Endless Expanse

Endless Expanse

you watched in horror as a meteor fell on your home planet. the ground cracked beneath you revealing a pool of purple magma which you fell into, and just when you thought you were dead you woke up only able to smell purple and see a protobiont and a six sided die

this forum game is an evo game the rules are as follows

  1. you must use this template but you can modify it as much as you want and i will be posting this every other round if there are only 6 players every round if there are twelve and i will be one of the players
    common name:
    new habitat:

  2. do not complain if you did not get a mutation or biome you wanted as i am rolling d6s to see what the outcome is with these dice charts
    1 = 1. mutation with the opposite effect than what you wanted.
    2 = 1. what you wanted but with a BIG detriment.
    3 = you get a useless structure that looks like what you wanted.
    4 = what you wanted.
    5 = what you wanted but better.
    6= what you wanted but better and giving advantage on any failed rolls from the current round

    patch moves
    1 = 1. You lose 50-100 pop in your current patch depending on your species move speed higher speed = lower pop loss
    2 = 1. You move to your desired patch but you lose 5-50 pop in your previous patch
    3 = 1. you lose 1 pop
    4 = 1. You move to your desired patch
    5 = You move to your desired patch + another randomly selected patch
    6 = you move to your desired patch + 2 patches i select based on your dependencies and resistances.

    1 = opposite of what you wanted
    2 = -1 pop
    3 = nothing happens
    4 = what you wanted
    5 = what you wanted but 2* better
    6 = what you wanted but 4* better

    1 = yes + 3 pop
    2 = yes + 5 pop
    3 = yes but you get some of it’s dna into your organism +8 pop
    4 = no you get the organism staying in your organism
    5 = yes but you get all the dna it has and thus can produce it and discard any non functional organelles of it’s species +8 pop
    6 = you ingest several in a row and a few survive but the ones that didn’t you now have their dna + 20 pop

    1: locomotion
    2: defense
    3: metabolism
    4: senses
    5: energy acquisition
    6: mana usage/acquisition

  3. you may not roll the dice as i will be the one doing that

  4. you can submit up to 2 mutations per round unless you have gametic reproduction in which case you may submit up to 4 if you get HGT you add 1 MP and viral reproduction adds one MP to everyone’s MP pools

  5. you may only try to move to one patch each round

  6. you must start from a protobiont (the thing you start as in thrive) in the hydrothermal vents if you are starting from round 1

  7. nuclei give you advantage on all mutation rolls due to protecting it from ionizing radiation

this is the document i will be using to keep track of the organisms


I will join. (why do people keep making forum games based off mine?)

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Sounds fun I will join too

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Mind if I join this?

I’ll play too.
Name: Catterra polychroma
Description: Catterra polychroma resembles a large, long fire salamander. They have whiskers similar in appearance and function to catfish. They can shift their skin from red to yellow in the same way cephalopods do and are about as intelligent as cats.
Original Environment: Ponds, Lakes, and Creeks
New Environment: Swamps and Marshes
Mutations: Underside is lined with many pairs of very reduced limbs (essentially pseudopods) for digging.

Also, welcome to the forums, @Cha! If you haven’t already I recommend you make a post in #introductions.

Probably because your forum games are good!

you just made me remember i forgot to include rule 6 which is that you must start from a protobiont (the thing you start as in thrive) in the hydrothermal vents.
i fixed it
keep in mind that only 11 players (excluding me) are allowed as any more than that would be too many dice rolls and too much time in the spreadsheet and i will be playing as well
@everyone tell me the names you would like for species and the mutations

Don’t do that!

But here’s my new organism:
Name: Primum thermos
Description: A very simple organism that uses thermosynthesis to produce energy.
Original Habitat: The warm water surrounding hydrothermal vents
New Habitat: The substrate on and around hydrothermal vents
Mutation: The production of Rustacyanin to get energy from the substrate.

name: primium lepisopsis (scale like in Latin or Greek or something)
mutations: it has a hard cell membrane/wall, allowing it to be protected.
Habitat: Idk, I guess by geothermal vents

it has to start with primium but i will use the first part of the name for the last part
everyone is starting in the hydrothermal vents
name: primium capsaias
attempted mutations: thermosynthase, metabolosomes
description: a prokaryote with the ability to turn adp into atp with temperature gradients and the ability to use monosaccharides for atp production
new habitat: none

updated template
attempted mutations:
new habitat:

the description is what it would be if you rolled a 4 for both mutations
@cha @sci0927 what will your starting creatures be

Actually @everyone will only tag people that posted in the thread.

that is why i used it instead of individually pinging everyone in the thread
would you like to play this game
@TristanMisja @Topcode please use all of your attempted mutations at the start everyone has 2

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No I’m not interested

hmm alright, second one will be cilia so move go brrr

Name: primum celer
Attempted mutations:flagella so it go fast and chemoreception so it can find food
Description: a simple prokaryote with the ability to move and sense were the things it needs are.
Habitat: (start)

Name: Primum thermos
Description: A very simple organism that uses thermosynthesis to produce energy.
Original Habitat: The warm water surrounding hydrothermal vents
New Habitat: The substrate on and around hydrothermal vents
Attempted Mutations: The production of Rustacyanin to get energy from the iron substrate, improved consumption of organic material to get nutrients from dead tissue in the substrate.

now we are just waiting on @Cha and then i will roll the dice after which i will decide what the species descriptions are based on the outcomes

name:Primum insidiae

Original Habitat:the thermal vents
attempted mutations: Mucilage Jet (to escape if felt threaten) and Sulfur metabolism (to Catch sulfur from the vents if they spew that out)

description: a small singel celled organism which are prone to be very skittish even for their own kin eating from the thermal vents on the bottom for energy or smaller organisms

new habitat: The area surronding the vents searching for any waste by the vent that might have trickled back down

(I was unsure if I could make a second species with just one mutation instead of 1 with 2 so I just went normal and not sure if all fit)

i have changed the dice charts to d6 dice charts as no online dice i could find were random enough

I thought you were using a physical dice

i am now but i was not earlier

edit: i am no longer using physical dice as my father is trying to sleep

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