Vodka: make alcohol out of a root or tubers.

  • Thrive the tourism simulator: Play as a group of tourists stranded in a touristic planet after a catastrophe either destroys the civilisation outside or severs connection with it. Play aware/society/industrial stages with space stage gadgets and make it to space stage. Don’t go extinct when you run out of supplies.
  • Phtrophy: Be a ph-trophic creature located in a place where an acidic river and an alkaline river meet
  • Amivi Gama: After a long period of positions of power only obtained by one gender, establish gender equality and have an authoritarian dictator from the other gender (before space stage)[1]
  • Anti democratic cloning: In a goverment with seperation of powers, have one person clone himself and put his clones to every branch of goverment
  • Internal coup: Have a species that has two different minds[2] in one body but only one of them is on charge. Then have one of the minds do a coup and switch the dominant mind in an entire countrys population in a short time.
  • Planet of the oracle: Find a habitable planet habited only by a religious figure and his interpreters
  • Totalitarianism: Watch your citizens in their homes
  • Addicted to the drama of the mortals: Export soap operas to an ascended civilization and purchase a god tool in return
  • Pax [your empires name]ica: Unite a large area which used to have a lot of wars but thanks to you not anymore (don’t have civil wars)
  • Achemenids are no longer everything: Control over 50% of global population, and in that same land only 10% of global population will live one day[3]
  • Peoplelight saving time: Take the decision to cryogenicly freeze the children, the elderly and the unemployed for a period of increased average productivity
  • Ultra young demographic: Have an average age of 1/20th the time it takes to become an adult
  • Collective knowledge buildup: Enter society stage with a species that has a lifetime less than a season
  • Non pre determined machine minds: Don’t discover digital computing and make an artificial general intelligence with analog computers
  • Global korea: Have every country in the planet be divided into two countries with opposite ideologies
  • I don’t trust the voices in my head: Have a low trust society and hive mind at the same time
  • Bribeocracy: Don’t have standardised taxes. Fund your goverment by taking bribes.
  • The criminal personality is gone: Delete the memories of your criminals and release them without punishing
  • Crimetocracy: Have a revolution where all the criminals escape from prison and imprison people who have never went to jail
  • Crime makes you mature: Have a culture where being sent to the jail is a rite of passage
  • Every spartan hunts dinos: Have a rite of passage where people have to hunt a creature that is 10 times heavier than them
  • Close call: Have the civilisation in your home planet be destroyed by a natural or cosmic disaster when you have only one other self sustaining colony on another planet
  • I appreciate the effort: Change your planets rotation speed by more than 1% before industrial stage
  • Dirt burner: As a fire breathing creature, use ceramics in aware stage
  • Natural scalpel: Use obsidian hand axe in aware/awakening
  • Government in flight: Lose all territory in the ground and employ hit and run tactics using blimps
  • Bad starting location: Invent astronomy and discover that there aren’t any other rocky planets or moons in your solar system
  • Hungry ground: Keep adding new floors to your building as the ones below sink into the ground or water
  • Outsourced to orbit: Build an alloy factory in zero g
  • Oumuamua: Watch a society with cameras from up close, but make it seem like a comet/asteroid
  • Ant queen the spare parts maker: Have a species that can regenerate lost body parts not just for themselves, but also others
  • Interspeciatic upgrade: Add a limb of another creature to yourself after you lost yours, and gain an ability your species doesn’t have
  • Surfboard the body part: Move by surfing in a planet with constant waves
  • Amphibian subterranian shortcut: Have a migration route that goes through flooded caves
  • I guess you can use this route: Have a trade route going through flooded caves
  • Plato’s atlantis: Build a city on a richat structure
  • Touchable sattelite: Make an object orbit an atmosphereless planet 10 meters above its surface
  • Barrowing heat: Have a cavalry unit connect their blood with the blood of their mounts to not die of hypothermia
  • Unmanned biologic vehicle: Have an unmanned animal army or trade caravan
  • David vs space goliath: Defeat an alien empire that has a civilisation type that is 0.5 more than you
  • Type 0 civilisation: Utilise 10^6 watts of energy
  • Electro mind control: Insert a conductive spike and give electric signals to mind control other species (aware stage)
  • Carter, I can see my house: Add ftl capabilities to an asteroid to prevent it from hitting your planet
  • Kamikaze research: Give your researchers drugs to get a short term science boost but long term problems
  • Rohirrim charge: Make a cavalry charge to a larger army just as the sun rises and break their lines
  • Amenitite[4]: Spend 50% of your gdp on amenities
  • Big bang science: Discover quantum gravity
  • Didn’t need to evolve this fast before: Evolve in a smaller biogeographic realm and colonise a larger biogeographic realm (aware)
  • Kraken of deep past: As a sea megafauna, hunt a ship shaped animal
  • Planetary skin: As a photosynthesizing microscopic creature, form a thin and dense layer on top of your planets oceans like milk skin
  • The fruits of revolution: be the symbiote algea of a coral. Then declare indipendence and evolve into a banana
  • Supplemental growth factor: As a creature that breathes like insects, make endosymbiosis with a lung breather and use them as an organ
  • Purple shadow hypothesis: Be a different colored plant in the forest floor than the plant with the highest growth
  • The heavy alternative: Use silicon instead of carbon and arsenic instead of phosphorus
  • Genus[5]: Discover multicellular alien life[6] with a different chemistry than you on a meteorite that fell to your planet
  • I refuse to move on: Don’t ascend and survive until the heat death of the universe
  • Be wary of the opposable claws: Have a deadly war in a forest and drop many guns. But don’t be able to enter there again because the local wildlife learned to use the AK-47’s
  • Pluto’s not a planet?: Have your astronomical society receive public disappointment because of a decision they made
  • Scientific prayer: Your religion makes your people do science experiments. Affects: adds science proportional to religion
  • Firefly jar: Don’t use fire or light bulbs, use bioluminescent organisms (and you don’t have that ability)
  • Half orbit: Build two planets that make 180° rotation around their star, make a u turn around each other and go back to do the same 180° rotation backwards, meeting and doing the same thing on the other side (ascension)
  • Unappreciated: Give solar systems to a new space stage civilisation but after they completed colonising those systems they attack you because they want more land
  • All roads used to lead to rome: Have 50% of the roads in your planet disapear due to disuse
  • We are no pets: Give your citisens dog food during a time of scarcity and they rebel when the word comes out
  • Oh this is quite good actually: Give your citisens dog food and it is quite liked. New national dishes use it as an ingredient
  • Cheesemaster: Try combining different milks and bacterias and win a galaxy wide cheese contest
  • Deja vu is the norm: Open a new game and save it until it is you who plays in every habitable planet (assuming the game entry would be like spore and planet editor is planet chooser)
  • Far reaching trade networks: Buy something that was mined or gathered or produced 1/2 equators away but in awakening stage
  • Band diversity: Have a band that uses 15 types of musical instruments[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]
  • Alcohol diversity: Invent 50 types of alcohol
  • Phantom time: Insert years to your calendar or delete some
  • Not programmed to see me: Hack all the robots or the people with vr headset, and move without getting caught
  • It was a cake all along: Sell something and take the money, only later he notices its not real and a cake replica
  • Sideways mouth: Have a left and right jaw
  • Fingery: Have 50 fingers in your hands
  • Muscle tension: Use a bow when you have no bones or exoskeleton in your arms

