Cannot download 0.6.0+ versions

Please put your logs on
and if the game crashed also get the crash report. Instructions here: Crash Reports
I guess this could technically be a crash, but its more like a “failed to install”.
Possible Workaround:
Use a decoy download of the version (like from github) you want to download (let’s say 0.6.3), then put it in the place where thrive launcher versions are placed, then use that to actually download the launcher (for some reason the github version did not work either, so i had to “merge the two problems out of desperation”).
I was surprised when it worked.
Maybe it only worked for that computer, i have no idea.
I don’t even know if it will work again.

What? Can you describe the issue you had? Downloading the latest Thrive releases should be no different from the 0.5.x releases.

When i downloaded any version beyond 0.6.0, it wouldn’t extract properly.

The earlier (0.5.0) and later versions (0.6.0) are packaged the exact same way as 7-zip files.

Which is why i used breezip to extract them manually for the decoy.
But the decoy wouldn’t run either, so i had to put it in the thrive launcher and somehow then the thrive launcher successfully installs that version.
This barely makes sense to me.
I’m a prodigy at games, sure, but i know next to nothing about computers.

If you put a folder with the right name to the place that the launcher installs the Thrive versions it downloads, then it just assumes that a version is already downloaded and allows running it. The launcher cannot tell if it was the one who extracted a Thrive release to the installed folder or if some other program did that.

That’s how the workaround works i guess.
Also could you maybe add support for 0.2.4 - 0.3.1?
I tried to get those to run in the launcher but they wouldn’t because the launcher doesn’t have them as actual versions.

Well the launcher is open source so if someone cares enough support for them can be added (the earliest versions have very different packaging format and executable etc. names).

I have NO IDEA how to code, so i cannot do it myself.
Maybe i can be the ambassador of “Get the old versions onto thrive!”?
Also, where would the versions be put?

Local testing data needs to be used for developing. The version data is downloaded from our website and can only be edited by a few core people for security reasons.

This should explain a few things:

@Lipovomit did not provide the launcher output from trying to download, so it could be a different issue for example not being able to download anything from Github.

From my memory, which is crappy, it was the exact same launcher output.
Also me and @lipovomit are the same dude.