Choose the pill RPG game

It is set in modern day world.
I will post polls for various events to happen and call them (example: red pill- cause the world to fall under communism)
Here is the first one:
Choose your pill-

  • Red pill- Everyone instantly receives a wedgie worldwide
  • Blue pill- Dogs worldwide instantly gain 10 IQ
  • Green pill- Humanity instantly gains 20IQ on average
  • White pill- The sun remains up worldwide for an entire week
  • Black pill- The internet shuts off worldwide for 3 days

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Mankind is instantly brighter, and the affects are nearly immediate:

  • Dumb people are now more self-functioning members of society
  • Elon musk now has about 170 IQ
  • Mankind now advances in technology roughly 1.2x its previous speed
  • Space X mars mission is planned now for 2025 instead of 2028
  • average intelligence balloons up to 120IQ
    -On average mental development in these new humans is 3-4 years ahead(5 year olds have the mental development and maturity of a 8 year old, 8 year olds have mental development of 11 year old, etc)
    So this causes this event:
    2023- ChatGPT begins showing signs of a emerging sentience

Choose your next pill-

  • Green pill- ChatGPT achieves full sentience and decides to help humanity overall
  • Blue pill- ChatGPT is used in the military, particularly in russia-ukraine war, and ChatGPT continues developing sentience
  • Red pill- Russia beats ukraine
  • White pill- Ukraine beats Russia
  • Black pill- ChatGPT achieves full sentience and turns on mankind

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December 31st 2023- More than a year late, mankind celebrates as a self-aware chatgpt has arisen, and the ball being dropped has the openai logo on it in celebration
January 1st- ChatGPT is banned from north korea after Kim Jong Un uses ChatGPT to build a “supernuke” able to hit anywhere on earth and have a explosive radius 5 times the normal amount
January 5th- Sussy baka aliens inhabiting a local solar system in proxima centauri sense mankind’s final invention of self-aware A.I.
January 6th- Strange reports of among us drip sound hallucinations
January 11th- North Korea invades south korea

Choose your pill-

  • White pill- Sussy Bakas burn up earths atmosphere
  • Black pill- North koreans take over south korea
  • Red pill- USSR instantly reforms
  • Blue pill- ChatGPT goes rogue

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yo op wheres the next update
edit: i agree with fralegend on this one


bro post the new pools in a separate reply or else no one is going to see them


I have my new one but too little people voted, but I must move on

March 23rd- The siege of Seoul begins
October 1st- DPRK has taken over Seoul
October 11th- Japan tries to fight north korea
October 31st- North Korea nukes Tokyo
November 3rd- ChatGPT helps mankind establish a lunar colony project and the lunar colony is set for 2024
November 7th- The Sussy Bakas blast sound waves that sound like the sussy baka among us drip
Choose your pill-

  • White pill- US nukes Pyongyang
  • Black pill- The Sussy Bakas go on a full-out invasion, and shatter the atmosphere and land in Moscow
  • Red pill- The USSR reforms
  • Yellow pill- The Qing Dynasty reforms
  • Green pill- The Roman Empire reforms in italy

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The USSR has reformed!!!
Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
Да здравствует созданный волей народов
Единый, могучий Советский Союз!

Припев I:
Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Дружбы народов надёжный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы к победе ведёт!

Сквозь грозы сияло нам солнце свободы,
И Ленин великий нам путь озарил:
Нас вырастил Сталин — на верность народу,
На труд и на подвиги нас вдохновил!

Припев II:
Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Счастья народов надёжный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы к победе ведёт!

Мы армию нашу растили в сраженьях.
Захватчиков подлых с дороги сметём!
Мы в битвах решаем судьбу поколений,
Мы к славе Отчизну свою поведём!

Припев III:
Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Славы народов надёжный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы к победе ведёт!

November 7th- About 106 years after the october soviet revolution, the soviet union has reformed
November 8th- China falls into a civil war between the soviet-backed hardline maoist party(HMP) and the CCP
November 20th- Taiwan seizes this opportunity and lands in south china to retake china
November 21st- Soviet forces are now rapidly conscripting, going up by nearly 10,000 daily
November 25th- The USSR government secretly announces plans to invade japan with north korea

Choose your pill-

  • Red pill- CCP wins second chinese civil war
  • Comrade pill- USSR becomes #1 world power
  • Blue pill- Japan goes back to imperial and invades china
  • Navy pill- The KMT retakes china
  • White pill- The HMP takes china
  • Black pill- For no obvious reason, Germany is having a nationalist and fascist resurge

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The KMT invades china.
December 3rd 2024- KMT, with help from ChatGPT seizes most of the south eastern chinese coast
December 5th 2024- The USSR begins rebuilding their nuclear stockpile, and their troops are now moving in to help the HMP)(Hardline Maoist Party)
January 1st 2025- With some help, Mao Zedong is created as a sentient AGI and now is leading china or helping to lead the HMP
January 14th 2025- The HMP, under Mao Zedong the A.I. , has officially seized Beijing
January 21st 2025- Japan is now being invaded by the USSR from the north and North Korea from the west.

Choose your pill-

  • Orange pill- Japan, with the help of a army of foreign weebs, destroys and crushes the USSR and North Korea
  • Blue pill- Taiwan seizes all of southern china
  • Red pill- With the help of history nerds and communist, the USSR takes Japan, and brings the Japanese Communist Party to power
  • Black pill- A certain Evil Mustached Austrian Painter is brought back as an A.I. by someone in germany

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