  1. this is in a planet where authoritarianism isn’t the norm but also isn’t unheard of ↩︎

  2. may or may not be symbiotic life ↩︎

  3. achievement is taken when the population percentage lowers to that value without the net population lowering in that region, what part of the world is being owned by the player when it does happen doesn’t matter ↩︎

  4. amenity appetite ↩︎

  5. from the movie evolution (2001) ↩︎

  6. or one that becomes multicellular ↩︎

  7. vibrating a string ↩︎

  8. vibrating a surface, like a drum ↩︎

  9. vibrating a solid object like cymbal or xylophone ↩︎

  10. pushing air through an opening ↩︎

  11. pushing water through an opening ↩︎

  12. moving an object against the stationary air ↩︎

  13. two object frictioning but not ceasing contact or an object does it with itself like a plastic bag ↩︎

  14. an object moving in a viscous fluid ↩︎

  15. sound from electricity ↩︎

  16. a chemical reaction ↩︎

  17. an object deforming and becoming useless after making a sound once ↩︎

  18. a matter going through phase transmission ↩︎

  19. echo ↩︎

  20. the sound of your species ↩︎

  21. the sound of another species ↩︎


butlers achievment: have the citizens of your nation create a law banning the teaching of evolution as it is against there creation myth


Deja-Vu: Perfectly replicate human history (realistically Achievable in ascension stage.)

