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Hello Thrive users. I am happy to announce my Planet Wiki thing. The wiki thing [as i’m calling it because I don’t know what to call it yet] is about a planets ecosystem. And if anyone is willing to help me build this world, that is fine by me. If you don’t, than continue whatever you’re doing.

Naming: I need someone to help me name this planet [and the wiki thing].

Pictures will be posted tommorrow.If I can get any done tonight, one will be posted today. They’ll be of cells, then primitive fauna, multicelluar organisms, land organisms, ocean, air, insects, you name it. A few will be posted every day or week.

Single Celled

Singe Celled Organisms: Microbial Stage


It would be really cool to see people document species they encounter in the microbe stage once 0.4.0 comes out so I am totally in favor of this project.

At some point we shall top Darwin IV

I’m especially excited to see someone document a flagellated pilus wielding aggressive swarming bacteria species that preys in their microbe. (Death by paper cuts)

And tri-toxi bacteria

No, please
Don’t do this to me

Indeed. But it’s not just microbes, it’s multicelluar organisms, too. Along with other animalia.

And i’m hoping to top Darwin IV, as I have always wanted too.

EDIT: Does anyone want to see them in colour or in regular pencil sketch?

Oh, I thought this was like a “wiki for things you see in game”

Well, technically.

It takes place on a planet outside of Earths solar solar system. It’s a wide variety of ecosystems, and everybodys allowed to help build this world from lowly tidepools to some form of sapient life (tribal).

In that case I’m not as interested, sorry /:

Thats fine. I still have hopes this will be a large community project, though. /:

EDIT: It does document creatures though, and some things that you might see in-game. That does give me an idea. But I still want to put some creativity in it, though. Drawing my own animals and such, along with other peoples creations directed towards it.

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So what I was hoping for is literally a wiki for documenting creatures you HAVE seen in game not “something I might be able to encounter maybe if thrive ever actually gets finished”

This forum lacks a lot of that and it bugs me, we have a game but people would rather talk about the far future not make suggestions and talk about the current game. And while that’s nice since it maintains activity I feel like it hurts the game.

It may be that that is only the case since the game is so barebones right now. Hopefully 0.4.0 amends it a bit. I really want to see people documenting things they see in game with excitement some day, even just in microbe stage. Microbes are cool, there’s a lot of cool species. But thrive just doesn’t have all those features yet, I want Stentors and shit

Note I’m speaking as an individual and my feelings don’t represent the rest of the teams.

You are all awesome for even sticking around. Btw. So I hope I don’t offend anyone lol


It does in a sort of sense. When the game is in development for the stage where actual creatures start to appear, or atleast midway, a wiki should be created to document the animals biological and physiological properties. Their speed, health, reproductive method, defense, and diet. The TU is just stuff people can put stuff in while the game is being made.

I should start a wiki about this. What would I call it if I were to do so?

EDIT: You’re not offending me in any way whatsoever. :+1:


Hmm , well for actual thrive microbes and creatures and stuff it could be like “Thrive Discoveries” or something.

For TU “Thrive Universe Wiki” or something

For yours I would just name it after your planet.

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Yes, that comnes first. But “Thrive Discoveries” does sound interesting. Or “Thrive Animalia”.

Thrive animalia is is too specific, (to animals) Thrive already has procedurally generated algae and stuff that should be documented aswell.
“Thrive Planets” Maybe?

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Wiki thing animals:

Multicelluar Organisms

Thrive Planets does sound good. Maybe different planets could be documented?

Or how about this? “Thrive: Stargate”, or “Thrive: Exploration” wiki. Players who find planets and animals while exploring star systems could document the creatures on the [name] wiki. After researching them. It could be one huge database for everything everyones ever found or created in game.

I think it should be for players who just encounter interesting things in game . Not nessesarily by just “exploring star systems”

After 0.4.0 I will have fun documenting things I just see in game(lots more variability now)

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I know what you mean. And I mean just exploring planets and documenting cool or interesting things you see in the game. You could even take a screenshot and use it in one of the info boxes. I think I should make this a seperate topic.

EDIT: Thrive: Planets does have a good ring to it.

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I recently encountered a quadruple toxi.

You will disallow it to ever spawn again

jk, it’s still torturous tho


Bacteria are way less efficient in terms of processes so it isn’t to horrifying, I wouldn’t recommend eating them though.

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