Devblog #35 Dawn of the Living Fossils

Devblog #35 Dawn of the Living Fossils - Revolutionary Games Studio

Today we are proud to present the final update within the year of 2022; Thrive 0.6.0! Twilight now falls on the seas of Thrive, and the normally dominant autotrophs now face their greatest enemy… It is always darkest before dawn with the beautiful addition of the day/night cycle! Found a species you love and want…


@TwilightWings21 stop disrupting the ecosystems :roll_eyes:


No, I don’t think I will.


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So, basically:


That’s literally what George24681 does on Scratch like I made a herbivorous creature and he made it omnivorous

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I didnt know scratch became competitive.

Yep it had changed a lot

I didn’t expect that day-night cycle be introduced so early. I like it.

you stole’s randall munroe comics!

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