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thriveception: have your citizens create a scientifically accurate evolution game

Is the end of the world: watch how a natural disaster destroy a civilization.
We are the end of the world: as an spacefaring civ, destroy another civilization.

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Ancient clothes: As a hermit crab, wear a 100 million year old shell you found
How dare you call me old: Be a living fossil and while walking with your pack of different creatures, stop next to a fossil in the wall that looks exactly like you and they make a noise, followed by a louder noise from you
Skin diversity: Have scales, bare skin, feather/hair and spikes at the same time
Know em all: Teach 5 mandatory languages in schools
Not even industry knows: Learn a technology from ancient texts in industrial stage
Cool? Cooled: Because your creature or mounted units can’t sweat[1], have cooler units whose job is to spray water
Resisting fauna: Kill enough aliens so that they’ll think yur planet is too dangerous to colonise (aware stage)
Stamp rebellion: You get abducted and put into a zoo along with other species from other planets. Find a way to escape the zoo. (aware/awakening)
Paperclip maximiser: Turn the whole galaxy into paperclips
Primordial stew: Find a planet with the mix of chemicals about to spawn a luca… and drink it
Whoa whats this: Drink the primordial stew and your captain turns into another species
Type-1: Have your microscopic creature make 10^-4 watts of energy
Unmovable object: Have your spaceship not take more than 50% damage when an energy beam equal to 100 solar masses turned into pure energy hits it
Ftl battle: Have a spaceship battle in hyperspace
Shield jump: Enter inside a forcefield by using hyperspace
Dimensional eyes: Make a device that can detect spaceships that are in hyperspace
Nonglued: Run on quicksand
Ejected: Whithout flight, get 1 kilometer above the surface(aware)
Slowed landing: Get the achivement “ejected” and survive the fall
Evaporation pond: Fish by letting seawater flow to a basin and then stopping the flow and waiting for the water to evaporate
Winged: While exploring a planet, have your spaceship be thrown off course by a giant creature flapping its wings
Probiscus veteran: Have more than half of your cytoplasm be drinked by a single cell, but survive
Please drink me: Reproduce by sending your kids inside other cells, but don’t be able to puncture cell membranes, they must try drinking you

  1. and its hot out there ↩︎

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Nothing else matters: develop a civilization focused only in science.
For whom the bells tolls: in industrial stage, watch how some of your soldiers develop PTSD.
KDA is here: in industrial stage, watch the rise of a female music band.

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  • Unsafe: Lose 10% of your population in workplace accidents
  • Everything has a price: Sell weapons to a country you are at war with
  • Flipolution: Hunt a creature whose ancestor used to hunt you
  • Click anniversary: Left click 10 000 times
  • Things move in space: Have your holy planet collide with another holy planet
  • So you think getting all achievements is easy: Get all the achievements in one sitting
  • Double survivor: Survive 2 mass extinctions 1 million years apart from each other
  • Uno reverse card: Hack a missile that was sent to you and redirect it to where it was coming from
  • My dormancy was overestimated: Reactivate a missile that had started falling and hit a target
  • Back catcher: Shoot a supersonic missile from behind
  • Blackbird: As a plane, dodge a missile by going faster than it
  • Flying fish: As a sea creature, stay 45 seconds in the air
  • Plant bodyguard: As a plant, make an allience with insects so that you’ll be protected
  • Big mite: As a 5 mm long creature, only feed from dust or compound clouds

