instead of the workers
  • Space XXL: Build a rocket that has 500 engines*
  • Space at your doorstep: Make a reverse spinlaunch, capturing the kinetic energy of the spaceships entering the planet and using it to send other spaceships, removing all the energy costs to space travel, if you don’t count the drag in planets with atmospheres
  • The power of the electron: Defeat a navy of nuclear spaceships with a navy of chemical rockets (pre ftl)
  • Ramacraft: Make an stl acceleration and get detected by a pre ftl civ’s ligo
  • Submaxer: Make a ship that can reach 0.99 planc acceleration with its sublight engines
  • Monkey go brrr: Reach 50% the speed of light without discovering relativity, and get suprised by the time dialation
  • Heatsink maxing: Find or make black holes that spin around each other and build your factories in their center so that you can reach more efficiency
  • Anti pedestrian: Due to induced demand, have 50% the urban areas in your homeplanet navigable only to spaceships with antigravity tech
  • Crunchy warming: Create a big crunch around a planet to force them into submission
  • No longer a failure: Heat up a brown dwarf enough to start fissile reactions in it
  • Sol invictus: Succesfully defend your solar system from the attack of another civ
  • Darwin’s demon: Edit your own species
  • Descart’s demon: Send a civilisation to a virtual reality without them noticing it
  • Neildegras tyson’s demon: Increse your intelligence so much that your toddlers can understand relativity
  • Celestial spectator: Use your stars gravitational lensing as a camera lens for the first time
  • Clever hans: Enter a multispeciatic allience by promising to provide something you aren’t able to
  • Post value added: Have an economy where the products cost almost the same as the raw matereals
  • Dustoclypse: Invade a planet using spaceships no larger than a milimeter
  • Breathless: Lose the atmosphere in your ship and make the crew wear spacesuits for 2 years
  • Eye of the storm: With just 1 ship, make an ftl jump to the center of the enemy fleet. They would spot your aproach after your arrival unless they had scanners using ftl particles.
  • Spacesaw: Make a disk shaped very large projectile and cut a spaceship in half in a space war.
  • Bend me all you want: Make a ship that is covered with a faraday cage for resisting gravitational waves, natural ones and weapons
  • Cosmic drink: Harness the whirlpool* of a neutron star to fuel your civ
    Wimpicide: Kill all the wimpzilla kaijus in the galaxy to ensure the safety of the trade routes
  • Antideorpaphobia: Discover a conspiricy involving omnipotent ducks
  • That is one big belgium tree: Find a tree (discover it with a plane or spaceship) 150 meters high and housing a tribe in awakening or society stage
  • What would it feel like to be a bat?: Unlock every macroscopic creature in your planet as possible captains for your spaceship, and play with all of them at least once
  • We meet again: Meet the same npc in a second adventure (probably designed by the same player)
  • You can’t take the sky from me: Fight for the planets’ rights against central authority, but after losing, start a life of crime
  • We’re still flying: Play as a captain. Get half of your crew and yourself wounded and escape from two different factions. But make money at the end of the day.
  • I realize certain words were exchanged, and certain bullets: Make business with someone again, despite the open secret of future conflict
  • We’re thieves, but we’re not thieves: Get a mission to steal something. After being unable deciding not to do that, give back the upfront payment
  • Jaynestown: Be forced to drop weaight from your spaceship in order to be able to enter space, and accidentaly become a town’s local hero for giving that money to the people
  • Mr universe: Broadcast a message to 50 planets or more
  • Raider: Decorate your spaceship with dead bodies
  • Somebody fire: With a single spaceship, attack a navy, make them angry, get yourself followed, go to a planet which is at war with of both of you, while the two armies fight, secretly enter the planet
  • Oh my blob: Repeat the events in sga episode “be all my sins remembered” but be unable to make the planet explode. Defeat the nanitezilla boss with your anti replicator coalition before it develops a resistance to the reverse replicator weapon
  • I hope they are as tasty as the farmers that grew them: Preapare dinner to the diplomats of an independant branch of your sapient livestock
  • I have the micro ground: During a war, win the sophon wars in 5 solar systems, gain intelligence and sabotage those planets
  • Shouldn’t have gone absolutist: Cause your enemy to enact the wallfacer project and choose your sleeper cells as their wallfacers
  • Tylerian tactic: Defeat an enemy by triple crossing them (society/industrial/space)
  • Trisolarian renesance: Have technological breakthrough after being influenced by a less technologically sofisticated species
  • Arnould’s rocket equation: With your captain, during an emergency, grab a nuke and throw it behind your spaceship in order to accelerate it
  • Thank you Carol Joiner: Have one of your ships attack another ship and consume its crew
  • Honorary space monkey: In a space city like Pacific 1, catch someone who is a species adapted to brachiating in zero g with a captain that is a species adapted to a planet’s gravity. Don’t use a backpack but you can use a grapling hook
  • Planet blue: Place a solar system in a time dialation field (evolution experiment) until a chromocide happens (space stage)
  • All endings: Play all four endings (extinction, plant multicellular, underwater awakening, ascension)
  • All endings?: Go extinct and become unextinct (such as with clinical extinction), turn from a plant into a sapient mixotroph, and make an underwater civ, ascend after all 3 of these
  • Clinical extinction: Have every member of your species (aware) clinicly die for 10 minutes, then become alive again (holding your breath underwater and having an extremely slow heart rate counts).[4]
  • Aware ending: Due to researching philosophy too much, have your population become aware that they are in a simulation, and refuse to be controlled
  • Soul maker: Study the HARs in 5 sapient species and unlock genetic uplifting
  • Too intelligent for having a physical body: Research the HARs of 30 sapient species and and discover evolutionary ascension
  • Atheist ending: Lose the civil war you had with those who believe that a black hole bomb ascension is a suicide cult, and be unable to have enough public approval to build a dyson mirror again. Get stuck in space stage.
  • Corrupted power: Smuggle sinful electricity* to a country to prevent it from achieving religious victory. Their prayers wouldn’t charge the ascension gate as fast as they predicted
  • Almost serbia*: Commit so many war crimes that an ascended civ tries to stop you. Defeat it with war crimes and gain their ascension powers
  • Old gang: Due to evolving very long lives, hibernation, genetic memory, brain transfer, or moultive reproduction, ascend with the same group of individuals you started the awakening stage with. Don’t have any casualties without making consciousness backups.
  • Nobody must born to suffer: Cooperate with every civ in the galaxy and ascend together, but before doing that, turn every planet in the galaxy uninhabitable so that no intelligence (which may fail to do what you guys did) would arise again.
  • Theistic ending: Find god when he is actively guiding evolution in another planet, and ask him to make you a god as well. And by god I mean another player with cheats on.
  • Chaya sar: Fix all the diseases of a preindustrial society (ascension)
  • Let there be light: Create a new game after ascending with custom parameters for the galaxy

