Endless Expanse

what is this supposed to be

you can just put movement

i thought you meant get rid of the eyes entirely not just decompound them but i will fix that mistake

your cells are not large enough for that

it is easier to read if it is just modify specialization: Leaf

Erythrocruorin (blood that is free)



When does a creature reach that size then?

and alright next time cell leaf will just be leaf

first of all, please quote the part that you are referring to

it is about the size of the cells. the cells have to be large enough that they could engulf a eukaryotic organism with 1000 cells

ok. i just searched it up and because it is hexagonal you get +1 advantage on it

@TwilightWings21 is that offer still available

@doomlightning @fralegend015 @TristanMisja the 19th round is up

@willow 9th round of immortal coming tomorrow probably
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i am not playing immortal though

well i’m not playing endless expanse either

and i didn’t @ you

true that.

yes yes, i not have been forgatten, just busy in my worlds:

name: Hibcorver Kalamitus
attempted mutations: Balancing internal pressure created by mana, connecting the heart to the transport system, an aerodynamic body, adding a myelin layer to neuron cells, strengthening light sensitivity
description: It has a more durable and aerodynamic body that will help it move better in water, plus additional fixes.
new habitat: pelagic zones
diet: everything its can see (multicells)
modify specialization: Photoreceptor strengthening for the ability to see and recognize shapes
attempted specializations: stomach

I hope it’s all right

why would you need myelin. you already have instant communication between neurons.

Why not?
It is possible further to block more exits of membrane voltage in order to optimize the action potential of the membrane voltage flow within these cells and also to optimize their slatatory conductance

couldn’t you just put the action potential thing in a nanotube instead though? that would make it faster than myelin could ever make it. you could use some AP to go into a draculus or polyphorus and engulf a nucleus to have a chance to get the nanotubes.

I dont see why not.
Sure, u can replace that with nanotube

ok. but it will cost a few AP due to needing to get the DNA from somewhere and it takes more than 1 MP to evolve nanotubes.

which one

EDIT: nevermind i will just put it as bathypelagic

Sorry I’ve become too busy to do that


@TristanMisja can you submit your mutations.
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