  • Accompanying achievement: Every time you get an achievement, there is a 5% chance that you get this achievement as well.
  • Unaccompanied: Get 40 achievements but not the accompanying achievement
  • Rare accompany: Get accompanying achievement right after getting unaccompanied achievement
  • Jackpot: Get 4 achievements right after each other
  • Speediest achiever: Get the speedy achiever (which was get 5 achievements in 20 seconds) achievement in 0 seconds
  • Achievement birthday: Get an achievement the day it was written(this achievement would probably be used for getting the “speedy achiever” achievement)
  • Birthday anomaly: Get achievement birthday and speediest achiever at the same time, then try to figure out in which order you got the achievements
  • Lets make it 10: Get 9 achievements right after each other
  • Fourtyfobia: Get from the achievement 39 to achievement 49 in zero seconds. After taking this self fulfilling achievement you’ll never step on fourties
  • Meeb meeb: Use various loopholes to get from having 0 achievements to 50 achievements in 10 minutes after starting the game
  • Blind from achieving: Have the achievement pop ups cover all your screen
  • Slartibartfast: Leave your signature on a planet after designing it (space/ascension)
  • Micro discoverer: Discover all the microscopic life in your planet (and add them to thrivepedia) (space/industrial/maybe society)
  • Hello old self: Find the fossil of a creature you played, exactly at the place you left it
  • Hello old… useless now: Find the fossil of a food you buried in a previous life
  • Lazer eyes: Make the biological laser I wrote in my first post
  • Fiery evolution: Make all species not resistant to fire go extinct
  • Concentrated lazer power: Use biological lasers and pack hunting to kill prey by heating it (catching isn’t necessary, seeing distance is enough)
  • Lazer smeltle thingy: Use concentrated lazer power to smelt metals underwater
  • Can’t swing with this drag: Design a pickaxe that works like a saw or a screwdriver(rotates) for mining underwater
  • Heavy bombardment adaptations: See a meteor and hide in safe spots before it hits your planet in aware stage
  • Jumping spider: Use chromatic abberation to have depth perception
  • Bug eyed alien: Have compound eyes and enter space stage
  • Virtual biotelescope: Keep a wide distance between your eyes with eyestalks and have a better image like an astronomical interferometer
  • Project omniscience: Point a telescope to every star in the galaxy at the same time (space/industrial?)
  • Wraith retrovirus: Deploy a biological weapon which either changes the gender of the subjected creatures or makes them go through a metamorphosis they don’t normally go (like axolotl becoming salamander)
  • Gini revolution: Change your country’s gini coefficient by 0,75 in one year
  • Spread out: Have the population in your planet reach 1 billion without any of the cities reaching 1 million
  • Mortal engine: Move a wheeled vehicle with 100 thousand population by 10 kilometers
  • Rocket assisted incline running: Move rockets to the orbital ring using wheels and and an incline
  • Wing fingers: Remove the membrane between the bones in your wings which used to be used in powered flight and end up having very long fingers
  • Spurprise: Make a rotating body part that is a weapon
  • Deadly migration: Make your population migrate through inhospitable terrain and lose 50% of them
  • Murdered and didn’t even noticed: Kill a creature without having any weapons (ex. stepping on it) and don’t notice it (it was simulated but you weren’t looking there at that time)[1]
  • Petroleum plant: As a sessile organism, grow your roots so deep that start consuming fossil fuels
  • Rooting in fish: As a plant, float on the sea surface, use dead fish as the land you grow your roots in
  • Keto diet: Generate less than 10% of your energy from carbonhydrates
  • That census is way off: Count the number of people in your country and either measure it 50% less or 100% more than the actual number
  • Megalodon endorses anprim: Lose internet connection because a sea megafauna ate the subsea cables
  • Megalodon sheds tears of happiness: Switch to anprim after getting the achievement above
  • Amidst so much water: Carry fresh water to another landmass with pipes placed in the seafloor and the sea is saltwater
