Everyone's Gerhard

Hi, all.
I thought it’d be an enjoyable experience to play a game called “Everyone is John”. For that, I created this topic. As this game is one that is quite light on rules and puts a players’ sane mind above universal and absolute laws, I’ve decided to make some variations and leave some stuff up to the players to decide.
In this game, you play one of the voices in the head of a mentally unstable human being. You’re not alone, though. Fight for control over the poor boy/girl in order to fullfill your obsession!
Rules can be found here.
PM me for every bid for control you make. Obsession difficulty rank is voted by the players or not if you do not agree with that variation.
At the expenditure of all willpower or death of John (or Gerhard, as I like to call him) we shall change DMs.
PM me your obsession and skills once you’ve decided to join. And please also reply to this topic to give notice that you want to partake in this madness.

Note that I’m new to DMing and RPing in general. Expect inconveniences. If something should be different, give notice so it can be improved.


seems fun, i’ll play the game.


I’d like to play too


I want to join! :slightly_smiling_face:


i like to try to join too


There seems to be an adequate amount of players now. For anyone who hasn’t done so yet, you can send me a PM with your obsession and your skills. If someone wants to join, you still can. :slight_smile:

A good poll coming your way:

  • PMed elrakrez
  • Didn’t PM elrakrez

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Currently everyone’s PMd me. Just need to discuss some stuff.

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I think we can begin. You can bid for control over Gerhard (you can also bid 0 willpower). Not sure how to restrict the poll to a set of people. Just in case the poll doesn’t work, also send me a PM with your bid for this time. If you want to change your skills or obsession, you can until the poll’s closed.

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Should have posted this earlier. My bad.

I’m not planning on cotrolling Gerhard, yet.
Also, @Elrakrez I already voted 0 ;).

i wonder, who is left?
definetly not me. maybe its @Moon_Truther?

I too can’t see who has voted. Next time I should make the poll’s result public and trust you not to read the bids before bidding. The reason it took so long for me to create the poll is the fact that I acccidentaly posted it in a PM to Moon_Truther. He did vote before I noticed my mistake. I’m going to take my chances and close the poll in this topic, hoping he was the one missing.

Okay. It was indeed Moon_Thruther who was missing. According to the poll that was accidentally sent to him, the average value voted was 6.5 (I used the poll with a number range. Bad idea). I tested the poll by voting 13. Considering x to be equal to the value voted by Moon_Truther, we have:
(x + 13) / 2 = 6.5
By solving the equation, we have:
x = 0
We may, therefore, conclude that Moon_Truther bid with 0 willpower.
Now, we have 3 voices who bid 1 willpower, to see who wins we may roll a die or make another with the ones who bid 1. As you all bid very low, I’m assuming that you aren’t eager to spend more, therefore, I’m going to to roll a die. I’m going to roll a d6. If it’s a 1, zenzonegaming wins, if it’s a 2, Evolution4Weak, and if it’s a 3, it’ll be TeaKing. If it’s any other number, I’ll reroll.
Here is (are) the generated number(s):
4; 4; 2
Evelolution4Weak wins, any objections/suggestions shall be raised now.
Journey beginning soon…


Sorry, I only voted on the poll you PMed me instead of this one. I indeed did go with 0, glad we’re beginning though.

No problem, @Moon_Truther. :slight_smile:
I’m going to describe the situation from Gerhard’s perspective (2nd person).
When you open your eyes you see the white tiles of what appears to be a public restroom. You’re lying on the ground with your trousers down and a green frog beside you. Like most public restrooms, this one stinks horribly. You feel your stomach turning around just looking at the toilet water. The walls are filled with writings and drawings. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the other stalls.
Your head hurts.
Also, toilet paper’s out.

EDIT: You can only speculate about what happened. Did a frog scare you to the point of falling unconscious? Did you ingest something you shouldn’t have and a frog walked by? We don’t know!

The one who bids highest gains control over Gerhard. If you want, another poll can be made so that we can decide which one of the three who bid highest last time wins. Otherwise, it’s the die’s decission (which you can see in some post above). I’m going to edit my description, though, so there’s some info about what happened.

I’m really REALLY confused, is the person who controls gerhard the one who does the actions? or do all of us post an action?

It’s the voice that bids highest that can post the actions. If Gerhard gets hurt, fails a roll, falls asleep or complete’s the controlling voice’s obsession, the voices will bid again for control over Gerhard in which case there’s the possibility for a different voice to control Gerhard.

in that case, @Evolution4Weak please post an action.

Action: Put On The Trouser And Try To Get Presentable

You attempt to yourself as presentable as possible in front of the only still present mirror. There are 2 other slots but there are no mirrors hung on them.
You now look sorta decent. People are unlikely to notice any urine stains and your hair seems fine too.