Completely normal rp forum game with nothing to see here

the year is 2027
recently global tensions have been rising between the major powers of the supreme Eurasian dynasty and the united federation of america.
but none of this concerns you much.
you’re just a regular person, going about your regular life.
this an rp game centered in a normal world, i will accept 6 players.
in order to join the players must give me their character’s name, occupation, age, personal info (likes, dislikes, family etc. (none of this is necessary but it helps build the character).
but first before anyone can join we must do a poll to decide the beginning scenario that everyone starts in (note: all of these locations are in the us or other english speaking countries, to simplify things).
the city: the players will all spawn inside of a city at 8 am, none of them will know each other and everyone will either have office jobs or some form of civil servant profession (police officer, garbage man, fireman doctor etc.)
the paradise: the players are all good friends that have travelled to an island paradise for the wedding of one of the players, they will all spawn at 10 am having just stepped off the taxi to their hotel resort (note: if this is chosen one player must be engaged and be getting married).
the farm: the players are all from a rural farm town, though whether they know each other or not is entirely up to the players themselves, the players will spawn at 6 am.

  • the city
  • the paradise
  • the farm

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Me when I pick farm: banjo music intensifies

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My name shall be Johannes Diogenes. And I also vote farm. I give rest of information about self when vote concludes.

age? family?
anything else?

also it might be wise to wait for a bit before finalizing your character
because one of the other scenarios might be chosen

Hmm I tell rest when vote is done, but I guess I can say that age is 21 in farm or paradise, 26 in city, and that if we live in farm I’ll be a diesel technician from Argentina, and in the city I’ll be an IT guy with six fingers on my right hand.

uh okay
six finger man

I’ll join, and also I will wait for yhe pool results to create my character (damn, I hate telephones keyboards)

okay im going to close the poll at about midnight my time, which is roughly ten hours from now
it looks like so far the farm is in the lead but it could still be overtaken by the city if some new voters arrive

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can i also join (even though it’s probably late now)?

yeah sure
but you might be put on the waiting list

Hey what continent will this be set on?

north america
unless the paradise is picked, in which case it will be on an island

Cool, that helps, I think imma DM you the complete character stats and stuff for Diogenes, and send most of the stuff the isn’t secret or metagame here where everyone can see.

okay so i’m closing the poll now, looks like the winner is!
drum roll
which centers around a lovely town called Springfield! it has a population of 3000, and is surrounded by independently owned farms for miles around!
and theres even a secret hidden deep in the country side, a rather… nefarious secret.
but you’ll all have to discover that on your own time, because i’m heading on over to the paradise! see ya!
enters taxi cab
okay so now everyone can send me their characters.

its seen intresting, i think i will jion if have a place
in the mean time, i will be around

you need to give me your character

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let me think and i will privet M u

btw no one has joined until they give me their character or outright say that they want to join, so right now the only people who have joined are deathwake, fralegend, doomlightning and nover, meaning that there are two slots left.
though one of the slots is reserved for nigel.

Full name: Johannes P. Diogenes

Nicknames: JP, Jons

Age: 21

Pronouns: he/him

Occupation: diesel technician, owns an Airbnb on the edge of town.

A father, dead mother, step father and paratrooper sister.
A large extended family as well.

Likes: RTS games, driving heavy machinery around for shock value, oh and any feelings of power. VIOLENCE. Scaring the living shit out of people. Also he’s bi.

Dislikes: overcomplicated PCs, people and games. Confidant some people. Big government. Large groups of people. Soot.