  • Aliens of the round table: Be banished to a planet with feudal society and rise through the ranks to become a lord despite your appearence
  • Wingman: As a creature with wings, help someone in your pack find mates
  • Oklahoma: Put a law that says its illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub after 7 pm[2]
  • Pulling on space breaks: Use the atmosphere of a planet to slow down your spaceship
  • Global cell: Have your species (or identical ones) be present in every patch at the same time in microbe stage
  • Deduelisation: Have a society where everyone can challenge someone to a duel slowly evolve into one where their lawyers duel and finally only professionals fight and people bet on them
  • Tough on its own: Destroy an empires ftl capabilities for 1000 years but dont be able to take any of the planets even though they stand on their own
  • Heavy dyson: Have a dyson swarm that has more mass than the star it orbits
  • Godzilla vs kong: Make two epics fight each other
  • Minas Tirith: Have a city that grows around a mountain
  • Lung pet: Be a sea creature and connect your blood to a land creature, using it as a source of oxygenated blood while you are out of the sea
  • I just didn’t like mine: Use another creature for pretty much every organ of yours
  • This is my skies: Before space stage have a dogfight with an alien spaceship and shoot it 3 times without getting shot
  • Roswell: Make an autopsy on an alien
  • The ultimate thrive experience: Play the game in thrivian, the conlang designed by forumers for human use[3]
  • A sumerian dog walked into a tavern: Make archeology and discover a joke. Affects: temporary increase in happiness (fills a discourse slot)
  • Waking up to an upside down world: Make your civilisation go into hibernation, and wake up with all your discourse reasons turning oppoiste (example: you still have “our missionary has won a debate” active but the other religion is stronger now)
  • Gossip diversity: Have every type of discourse at least once
  • Time to talk, no time to settle: Unlock discourse slots before your first city
  • Diversity diversity: Get all the “diversity” achievements
  • Shrike of the skies: Rerecord the folktales of a planet after all of the first ones were forgotten (space/ascension)
  • Naked truth: Promise your population government transparency and make all the government buildings from glass
  • Evil twin: As a regenerating creature, drop a body part, but unbeknownst to you, that neglegted limb succesfully grows and becomes a clone of you, traps you and takes your places in your tribe
  • Egg craze: Lay 1 trillion eggs in single lifetime
  • Space spice: Unknowingly use a spice of extraterrestrial origin
  • Industry without flint: Make it to industrial age without knowing how to start a fire but being able to carry one that already started
  • Firelessised: Lose your fire which you are unable to remake and wait for a lightning to start a new one
  • Unrefireable: The one at the above but it is the start of the monsoon season
  • Eternal flame: Light a fire at the beginning of society stage and carry it to another planet without it ever extinguishing
  • Its like monoface, but bi: Make a biface hand axe
  • Getting used to adam and eve: As a sexual reproducer, have a population of 2 individuals 10 times (a different 2 every time)
  • Ultimate bottlenecker: As a mytosis/cloning reproducer, have a population of a single individual 10 times (different each time)
  • Waiting to reborn: After your civilisation goes extinct, play as the astronots in orbit or in a non-self-sufficiant base in a moon/planet who must find a way to land back to their planet and clone people to restart civilisation.
  • Animalball goo: As a multicellular creature, liquidise all your biomass and bring it to one spot every mating season
  • I wasn’t heavier when I was younger: Never decrease in biomass until space stage
  • Tissuephobic: Place the maximum amount of metaballs placeable before unlocking the tissue editor
  • Everyone wants a seaside house: Urbanise all the coastlines in your planet
  • Insusceptible to bends: Move 5 kilometers verticaly underwater in 10 minutes and don’t have any problem
  • Landless lung:Evolve lungs without ever going to land

