Disaster Dominoes

This was suggested in the air civ thread, so I made it. You just describe an event, and someone else describe an event that happend because of your event. For example, I slip on a banana and fall on someone’s foot, who drops his flower pot on the ground, and so on. Go on, enjoy the destruction!

i rob a store (post filler)

While running out of it, you bump into me, and I drop my box of glass shards on the floor.

I’m walking my dog inside. I step on the glass and let go of the leash.

the dog attacks the cop chasing me.

His foot trips on a crack in the ground and he hits a lemonade stand

and the lemonade sprays into the eyes of the cop that was about to shoot me.

The cop is blinded, and is hit by a passing driver

who crashes into a gas station.

It explodes and nearby buildings catch fire

the fire spreads to a lab which causes it to explode and a mutagenic chemical is evaperated into the air

Some lab rats mutate into monsters and they escape into the streets

the rats kill the cops chasing me and i ride one to freedom

The rat you’re on goes out of control, and it throws you into a truck, smearing your blood on the window

the blood is from a small scrape and i drive the truck to freedom. by the way i have luck powers :slight_smile:

You still cannot see because the blood couldn’t be cleaned, and you cause a huge traffic accident on Main Street

which i run away from unscathed gotta love them air bags

Unfortunately for the drivers, the truck was filled with milk, which is all over the cars involved.

i forgot to mention that i now have a cup of milk.

Cats are swarming the scene of the accident and lick away at all the milk