  1. preferrably an exoskeleton protecting you during this vulnerable time from any possible attack ↩︎

  2. creation from diet ↩︎

  3. 3 or more countries ↩︎

  4. Every extinciton is also a clinical extinction so i thought this achievement should be achieved if clinical extinction happens but extinction doesn’t happen ↩︎


Not very forward-thinking: Create a creature with no senses that operate at a distance


Bloated: Have your cell be 50 hexes large or more
Metro: Reach the awakening stage in a terrestrial, irradiated cave


The great Plant Empire!
as a plant, somehow reach space stage.

Do you want to explode?
invent explosives.

walk at least 200 miles (321 km) from your original position in aware stage.

The Hermit Kingdom
create a dictatorship that no one is allowed to leave.

create a creature that looks like a bean from a certain evolution game.

Anger issues
destroy an entire race because they refused to help you.

The plague
have at least half your citizens die from the same disease.

Global Warming
cause your atmosphere to have record amounts of CO2.

Intergalactic virus
as a virus, somehow make it to another planet.

Faulty species
go extinct 10 times.

Feed me, Seymour
evolve into a large carnivorous plant.

evolve a large, furry, reptilian creature.

Absolute destruction
destroy another empire by only exploding their stars.

The one empire to rule them all
kill all other empires in space stage.

Ive heard that name before…
worship a god named “spode” or find an empire which does.

Universal Playlist
in the main game, have every song be played.

I’m melting!
die in either fire or lava.

Good boy!
domesticate a species.

evolve a species that doesn’t need water

Alien Tartigrade
evolve a species that can resist almost anything.

true millipede
evolve a species with at least 1,000 legs

the GOAT
evolve a goat-like creature

in Homo Sapiens footsteps
in awakening stage or society stage, hunt another species to extinction.

This stinks
on a low gravity planet or gas giant, evolve a floating creature that propels itself with farts.

demon species
evolve a species that can live or lives in volcanoes.

big mouth!
evolve a species with a mouth at least 1/3 of its whole body.

robot protectors
create defense robots.

make your species have the same name as a real life one.

evolution never sleeps
play thrive for 24 hours straight.

unstable atoms
discover radioactive isotopes.

create a dyson sphere.

anarchist’s dream
create an anarchist nation

anthronian enlightenment
reach ascension as a anthronian like creature


Paragon of Virtue? Raise another individual of another species in Aware or Awakening Stage

Paragon of Virtue Raise another individual of another species to adulthood in Aware or Awakening Stage
without them dying or killing them.

Oddessy Have the player or player controlled unit circumnavigate the world with at least one person of the original expedition surviving if controlling a group of units or a unit like a ship or plane Aware to Industrial stages

FLOOF! Cover at least 80% of your creature with some sort of external filiment

This is my Boomstick! Create a handheld weapon that use a chemical as a propellent ie gunpowder, smokeless powder

Unga Bunga Boomstick Create a handheld weapon that use a chemical as a propellent before creating bronze/iron/steel tools

BOOM! not boom Invent high explosives before gunpowder/blackpowder ie nitroglycerin, TNT

The bigger they are the harder they fall Die as the largest creature in your world

The bigger they are the harder they fall 2 Destroy the largest building in your world

Atlas won’t shrug Have a country with full economic freedom last 100 years

Perfect Planning Have a country with a fully planned economy last 100 years

XXX create alchohol and containers to hold it

GO TO BELGIUM! Name something one of the certain phrases

Light in the Darkness Get both Paragon of Virtue and Oddessy with having a creature with at least 10% of their body or outer covering filament being bioilluminescant


OVERLOAD have 10% of your planet TOTAL MASS be biomass from your species
too… late have a species reach the space stage before you move out of the water. note this would only happen in a long time ie. 100b years so you would have time to get out of the water
paraparaparaparaparasite be a parasite of a parasite of parasite of a parasite
YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER kill all civilians in the galaxy by war (only sentients)
rottenmate stay in stalemate for 1m years
“this ain’t Spore 2” - volume 2 have a creature die instantaneously from having no brain
“this ain’t Spore 2” - volume 3 have a creature die instantaneously from having no heart
all Stretched to death get your home planet get sucked into a black hole. note black holes sucking planets can be stoped by a very high tech upgrade
WRONG BELGUM nuke belgum on the earth planet

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How exactly do you stop a black hole? It just eats everything, including magic.

you keep it from eating things, make a black hole bomb and don’t feed it. alternatively you yeet your planet away from the black hole using a spare moon

Got it, make a black hole bomb and don’t feed it.