  1. this is an achievement you can’t get by trying to get it ↩︎

  2. here is how it might happen. when a flood happens there is a chance that a farm animal in a boat like object gets lost in the sea. after bringing it back, the villagers become angry that this was necessary, so to increase their happiness, you get few options on what to ban. some are like banning any farm animal from entering bathtubs, but if you choose the most spesific one, you get the achievement ↩︎

  3. you can either learn the language or memorise what every writing meant ↩︎

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Five nights at thrive’s: Create a religion which believes that animatronics house the soul of the dead.

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the grim darkness of the far future: make your once great empire an over zealous dying kingdom
child soldiers: you know what to do
all tommorrows: come across a race incredibly powerful compared to yours and get destroyed and/or reprogramed to be their slaves

  • Freddy tombs: Have “animatronic encasement” as your type of disposing the dead
  • Galactic battery drainer: Make a living by buying planets, cooling their cores and selling them afterwards
  • Thats a lot of copies: Have 16 n chromosomes
  • Invisible australia: Do coast hopping and map all the coasts of an internal sea, but you missed an australia sized island in it
  • Diversified god: Import 3 gods from other religions all being the same god in a previous religion before they evolved differently
  • Eu4 moment: Release a vassal that has more than 50% of your land area
  • A sentence never formed before: Carry a temple in ftl
  • Famous: Be featured in the front cover of a galactic “times magazine” when you have 10 colonies or less
  • Swift electrifier: Complete the electrification of your country 5 years after the discovery of electricity
  • Tesla’s dream: Don’t use wires to carry electricity
  • Starting… any time now…: Find an ancient technology, start it and its minutes of alien dial up sound
  • Bridgeception: Build a bridge that goes over one or multiple bridges (like the tally mark for 5)
  • Maybe the real god was the friends we made along the way: Check the olympus mountain of your religion and find no ascended beings. But keep having your praxis(going to church, charity etc.)
  • No galaxy challenge: Have your starting galaxy collide with another galaxy and your solar system ejected. Start space stage in the intergalactic void.
  • Brand new galaxy: Carry your solar system to another galaxy using ftl after you were dragged in a war you would lose
  • A building that goes through a black hole: Make an active support structure using ftl
  • Secular ascension: Mine the whole galaxy until it is comprised of only black holes and oneill cylinders
  • Vorash supernova: Destroy a spacefleet by making the star of the solar system it is in explode
  • Vorash hyperdrive: Use a supernova to go faster/farther than you normally can
  • Why isn’t this vacuum: Exit ftl travel inside a star
  • Robot disease: Put “quarantine” and “social distancing” measures for computers
  • Stored air: Evolve to carry snow which is frozen air in your planet
  • Dry ice eater: Be a plant which gets most of its carbon from dry ice
  • Matrix planet: Darken the skies to deny a planet solar energy
  • Raid on area 51: Have the existance of aliens become public knowledge after a raid on a secret military base
  • Kharijite: Attempt to assasinate the heads of two factions in a civil war that are fighting each other as a neutral third party, but succeed in only one of them, inadvertently helping one faction[1]
  • Migrater faction: Start fighting in a civil war and lose foothold in that country, move to another country in this multi-countric civil war and lose foothold in that country as well, move to a third country and then have a peace agreement, now you can focus on building your country according to your ideology
  • Lets forget what just happened: After it looked like the angry crowds will topple the government, run away to another country and be a government in exile, but those who remained were able to crush the protestors, so come back
  • Eventful dedrivisation: Ban all non self driving cars in a touristic/migration season when all of the roads are filled with cars and all of them stopped. Modify them and start moving all of them at the same time.
  • Misinformed vandalism: Have an angry group of climate activists enter a fusion plant and cause damage, because it is “radioactive”
  • Well we’re screwed: Go to another universe to escape heat death, but it also had its big bang at the same time so it is also dead
  • Don’t eat the glowing green rock: Die from radiation poisoning in aware stage
  • Nuclear spring: Swim inside an oklo mine
  • Boiling frog: Swim in a water that is slowly heating, and don’t notice it until it starts boiling
  • Beringian: Go to a landmass where the route to the south is blocked with ice sheets[2]
  • Common collapse: Have 10 collapses like the bronze age collapse in society stage
  • Land chemosynthesisier: Make chemosynthesis around hydrothermal vents in land
  • Island patch: Live in caves and have the cave enterence be closed, but survive for 100 million years with no connection to the light powered life

  1. these ones can also be achievements: be one of the sides in that conflict or be a succesful kharijite ↩︎

  2. you cant fly ↩︎

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Into Hellfire: in a war in industrial stage, throw napalm bombs in enemy cities.
Is the end of an Empire: conquer the last city of an empire that had a significant size.
How do you did it?: achieve a joke achievement.

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  • Revenge of the dinosauria: After your branch of life suffered greatly from an asteroid impact, hit an asteroid with a dart mission
  • Gut bacteria for mammary glands: Feed your offspring cheese (aware)
  • Terra invicta: Steal technology from the aliens that are attacking you before you discover ftl
  • Inspiring trajectories: Discover orbital dynamics by observing space whale orbits
  • Premade bioship: Make a spaceship by domesticating a space whale
  • The drowning man will always try and drag someone down with him: As a space whale, get low on gasses and attack another space whale to survive, but accidentaly puncture it so it doesn’t have air either
  • Tumorivore: Be a creature that specialises on entering the bodies of space whales that land in your planet and eating their tumors
  • Living planet: As a space whale, become so large that you start to feel the affects of gravity
  • Orphaned amoeba: Have the space whale your empire adopted pass away due to old age (fills a discourse slot, results in sadness)
  • Didn’t forget the favour: Find a lost space whale and raise it until it can join the rest of the migrating space whales. Later, be saved with the deus ex machina intervention of space whales in an alien invasion scenerio
  • Galactic invasive species: Spread a space creature to the last uninhabited star system using ftl
  • Sapient spaceship: Be a spacewhale, develop intelligence and decide to go to other stars (space stage analog)
  • Pro life: Only use living vehicles, even in space
  • Pro machine: Don’t domesticate any creatures, only use cars and machines
  • PRO DEATH! muhahahaha: Eat 2 out of 3 eggs you create
  • Self determining fetuses: Uplift unborn babies in an abortion debate, no i dont know what uplifting would mean in this context
  • Selfish taste: Discover artificial flavoring and watch as cannibalistic flavor becomes the most popular
  • Exclusive cannibal: Get energy only from eating your own species[1][2]
  • Cancerous reproduction: Don’t have a reproducion method. A part of your body has to mutate and declare its independence from you every generation.
  • Dirt eater: Eat 30 tonnes of dirt
  • Multi point pen: Move through water or dirt while you have a hole inside you
  • Vomit rocket: Exocytose ingested material instead of mucilage for speed
  • Mucilivore: Feed exclusively from mucilage
  • The suprise factor: Hit a cell which would normally eat you at mucilagic speeds and don’t be eaten
  • Harmless red lines: Have 20 errors when you exit the game but nothing crashed
  • Frequent stopper: Stop the game a thousand times
  • A deadly hug: Cover a creature a lot bigger than you completely or partially like a carpet and excrete digestion enzymes on it, giving it damage and filling your hunger bar
  • Late adopter: Be hunted by a creature which was unicellular when you had a brain or vice verca
  • Antarctica is not the end: Be a land creature and don’t go extinct when the only continent in your planet moves to the poles and gets covered with ice
  • Just a rock… nothing to see here: When your spaceship gets low on batteries, make it look like an asteroid and go close to a star controlled by a civ you are at war with
  • Voltron: Make symbiosis with other creatures where more than one creature takes part in movement
  • A temporary union to create a consciousness: Have your cells stop being multicelluar and reproduce on their own every generation even after you developed a brain
  • Movey hair: Evolve hair from flagella, not from skin
  • Unoriginal effort: Translate a literature sized “large” to your language but your translators actually wrote new books based on the ones that are supposed to be translated so that they’ll fit into your culture better. As a result, get all the science, theologic arguements, revolutionary ideas etc. but receive little cultural influence which would have resulted in culture synthesis, merger or replacement.
  • Selfie for the future: Draw your face very accurately to a cave wall (aware/awakening) and later discover it (society/industrial/space)
  • Almost skynet: Shut down an internet after it was 90% infected by a virus
  • Allergy hell: Have a society where 90% of deaths are caused by allergies
  • Easter island statue wrestling: Have a sport where you move a giant head statue with ropes and try to make the other teams statue fall to the ground

  1. that is just you, the others in your species would eat other things too ↩︎

  2. side note, this is a succesful playthrough, but how would it affect the population size? ↩︎

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Stop messing with thrive: hack the game to have space whales.
Hello: say hi to another space civ.


Tabby’s star: Use 20% of your stars energy
Overpowered primitives: Make a dyson swarm as a space whale
Whale knitting: Build a skyhook before industrial stage
Active biomass: Heat your planet by 1 degrees just with the body heat you produce (cell stage?)
Should have resisted shiny tide pods: As a transparent creature, eat bioluminescent algea, shine brightly and be eaten by a bigger creature which easily found you
Completed without one cycle: Have (the drift velocity of the electrons in your wires or the mechanical circuit conveyor belt speed or the speed of the fuel that is being pumped) times (the time between when you first built the infrastructure and when you completed industrial stage) be less than (the distance between your cities times two) for any two of your cities
Damn it we should’ve had an epic battle: Defeat a secret organisation, but nobody notices, and conspiricy theories remain unchanged, and so strong in fact, that some of the theorists sympatethic to the cause, disappointed at its nonexistance, decide to create it
Evolved hammering: Do metalurgy on your bones that aren’t covered with other tissues (aware)
2d cheetah: Have two legs in front of each other
The millenium bunker: Store enough food to feed your population for a thousand years
Medieval katrina: Be hit with a hurricane in society stage
Polandball: Have every country in your planet use circular flags with faces on them like Trappist-1e’s profile picture

And how would a space whale with no arms make a Dyson sphere?

Well, that would be really impossible. How are you even going to get it in orbit?

the achievemnts here dont really have to be possible/realistic
most of them are guaranteed not to be added so why not have fun with some whacky achievement ideas?

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